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And what I know, I must let go.

CHARACTERS: Algidus([personal profile] thecoldshoulder) and various
LOCATION: Various; specific locations contained within.
WARNINGS: N/A, will update as they arise
SUMMARY: Grumpy ice alien being a grump.
NOTES: A big catch-all post; general log for December as well as backdated stuff for certain characters! Open and closed prompts within.

    Encampment - CLOSED to Newt | Backdated to mask event

After the rather startling encounter with Carlise, who would have met a messy fate at the bottom of a cliff's face if not for the ice alien's intervention, Algidus is trudging back to camp as quickly as possible. This is the first evidence of trickery he's seen in this place that is pinging off memories of what his previous captors used to put their prisoners through... bizarre mental manipulation with harmful, potentially even lethal outcomes. He's furious over the thought that despite how far he's been taken, he's not out of the realm of worry of such cruelty yet. He needs to get back to the camp and make sure that those masks are not a widespread occurrence... and if they are, he needs to find the people that have agreed to aid him and warn them.

    Shouting Rock - CLOSED to those who offered to help Algidus search for AJ

Algidus does not know how to deal with the emotions that have been tumbling around inside of him ever since he made that damn post to the network. He'd condemned humanity long ago for their brutality, their savagery... but AJ... she'd been different. She'd had a lot of chances to act a lot of different ways towards him and while her pranks and jabs and sarcastic nature had all been irritating, she'd taken it upon herself to actively help him... both here and in their past. Moreover, she was the only being in this place who he felt had even a chance of understanding some of the worst of the shit he'd been through. He'd been all but convinced that there was a reason they were the only two clones to be brought here, to this terrible, forsaken planet...

... But now he hadn't heard from her in so long and all the possibilities that he was coming up with weren't pleasant ones. Algidus didn't know how to deal with that knowledge. He'd been so ready to keep her at an arms length and say that their relationship was built purely on mutual goals that he hadn't even had time to figure out where he and AJ stood with each other. Now he feels an odd sort of desperation to find her--not just because he's worried about her, which is a bizarre enough feeling given his stance on humans, but because he feels like he owes it to her. He doesn't want to give up on her; he's going to exhaust every possible option until he's absolutely sure that what he's afraid has happened has actually happened.

... Once he hits that point, he doesn't know where that will leave him. It's a part of the reason he's been so reluctant and wary to accept outside help on this. He doesn't want anyone else to see how he's going to deal with this bitter truth, because while he might not know what will be left to him, he knows it will not be pleasant. But he can't turn away now... so he's there, lingering by the shouting rock while he waits for anyone who has offered their aid to show up.

    Jungle - OPEN

Algidus has exhausted every possible course of action and the outcome that he feared the most has turned out to be true. Stripped of the closest thing he's had to a positive relationship in a long time, the alien has reverted to becoming much more reclusive once again. He's stopped coming into camp, save for those brief snatches of time when he needs to charge his networking device... but truth be told he's not even paying all that much attention to it anymore. Every time he thinks of the network or the camp he feels a swell of cold rage and resentment within himself. This is exactly how it had been back in the Box... knowing that there were people living not all that far away that had others to rely on, to be laugh with, to persevere with... and that he could have had the same, had it not been wrested from him. Knowing how it ended before, how it has always ended, Algidus cannot bring himself to reach out again. Being alone is safer. It's always been safer, hasn't it?

So while it's possible that your character sees him in one of the rare moments where he shows his face in camp, it's more likely that they stumble upon the places where his fury has left its mark on the surrounding jungle. Foliage has been wasted and trees have been felled, torn to shreds and coated with quickly-melting frost and ice shards; occasionally they'll even see the corpse of an animal, slaughtered gruesomely through the sheer need to vent some of the ire poisoning his soul. They might even catch a glimpse of sunlight playing off of a dark, faceted icy form or of massive curling spikes as he moves through the jungle. And while maybe they'll simply hear loud hissing as the alien takes out his frustration on the world around him, it's also entirely likely that they'll hear a string of exhausted, defeated cursing if they stumble upon him when he thinks he's alone and at his lowest-- and though he would be embarrassed to be caught out in this state, any support offered to him here will surely be appreciated... and remembered.
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Mask fun times

[personal profile] sleepallthewayhome 2015-12-11 12:58 am (UTC)(link)
Newt is wearing a mask. She is wearing a mask and walking around the camp because she doesn't see the camp. What she sees is the empty ship she was on before she came to the Tranquility.

She thinks she's staying close to the walls of the ship but she's just walking oddly towards the forest. She's tripped a few times now but hasn't noticed.
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There doesn't seem to be anyone on the ship, which isn't good. But there doesn't seem to be any monsters on the ship either.


She has to be here....she has to...

Newt balls her fists and continues forward. Walking steadily towards a tree. All she can see is an empty hallway so she makes no effort to move out of the way.
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Which would be great if she could see it. Instead she trips over the stump and hits the ground again.

She's going to have a few bruises tomorrow. She gets up, but now is touching the mask on her face as though she's finally realized that something's not right.

What she sees is the ship starts to close in on her. She can hear footsteps and there's something....

She claws at her face, trying to remove the mask.
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She wasn't supposed to be on the ship. She realizes that now and Ripley wasn't there and she needed to...she needed to get this....she needed to...

"Get off, get off, get off!" She's shrieking now but tears the mask free of her face. Feeling as though she's pulling her skin off as she throws it as far away from as she can. Her eyes are wide and her breathing is rapid as she looks around the forest she'd accidentally wandered into.
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Newt wipes her eyes. She can still remember the ship she thought she was on but she's not there now.

"It was by our tent. I didn't think a mask could be dangerous."

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Shouting rock

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It's strange to see someone who looks so similar to an old friend and yet is so... not similar. Firo thinks back to the first time they talked and wonders if this encounter is going to go just as well.

But they don't have to have fun. This is just helping out somebody who either really needs it or is beyond helping. Firo folds his arms as he walks up to the guy. "Okay, pal, where do we start?"
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Firo hadn't really expected much else. So why is he a little disappointed? He scoffs at himself internally and grunts as he moves to follow Algidus. It's just stupid to think about those things.

"Camps? What the hell was she so prepared for, huh?"

It's an idle question, not really an intent one. He's curious and thinks it might be an interesting way to pass the time--whatever that lady had going on, she was pretty weird.
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Booze?! Both of Firo's eyebrows go up. Damn, he wish he'd made better friends with her sooner...

"You know, it sounds a lot shadier when you say you can't comment on 'em. But there aren't any laws or anything out here, so unless she was killin' people... what's there to worry about?"

He thinks a moment, inclining his head. "And, you know, even then it'd be easy to blame it on the animals here, so..."

This is a nice thing to be talking about as they head into the jungle.
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Firo shoves his hands into his pockets, shoulders sagging. Was this guy offended, or did he really just not get it? "It was a joke. Can't you take a joke?"

Perhaps not a particularly funny one.

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circumitus: Because you're marine grade... You rascal. (you need 400 proof or marine proof)

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Already not one to spend much time at the camp, it's no surprise that Rey would eventually stumble upon the ice alien's wave of furious destruction. At first it was just the bodies that she found odd, seeing that they were simply cast aside rather than torn apart. Whatever had mauled them didn't do so because it was hungry (though she did find that the feathery beaked creatures weren't that appetizing. Their bony bodies didn't offer much in the ways of sustenance).

Though not armed this time, Rey is hardly vulnerable when she makes her way through the wilds, hopping over fallen trees and weaving through the foliage. Until, eventually, she catches a glimpse of something between a mess of plants and trees, and finds that it's a shape that she definitely knows.

Figures it'd be him.

Still keeping her distance from Algidus, she moves around the tree, putting herself in sight. The last she spoke of him, he mentioned something about AJ being missing. Judging by his temperament, she can only assume the worst.

"Hope you're not planning on tearing down the whole jungle," she says, oddly calm for someone addressing a creature that's over a foot taller than her and made of ice.
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Surprisingly, Rey isn't here looking for a fight. She even, perhaps foolishly, puts herself in the open in case it may seem as such, since it isn't like she's very good with her words.

Okay. So AJ is nowhere to be seen nor found and the alien is upset. Rey at least has the tact to know what for without having to ask why. While she hadn't spent much time around either of the two, they seemed close.

"Well, been living out here, for one thing." She waves a hand upwards, implying that she's living in the trees all this time, or at least one of them that could potentially be around. "Worked rather hard putting up that shelter, and would hate to see it all get torn down." It doesn't look like Algidus is doing his rampage while paying much mind to what's above.
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High grounds have their advantages. For one, it makes being able to see what's coming all the more easier. It also helps when you're wanting to put distance between yourself and a stampede or a vicious wild animal the size of a goddamn bear.

"You aren't actually referring to the tree houses at the 'inevitable hardships' part, are you?" Rey asks flatly.
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She sighs, folding her arms. "Was created to be miserable. So, no, never did think that the universe was kind or compassionate."

You are born to die, those were some of the first words she ever heard after she was 'born'. Her life was not her own, and every other life that she had ever lived were all fated to die terrible deaths, always alone.

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