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Open and closed!

CHARACTERS: Firo and you! With closed prompts for Rey and Tadashi
LOCATION: Camp outskirts
WARNINGS: Mentions of violence and , mentions of death in Tadashi’s prompt
SUMMARY:Firo messes with plants, has fun with nightmares, and spars with a friend

Since the discovery of the body, Firo’s been limiting most of his camp visits to those on the outskirts or a route straight to one of his friends. It’s not that he’s exactly disturbed by the murder—it’s not pleasant, but he figured it was a matter of time before somebody snapped. It’s the thought of the place crawling with righteous do-gooders intent on solving the crime. Experience has taught him to steer clear of that.

It’s on these walks that he realizes that the jungle isn’t just weird to him, it’s also kind of boring in the not-so-good way. So anything a little strange catches his eye—this time, it’s one of the frondy, bright, carnivorous plants. Except, if anyone’s discovered its properties, Firo didn’t get the memo.

Curious, he reaches out and pokes at the thing, finding out all too soon that this thing is more interesting than he’d bet on. He calls out, more offended than pained, “The hell’s this thing?!”

[Closed to Rey]
It’s the same as it’s been so many nights before. Firo’s curled up in the treehouse his friend built, his fists clenched as he twitches his way through a dream. It has the overwhelming sense of realness that comes from a memory, and this one in particular has that awful stain that comes along with so many of the memories in Firo’s head.

It’s the alley behind Alveare, a place that Firo knows every inch of. The usually quiet passage is full this time, but he hardly notices it. The girl lying on the ground behind him is inconsequential, a broken tool to be tossed aside. Too early, which is a disappointment. But more a cause for irritation than sadness. Likewise, the couple she was supposed to kill are but an annoyance.

There’s a man with glasses on the ground before him, hunched over in pain, both of his kneecaps shot. This is the one that’s important. He stirs as Firo approaches, grimacing as he tries to look up. The expression turns to horror as Firo places his right hand on the man’s head and thinks--

Firo flinches awake mid-crying out, looking around wildly as he gets his bearings. Ready to lash out at anybody coming close.

[Closed to Tadashi]

Finding out a guy you’ve come to like is already doomed if he leaves this place isn’t exactly fun. But Firo’s had to grapple with the possibility of losing friends before, so he tries to shove any thoughts of that aside in favor of enjoying the time they have now. After hearing that Tadashi—for all that he seems a sweet college boy—can throw a punch, Firo’s eager to explore their common interest.

He’s waiting in a clearing near camp at the appointed meeting time. He grins when he sees the guy come by. “Hey. You ready to go? You know, I never woulda’ pegged you as the kinda guy who knew how to fight.”

While his tone remains casual, he’s watching Tadashi carefully. Whether the guy notices or not doesn’t really matter to him; there’s not a lot Firo can do if Tadashi’s still grieving over his brother, but that doesn’t mean he wants to ignore it completely.

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