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[Plot Adventure] an astral projection and six-year-old warrior walk into a spooky tunnel...

CHARACTERS: Takeshi and William! And then open to all to tag in with a new thread!
LOCATION: Some mysterious chamber/tomb location recently found! October 11th dated.
WARNINGS: Probably just William's potty mouth. And corpses! Eiiiieeee!
SUMMARY: Takeshi wanders off, and William follows — and they find some interesting stuff.
NOTES: If you need any information, the mod response is located here! If you need to ask a question, should you decide to tag into the log, go ahead and ask mods for clarification over there! Here is their mirror post over here.

There will be a closed Initial Discovery Thread for William and Takeshi, but you're more than welcome to post a future thread where your character stops by to investigate what they displayed in the mirror network post they put on the main comm, if you'd like to! Takeshi or William may tag you back, since they're hanging around.
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"Takeshi," William's pursuit is soundless because he doesn't have feet. He doesn't have mass or a body. He's a ghost running downward through darkness, following the pitter-patter of Takeshi.

Who does have feet. Tiny feet. And mass, and a body. Parts small and fragile.

And, apparently, wildly disobedient. Naturally, William's astrally-projected form had failed to catch up with Takeshi right up until Takeshi was ankles-deep in the bizarre decline of foliage, his small boots having somehow found the steps despite the density of foliage already. The fact that the stairs, the tunnel mouth, the glowing in the recesses of it, bore no resemblence whatsoever to the main camp had not apparently deterred Takeshi. It had, of course, been ludicrous to think that shouting at him would. "Takeshi, wait—"

William is fine. Everything is fine.

Nothing is fine. Heather is going to fucking kill him, and for once, that isn't wishful thinking.

William actually pauses at the start of the tunnel, hesitating, but Takeshi's tiny form, silhouetted against the distant glow, shrinking and shrinking, is enough to send him floating fast as he can down the stairs. His phantom feet scuttle. He tries not to look too closely at the incandescent shapes as they take form on the walls around him. If they constitute an interpretable warning, Takeshi isn't listening to it, so William very well can not either. In fact, he is incapable of doing pretty much anything except to waft along and observe the situation progress to his horror. Whether flesh or stone, his physical body is too far away now to be any use.

Finally, he catches up to Takeshi, but only as the big round door emerges into view, the same labyrinthine etchings glowing on its surface. "Jesus," he says, looking anxiously around. "How old are you? Did you hit puberty while I wasn't looking?"
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"I'm looking, I'm looking," William mutters. He looks. The incandescence emanating from its surface is very interesting. He leans his face closer to the door. From where Takeshi is standing, he can tell that William is definitely his ghost-phantasm self at the moment; the light actually shines through his head as if the blackness of his hair, the density of his skull is two, three layers of stained glass. A holographic illusion, rather than a person of solid and material substance.

A holographic illusion who is very intrigued by how this glow is happening. Bioluminescence? He sniffs loudly, as if the odor might betray the organic matter of responsible for...

And then he abruptly remembers what is really the point of this entire encounter. He straightens, jerking away from the round door. Turns toward Takeshi. "Takeshi," he says. "I was really fu-- I was really worried about you." He opts not to set a precedent for trying to express the intensity of his emotions with bad language, which is undoubtedly a good conclusion to arrive to, but one he probably should have done so at least some months ago. "You can't go running off by yourself to weird places. If anything would've happened to you..."

At least he doesn't finish with 'fuck.'
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ok we have to 'improperly' open this door for arrows, how 2 do it in an IC way :(a

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William looks at the little boy's face, then proceeds to crumble into ash and blow away on the near-nonexistent breeze within the tunnel.

Well not really. But it's close. William's expression crumples first, his eyebrows falling down on the outer-corners first, and then his mouth doing the same, all the outer-edges of his facial parts drooping in defeat to gravity. Nooo. Noooooo. "Oh, it's all right," he says, perhaps somewhat more quickly than parenting manuals advise. "That's a good idea. Yes. Yes. You're really clever, mate, that's a good solution."

It doesn't really address the bit where Takeshi, in his suit, can run about at highway speeds whereas William thunks around at average human speed at his very best. But he appreciates the sentiment, any rate.

"When I get here -- properly," he means, not in ghost form, "I'll have to try and figure out how all this glowy shit is happening. It could be some kind of a bioluminescent bacteria. In the meantime, this looks an awful lot like a door, doesn't it? We should probably wait for reinforcements, like responsible people, but—" He's mumbling to himself now, preoccupied and problematically distracted, trying to avoid the sadness in Takeshi's round face or at least his own anxious reaction to it. He glances at Takeshi a few more times, but his attention keeps tennis matching back to the big round door. William takes a few more phantasmic steps toward it, his feet silent, unwitting over the brittle segments of ruined arrows underfoot.

And then he disappears halfway into the round door. His head vanishes entirely, but the ghostly backs of his shoulders protrude. The mass of his lean frame is lucent, so that the stone carvings actually show through him, like bathroom tiles through frosted glass. He's still talking; it doesn't occur to him that Takeshi can't hear.
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William screams. Not in a very ladylike way! "FU--UUU--!" specifically, flinging his arms up, as chunks of stone fall around and through him and scatter all about the floor of the dark chamber he had discovered, skidding away from his shoes. For a moment, one especially large piece of rock fills his whole head and he can't see anything at all, and also blots out his voice, but the next--

--gravity finishes its fine work. The entire door is perforated by a Takeshi, just in time, not a split-second earlier, than arrows abruptly rip out of the darkness. At least half a dozen of them, cut through, lancing vicious lines through the air inches above and behind the tiny boy's head. Finding nothing to cut or bleed, however, the shafts merely strike the opposite walls of stone, shattering, rebounding off the glowing patterns. One useless half-arrow winds up pinwheeling through the air, bouncing off Takeshi's shoulder.

William's face is bloodless, even for the face of a ghost.

"FUUUUCK," he shouts again, for good measure. He moves toward Takeshi unthinkingly, and his arms sail straight through the boy's shoulders.
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William stops after his first futile attempt to grab Takeshi. He winds up straightening his own narrow frame, his forehead creased with consternation. Looks left and right, lancing the darkness with suspicious stares. It's not paranoia if there are literally arrows shooting out over your tiny baby charge's tiny baby head. "Booby traps," he hisses. "There's bloody booby traps in this place. There's--" a beat.

"There was people."

Who wanted to hide something, specifically. William walks a quick circle around Takeshi, knitting his path so closely around the boy that his hand accidentally brushes through the crown of Takeshi's head once or twice. Fortunately, William ins't substantial enough for that to matter, really. "I can't see anything else," he says, warily. "It doesn't look like the floor's got mobile blocks or anything. That would have been a basic spring mech--oh bugger." He breaks off, tapering, when he winds up behind Takeshi and looking in.

Looking into the chamber, that is. The altar in the middle, the strange holes going along the walls, the wink of something in the center chest there. This doesn't look like nothing, but then, most sentient creatures wouldn't have bothered to booby trap it if it were.
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"Oh, bugger. Please don't move 'round too much," William says, turning to watch the little boy put his hand to the wall. His spectral eyes narrow for a long moment, and when no arrows immediately burst out of some new sockets unseen, he doesn't let his face relax out of its raging suspicion. He doesn't trust this place. "Hang on, I'm going to take a quick look and--" --it really is impossibly dark here, the glow of the tunnel failing to reach very deep into the chamber.

Unfortunately, night vision isn't one of William's various and many abilities when he is in this form. Night vision has never been one of William's various and many abilities, as a matter of fact. He frowns, squinting hard at the recesses in the walls. "Have you got a flare on you?" he asks.
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OTA (hope this is okay!)

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Rey had done plenty of wandering in the jungle. She hadn't found anything remotely like what Takeshi and William had claimed to have discovered.

That said, she didn't waste much time talking about it over the mirrors. Instead, she hastily traveled towards the location specified.

Eight miles eastward.

For a normal person, eight miles would be nearly a three-hour hike. For a soldier with enhanced durability and fortitude, Rey makes it in a little more than ninety minutes, not giving much of a heads up before she makes it to the scene. She only slows down once she locates the trench-like area, nearly tripping over herself and downward.

In what is only a brief break, Rey resumes on her own, continuing the descent until she reaches the entrance to the reported tunnel, dimly lit down the far, far path.

Wiping her forehead with the back of her good hand, she heads deeper in, ears perked and ever-attentive in case William or Takeshi were still around.
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Taking a step forward, Rey squints at the tiny silhouette of a small child moving towards her.

"You're welcome to try," she says, a tone of amusement carried in her voice. Though she probably wouldn't be as amused to find that a six-year-old boy really could throw her down. At least with his suit intact.

But she isn't here to start any brawls with children.

She shrugs a shoulder. "Am Rey. Just came here after hearing about your find, and wanted to check it out."
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(What up, whipper snapper?)

Rey just blinks at the bizarre introduction. Not having spent that much time around children, the nuances of age is beyond her. It isn't like she would have a clear concept of her own, anyway. She's just old.

Bodies, though. She remembered hearing about there being bodies on the mirrors. Rey considers asking about them, but how much a six-maybe-seven-year-old would know about the stages of rigor mortis, she can't be sure without seeing these things for herself.

"Yes, to both. How far in are they?"
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If Rey had been one to spend more time interacting with normal children, she'd have found Takeshi's disposition unsettling. As it is, she just accepts this as normal childish behavior.

Though his question may have been rhetorical, she finds herself blurting, "About two-hundred and six. More than that, when you're younger."

You tend to learn a thing or two about human anatomy during first aid training. Now she's just rolling out facts while she follows the kid.
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Sorry, she isn't accepting applicants for Padawans at the moment.

As she walks, Rey links her fingers together, with just enough of the three stumps on her left hand for her to make this gesture. Like she's illustrating a fusion of sorts. "Some bones come together as you get older, and start getting bigger." The way she talks, she almost sounds like a science teacher.

Speaking of...

"The bones you found... Can you tell whether they're human or not?"
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"--shaped like people."


She sighs. William would probably be a better candidate to ask for this sort of thing, or she can just see for herself.

"Should be able to tell when we get there." Rey has seen plenty of bodies to recognize a human skeleton. And if it's alien, then...

Well, she wouldn't be too surprised.
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Does she know stuff about people bodies.

Well, she certainly knows enough about how to make them dead.

Rather than making that tactless remark to a kid, however, Rey instead says, "Know enough about them, yes. Picked up on a few things during basic first aid."

Though she's always been better at taking people apart than she is at putting them back together.
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For all Rey knows, it is a normal question. At least it doesn't occur to her to act all surprised.

"Used to be a soldier. So, yes, saw a lot of dead people. Killed a lot, too."

Oops, was that last part age-appropriate? Fuck, whatever.

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Shit. How does she answer this question...?

"They were enemies. It's never as simple as good guys and bad guys when it comes to fighting a war."

Most of the time.
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When you're someone who's been from a decent, all right, to an absolutely horrible person over the course of your lifetimes, you tend to think of perspectives a little differently. Everyone has their own cause. That much Rey has learned when fighting on different sides.

"War usually is real bad. Sometimes necessary, but bad."

Just because she was made for war doesn't mean she always liked it.
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"In the military, they sometimes call incidents like that 'collateral damage'. Usually, though, it's a pathetic excuse to justify the deaths of innocent civilians. Make them seem less human so they can dodge the guilt." And/Or look less culpable for having allowed those people to die. "Back home, it isn't always just 'bad guys' who let that sort of thing happen."

It's heavy shit. One would even wonder why she is discussing all of this with a kid. Though, to be fair, he's the one talking about having seen dead kids in a war, too.

What in the hell is wrong with people.
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While Rey wasn't looking directly at the kid before, his mention of having died does earn him a quick glance. She isn't always the best judge of character, but she usually could tell when one was being sincere. Takeshi, though casual, wasn't talking light of his own death.

Before she could ask her own question about that, Takeshi counters with his own. To which Rey pauses to think.

"Suppose it would depend on the person, and whether or not they can and want to atone for what they did... Because sometimes, good people do bad things."

Rey wouldn't consider herself a good person, and she's done plenty of bad things herself. But she wants to do right by some of the people she's wronged in her own world, and that has to count for something. Right?
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Everyone makes mistakes, and Rey knows she's made her fair share of them.

She pauses at Takeshi's answer, squinting an eye before nodding reluctantly.

"Sort of like that, yes." If it'll help him understand in his Little Person logic, then fine.