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Takeshi [Gantz • Age 8] ([personal profile] throwsdown) wrote in [community profile] ataraxionlogs2015-10-10 09:01 pm
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[Plot Adventure] an astral projection and six-year-old warrior walk into a spooky tunnel...

CHARACTERS: Takeshi and William! And then open to all to tag in with a new thread!
LOCATION: Some mysterious chamber/tomb location recently found! October 11th dated.
WARNINGS: Probably just William's potty mouth. And corpses! Eiiiieeee!
SUMMARY: Takeshi wanders off, and William follows — and they find some interesting stuff.
NOTES: If you need any information, the mod response is located here! If you need to ask a question, should you decide to tag into the log, go ahead and ask mods for clarification over there! Here is their mirror post over here.

There will be a closed Initial Discovery Thread for William and Takeshi, but you're more than welcome to post a future thread where your character stops by to investigate what they displayed in the mirror network post they put on the main comm, if you'd like to! Takeshi or William may tag you back, since they're hanging around.

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