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[CLOSED] I know I need a small vacation, but it don't look like rain

CHARACTERS: L ([personal profile] ryuuzaki) and Rey ([profile] circumitis)
LOCATION: In the trees. Backdated to a day or two after the stampede.
WARNINGS: Nothing exciting!
SUMMARY: Hey, environment! Stop breaking stuff.

The wind and rain had gone on for days, hampering the placement of network nodes.

As it cleared, it became obvious that at least one of the ones which had just been situated would require maintenance, and before L or anyone else had had a chance to tackle it, the stampede had happened, making the placement even more precarious.

L stands at the foot of a tree, peering upward. Rey is high above him, attempting to secure a small platform in the branches, with a router and a solar panel secured to that. When they'd come out to look at it, it had been dangling from a limb far over their heads.

He tries to stand away from where he thinks things will land if they come crashing down -- routers, Rey, and all. It would be a ridiculous way to die, he thinks, but an absurd, ignominious death is what he's beginning to expect. He would just prefer that when it comes, it's far in the future, and not through his own stupidity.

Hands cupped around his mouth, he calls up, "Does it look salvageable?"

If it needs work, she'll have to bring it down, and if it's beyond his abilities to repair, they'll have to take it back to camp where someone with more electronics expertise can address the issue.

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Yes, death by a falling Rey would definitely be a terrible way to go. Rey, on the other hand, has survived far worse tumbles that she has no qualms with the perilous task of climbing dangerous heights. Having made headway with her own tree-project, placing network nodes seems like child's play at this point.

Granted it does get a bit worrying from time to time, having to mind the shifting and quiet groans and whines of wood when testing her footing on less stable placements. But once she's gotten the hang of it (and for her it doesn't take long), she makes pretty good headway for a three-hundred pound cyborg.

Once the router is within arm's reach, Rey extends an arm to seize it with her right hand, using her good one to tether her to the trunk. The thick branch under her feet wobbles only slightly, but stabilizes to support her weight.

Checking over the equipment with a squinted eye, she glances down over the branch to see Ryuuzaki, several feet below. With the wind caught in her ears, she almost didn't catch what he said.

"Been beaten around a bit, but the damage looks minor," she reports back, loud enough for him to hear.

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More preoccupied reaching for the node to better examine it, Rey misses the nod. But she catches his response clear enough.

One of her past selves was more adept at this sort of thing. All it took was a brief once-over through her memories to figure out what went wrong.

"Ah," Rey exhales, pulling the node down from its hanging place. It almost slips, but she catches it again in a more steady grup. She then calls back down to Ryuuzaki: "Some loose, but am going to try something."

Just need to get into a more stable position. Fiddling with wires from a few dozen feet above without proper equipment isn't the safest way to do maintenance. But hey, Rey lives life on the edge.
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There's no real warning or defining going on before Rey holds the node out--

--and then drops it.

Except the device doesn't come crashing like it normally would have thanks to our old friend, gravity. More like it floats, careful not to smash against any of the branches on its way down. Eventually, it'll end up within Ryuuzaki's reach, hovering just over his head.

Rey settles herself into a sitting position on the thick branch that's holding her, resting her elbows on her knees as she shouts to Ryuuzaki below, "Get it fixed with whatever supplies you need. Should be able to bring it back up the same way. It'll save us a trip."

Turns out, these new abilities have proven themselves to be pretty useful, after all.
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