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Muscovy Maglorion Prochainezo | bb!Russia ([personal profile] muscovy) wrote in [community profile] ataraxionlogs2015-12-08 04:34 pm
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[closed] It's raining children, hallelujah

CHARACTERS: Muscovy & Rey
LOCATION: Somewhere in a corner of the camp
WARNINGS: ...children falling out of trees?
SUMMARY: Muscovy is trying to build a treehome. He isn't particularly successful. Rey offers an alternative. But first she needs to find out about his aspirations...

It's a beautiful day. Humid, but no rain, and there's been no signs of any threat recently. Just perfect weather for a stroll around the camp.

Just watch out for falling children while you walk under those threes, they'll plummet down with a scream of warning but still very, very quickly. Try to not have them hit your head.

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