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[ closed ] With what remains

CHARACTERS: Iezabel Sadonna and Rey
LOCATION: The jungle.
WARNINGS: Death, disposal of bodies.
SUMMARY: Ieza once more approaches Rey with a discreet request.
NOTES: None yet.

Ieza has looked better lately. Whatever deal she struck to regain her vitality, it seems to have come off without noticeable hitches. When next she appeared in Rey's presence, a short visit in the midst of twilight, it was tousle-haired and lively, full of long strings of words that are only figuratively breathless. Zombie lady no more. She is doing fine, was the upshot of that call payed, and thank you, Friend, for your forbearance. And then she was on her way, off to stargaze with a purpose.

So yes, she's looked better. But this time, there is a particularly fierce glow about her, a luminosity that flushes her face and makes her eyes bright; if there is anything like seeming too lively, it's Ieza in this state. Jittery and almost feverish, she bustles up beneath Rey's tree-top abode and cups her hands to her mouth, projecting a call meant to wake, if not the dead, than pretty much anyone who might be asleep up there.

"Friend! Friend!"

It is pre-dawn, we should note, but evidently whatever is the matter cannot possible wait.

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Sharing a living space with someone else has its ups and downs. Rey has grown rather fond of the presence of companionship.

However, when someone shows up shouting friend, it's always easier when you don't have to worry about whether or not it'd wake your roommate up.

Of course, Rey is already awake. She doesn't sleep much, and oftentimes she finds herself standing watch when she can't sleep. Since the herd passed through and the return of crazy masks, she hasn't really had much of a mindset for rest. So she's seen already standing by one of the windows she's left open to better keep vigil on the ground level.

Even before Ieza starts yelling, Rey is already headed for the ladder. Moving down as quietly as she can, she holds out her two-fingered hand and drops, skipping the final ten feet onto the ground. With her weight, you'd think it would hurt; Rey hardly feels it.

"What is it? Did something happen?" She whirls around to face the other woman, keeping her voice low.
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Despite her demeanor, Rey doesn't recoil or snap the instant Ieza's motions suggest physical contact. She just stands there, unmoving, and blinks at the other women whose hand has paused in front of her own face.

It doesn't take much thought for Rey to realize what it is Ieza is asking. She nods.

"So long as you know what you're doing."

She can, after all, sympathize the difficulties of using words.
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The entire time she is witness to Ieza's experience through her eyes, Rey is quiet, calm, neutral. She doesn't react like how a normal person would towards having someone reveal something in their mind, or the contents of the vision itself.

When it's over, she just stands there, her expression unreadable. At the same time, there is no disgust or anger. Not towards Ieza, anyway. If Rey is angered by anything, it's that people have been so foolish with those masks as it was. At least, that's what she attributes the man's madness to be. The last incident with the masks had result in continuous behavior even after the masks had been removed from their wearer.

After a moment, she shakes her head, whipping her own senses back into shape.

"How far away did this happen?"

Rey is not going to be one to judge. Not when, years ago, she had once tried to actually kill a fellow passenger once while under the influence of the masks as well, and she's hardly a paladin of moral justice herself.
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Once again, Rey is not adverse to the contact when Ieza goes to take her hand. Between her time spent with Firo and Muscovy, perhaps she has grown used to it. Or perhaps she is simply not threatened by Ieza in a way that would call for her to retreat into herself. She can see the desperation in the woman's eyes, real and raw and she is undoubtedly in need of help. She also knows that some would be nearly as understanding of the situation.

In that moment Rey just nods at the gratitude, her face blank as she's more focused on the issue at hand. "Take us there, then. Will figure out what to do next."

It isn't like she's never dealt with corpses before or anything.
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Throughout the trek, there are snatches of Ieza's emotions that are literally feeding into Rey. The need to clasp hands as they hurried through the jungle, the intoxicating sense of urgency and apprehension that just soaks into Rey like a sponge. She tries to ignore it and stay focused on her own emotions, her own composure so not to cast salt into the already existing wounds. She doesn't even make a point to bring it up. And if there is annoyance, which there is not, then Rey wouldn't allow Ieza to feel that on top of everything.

Because of the firsthand experience Rey had observed through Ieza's eyes, she doesn't ask anything stupid such as is this him? or what the hell happened? when they finally stumble upon the corpse. There is an eerie silence surrounding the clearing, as though it itself were a cemetery.

Unfazed by the maimed cadaver, Rey just glances to the other woman out the corner of her eye. "Well, shouldn't just leave him here."

Though they could, if they wanted. He could stay in this place, be food for the carnivores. But that's not within Rey's nature, especially if it would result in someone else stumbling upon the gruesome scene.

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As Rey gets closer, standing from the other side of Ieza, the state of the corpse's decomposition becomes more evident. She kneels down beside it, taking a look at the withered features of the man's face. The woman really did a number on this man.

While Ieza starts listing off the elements, Rey takes a little more time examining the body. Not in the investigative way, but in that how best should we get rid of this thing? sort of way. But by then she's already decided.

"Fire," she says without hesitation. "It's going to stink, but can make it so that it won't attract too much attention."

They are quite a ways from the base camp, and the smoke should be small enough that it would look like plumes from a cookfire.
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Seeing Ieza express much energy from the last time they met such a short while ago should be daunting, more so given the subject at hand. While what happened to the man was indeed a tragedy, Rey understands better than most would that there are some things people are better off not knowing. She tries to think of it less as 'disposing a body' and more along the lines of what Ieza has chosen to spin it as -- a funeral.

Let's go with that.

Perhaps the giggles and her sudden disposition to be a byproduct of shock (Rey has no idea of Ieza has ever done this sort of thing before, and isn't inclined to ask). Her sense of urgency is encouraging, to say the least.

"Yes, go get some wood." She nods to the dead man, prone beside her. "Will prep him so it'll be-- um, nicer, for a funeral." Or something. With the man sprawled like that, she figures it would only be fair to readjust him in a funeral position by the time Ieza is done gathering firewood. Not that Rey would need it, but she figures that the redhead could probably use the distraction. Someplace to put all that energy.
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It's definitely preferable to hysterical weeping or paralysis. Rey still can't help but feel somewhat responsible for Ieza, at least enough to keep her focused on something. She seemed rattled earlier but now rather buoyant, which is an improvement.

While Ieza is gathering the sticks and such for burning, Rey takes the time to lay the corpse down on its back. With no regard or disgust over handling a dead body, she casually places its limbs in funeral position, crossing its hands together.

This is good enough, by the time Ieza returns. She helps with the placement of the 'fuel' when Ieza asks about the man's gods. Rey pauses a moment. It would've been easier if the Tranquility crew members were equipped with dogtags, which usually indicate the religion of the deceased, if any. Though if the old riddles of Smiley and across the ship had been any indicator, Rey's pretty sure she at least has some idea.

"Assuming that he believed in any at all, it's more likely to be just one god."

In which case, her brother's upbringing may be useful.
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Rey shrugs a shoulder. "Some people prefer singular."

All she knows about religion she learned from secondhand experience. Her brother, raised by a Jewish family, had explained the most to her about their practices. She was certain she could find some information regarding funeral traditions in her head.

For one, bodies had to be buried within a day, and they at least had that covered.

"Technically, a priest is supposed to perform final rites."

That much Rey knew, and to say they were short on priests here was equally an understatement.

She sighs, rising to her feet once she's done arranging the man's corpse so that he would burn faster, more controlled. She claps some dirt from her hands. "Can recall a few scriptures at least, if you think that would help."
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Orion would be more suitable for this role. But Orion isn't here, and all Rey has to go off of are the things she learned from him, and the book she's read.

Having a near eidetic memory has its benefits. For one, those prayers and scriptures that she's read are written into her mind forever.

Rey nods at Ieza's offer. "Don't worry, you don't have to do anything. This isn't too complicated," she says as she ironically scoops some dirt from the earth, shortly after she had just cleaned them.

She takes a moment to search for the right words that she knows are in her head. She closes her eyes, briefly taking in the flickers of the texts she had once read and how quickly they stick to her mind's eye.

When it's over, her thoughts land on one that sticks to her the most. Words that have meaning, even to her.

"'In the sweat of your face shall you eat bread, until you return to the ground; for out of it were you taken..." She brings her fist over the man's corpse, and releases the dirt little by little like an hourglass, gently sprinkling across the body with respect. "'For dust you are, and to dust shall you return.'"

In that moment, the ground combusts, leaving the body as food for the flames. The stench is almost immediate, but Rey doesn't mind. She's very well familiar with the smell of burning flesh.

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The contradictory elements comes as a low priority to Rey, as she watches the burning embers. Even when Ieza turns her gaze towards her, her eyes remain focused on the fires that lick the air. In a way, all the elements coincide with one another in some way. Fire, water, earth, air...

For instance, she was born of fire, but one day she will become earth. Whatever comes after that, she hasn't thought of it much. Fortunately, her brother never spent much time thinking about the potential of an afterlife.

The stench, which would be repulsive to some, doesn't trouble her either. Perhaps it is the Salamander in her, the part of herself that delighted in the smell, as though it were a pleasant aroma. No matter how many times Rey tried to put distance between her and that part of herself, she's also accepted that it's who she is as well. She can own that, but she doesn't have to accept it.

It isn't until she feels Ieza's hand touching hers again that Rey finally breaks from her stiff posture, and turns her eyes to the other woman. She blinks, her neutral expression unwavering. And she notices that Ieza isn't having as easy of a time as she is.

"If it's too much, you can leave," Rey says with an unchanging tone. "Can take care of this."
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No argument comes to mind, because if it was Rey in Ieza's shoes, she'd have said the same thing. Even though what happened was hardly her fault, the weight of taking a life is very real. More so, probably, when it's done to sustain your own essence. With that she can't even begin to empathize, but she can imagine what it must be like.

As the flames continue to eat away at the flesh of the dead, Rey focuses on keeping the smoke at bay. Using her mind, the smoke molds as though caught in an invisible bubble that's holding it in place. She doesn't speak while she concentrates, only focuses on maintaining the smoke and fire so not to allow it to spread through the rest of the jungle, or create a signal for others to come.

Eventually, skin and bone become ash, leaving behind only a gray pile. The flames snuff themselves out, with Rey pushing them down until they're fully extinguished.

Once finished, she nods. "That should do it." She speaks of it almost like she's talking about putting together a piece of furniture, rather than disposing of a body.