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[ closed ] With what remains

CHARACTERS: Iezabel Sadonna and Rey
LOCATION: The jungle.
WARNINGS: Death, disposal of bodies.
SUMMARY: Ieza once more approaches Rey with a discreet request.
NOTES: None yet.

Ieza has looked better lately. Whatever deal she struck to regain her vitality, it seems to have come off without noticeable hitches. When next she appeared in Rey's presence, a short visit in the midst of twilight, it was tousle-haired and lively, full of long strings of words that are only figuratively breathless. Zombie lady no more. She is doing fine, was the upshot of that call payed, and thank you, Friend, for your forbearance. And then she was on her way, off to stargaze with a purpose.

So yes, she's looked better. But this time, there is a particularly fierce glow about her, a luminosity that flushes her face and makes her eyes bright; if there is anything like seeming too lively, it's Ieza in this state. Jittery and almost feverish, she bustles up beneath Rey's tree-top abode and cups her hands to her mouth, projecting a call meant to wake, if not the dead, than pretty much anyone who might be asleep up there.

"Friend! Friend!"

It is pre-dawn, we should note, but evidently whatever is the matter cannot possible wait.

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