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[closed] It's raining children, hallelujah

CHARACTERS: Muscovy & Rey
LOCATION: Somewhere in a corner of the camp
WARNINGS: ...children falling out of trees?
SUMMARY: Muscovy is trying to build a treehome. He isn't particularly successful. Rey offers an alternative. But first she needs to find out about his aspirations...

It's a beautiful day. Humid, but no rain, and there's been no signs of any threat recently. Just perfect weather for a stroll around the camp.

Just watch out for falling children while you walk under those threes, they'll plummet down with a scream of warning but still very, very quickly. Try to not have them hit your head.
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The rustling from the trees tip her off immediately.

All Rey had planned that day was to drop in at the camp to do her usual check-ins. What she didn't plan was looking up to find a falling child from overhead.

"Shi--" Rey starts, but she's cut off with a jerk as she intercepts Muscovy's crude landing, catching the boy in her arms. What seems like a graceful catch is actually not that easy when she starts losing her grip.

At least she still has the reflexes of an android soldier. Not many normal humans would be able to recover so easily.

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Okay, he's holding onto her now.

"Are you--" She stops a moment, taking the time to adjust her hold of him before kneeling down to set his feet safely on the ground. She huffs. "Are you all right?"

Of course, she has other questions, but that one is the most current concern.
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Giving Muscovy the time he needs, Rey doesn't peel him off her or anything akin to that. He may not understand the concept of shock, but she does, and can sense that in his tension -- he's going to feel a lot more of that later.

After he lets go, so does she. She then gives him a look over to see if anything was hurt when she had caught him.

"Good." She looks back at him, placing an uncharacteristically gentle hand over the top of his head for a few seconds. "What were you doing up there, anyway?"
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As he talks, Rey looks up as well at the pitiable shelter Muscovy had started for himself. She makes a face, jaw clenched. For his sake, she hopes he hasn't been trying to sleep up there yet for the long haul.

"Have you ever built anything like a house before?" Rey asks cautiously.
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"Ah," Rey says simply at first, before looking back to Muscovy. She's still kneeling, and at eye level with the boy. "You don't want to live at the camp with the others?"

It shouldn't sound too strange to her. After all, she lives away from the camp as well. Unlike her, however, Muscovy seems to be the type who prefers to be around a lot of people. Even with the stampede that came through recently, not everyone was quick to start building houses in the trees as well.
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There's no arguing that it's safer, in some sense. For Rey, anyway, she can keep an eye on the outskirts of the camp from above, and be safe from ground dangers such as the bear-like creatures or the stampede.

But Rey is an adult and knows a bit about wilderness survival. Muscovy here hasn't even been able to build his own shelter, let alone make it on his own.

She squints, her lips tightening into a straight line. "Do you have anyone you can perhaps stay with? It'd be better if you don't live alone."
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Without even realizing it, Rey's expression softens at Muscovy's reply. "Oh, sorry to hear that."

Truth be told, she doesn't even know who this 'lady aunt' is, or was, but she's heard enough people have been disappearing that it's not surprising. None of it was all that surprising back on the ship, either. In fact, people going away has become pretty commonplace that she doesn't know how to really react to it anymore.

"So you've been living by yourself all this time? Is that what you want?" Even Rey has been taken to living with someone else after being on her own for so long. She wonders if Muscovy misses it, too.
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"No doubt..."

It was Muscovy that Rey was more worried about. At least before, she knew that he had someone around to look after him, keep an eye and make sure he was safe. Moreover, he wasn't alone. She knows how much it sucks to be alone.

She looks at him then, solemn for a moment. Then, she exhales. As though she were breathing out the part of herself that made her act like a monotonous robot, her tone becomes gentler. Like-human. "You know, I've been staying with Firo in this house we've already built. There's room for one more. If you'd like."
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It's a surprise to Rey that he doesn't immediately refuse. She doesn't know why she was expecting that she would need to convince him when he's never given her a reason to think he would oppose to the notion.

Well, not everyone is like her. It took some convincing to get her to finally stop living in the gardens on her own, back when they were all on the ship. Because it just seemed safer back then, keeping her distance from people. Things are different now. Strange as it all is, she has to keep reminding herself of that.

Calm, she nods to herself, and gestures towards the way she had come walking from. "About a mile and a half that way. It's made out of wood, and was able to reinforce it using the material from the ship."

It also helps being able to weld said metal with your hands.

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Rey balks at what Muscovy would perceive as an important question, almost as though he expected an ulterior motive from her or something. And perhaps he did. She just blinks slowly at him, having not really taken the 'why' part into consideration.

After a brief moment, she shrugs. "Does there need to be a reason?" She even takes the opportunity to drop the monotone to tell the kid this. "I like you, and am sure Firo would also feel better if you weren't living alone."

Or falling from the trees Muscovy's attempting to build houses in.
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Even if Rey did want something out of it, she has no idea what she would expect of Muscovy. Not that she doesn't think he has nothing to give, but she just doesn't have the heart to ask anything big of him. And though she mentioned that Firo would be worried, Rey herself would worry as well.

Damn these feelings and giving fucks about people. Especially when it comes to children, which one would find odd if not for the fact that she's always had a latent soft spot for them.

She almost laughs when Muscovy tells her she's nice. Considering what she's offering, she can't really argue the contrary. "At least you think so."

It doesn't matter to her what other people think about her, so long as Muscovy believes her.

"Good to hear it." Her arms drop to her sides, her face bearing a soft smile that not many get the luxury of seeing. "Can take you there, so you'll know where it's at."
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The fact that Muscovy would be seen as small and weak doesn't entirely register to Rey. Not that she thinks about that sort of thing consciously. In reality she would instinctively run into a burning building after something that is too small to help itself, whether it be an animal or a child. Rey is strange like that.

She forces a shaky chuckle. "Well, just don't spread it around. Have a reputation to protect."

Actually, she doesn't really have much of a reputation that she's aware of at all, beyond being 'that scar-faced first jumper lady' and 'that scar-faced first jumper who sent a guy into the white room and might have caused the ship to get caught by a corrupt government', but--

You know.


"Yes. If you toss it, can slow it down and catch it for you. Safer than climbing down with it." Sadly, she's not at the point where she can lift very many heavy things yet. Like children.
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One can always consider having a guardian who is over a century old and can control fire to be quite useful and protective.


"That's right. Have been able to make things move without needing to touch them, which helps with getting things up and down the treehouse. You don't need to worry about it dropping and breaking."

Just one more tally on the board of Things That Are Quite Useful And Protective when you're friends with Rey.
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"No," she says decisively. "Learned how to do that sort of thing here."

Just like other weird psychic things she's been subjected to in this place. Some of them useful, others just end up complicating her life even more. But being able to control things' movement with her mind? That's pretty damned useful.
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"Suppose so, if that's something you'd like to learn. Can teach you how once we get settled in. It's fairly easy once you get the hang of it."

Despite being a busybody recently, Rey still makes time for stuff like that, especially if it's for a friend. And there are so few that she actually considers as such. At least, Muscovy is sort of a friend. She thinks.
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There are plenty of advantages to it, Rey must admit. While she may not be that small, being able to lift things from one place to another has proven useful when she had been constructing the tree dome. It's pretty awesome, would recommend.

She stands aside and watches as Muscovy climbs upward, arms out and ready in the event that he slips and falls again. When it makes it up to the top, she nods. "Yes," she confirms. "Just drop it. Won't let it break, promise."

And Rey takes her promises seriously.
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There is no flashy theatrics. No wave of the hand or gesticulation. But as the harp falls down, something does change.

It slows down, continuing its descent until it falls into Rey's open hands. She's holding it by the time Muscovy returns with the rest of his things, and there's a slight hint of a rare smile.

"Told you it wouldn't drop," she says lightly before she starts heading towards home. She can always go check in on the camp later.
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The unexpected contact almost makes her jump, but then Rey looks down as if to remind herself that it's only Muscovy, and it isn't like she's never experienced this kind of physical interaction before. So her limp right hand moves to wrap her fingers around his, giving it a squeeze as she guides the boy into the jungle.

For once, she feels like things are all right.