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happy anniversary [open]

LOCATION: Various.
WARNINGS: Blood and violence for the third prompt.
SUMMARY: Rey Does Stuff: The Log. Just the kind of stuff you'd expect on your fourth year anniversary, woo.
NOTES: I've got some prompts, but if you want a super special awesome starter just for you, I can whip one up as well. Or you can. Whichever.

I. Make Your Bed The River (Outside the Tranquility, Early December)
It's strange every time Rey thinks about how she's not living alone anymore. She had only ever lived with one person on the ship, and they weren't around to make sure her head stays on straight.

She is used to living a spartan lifestyle. Having too much useless stuff was never her thing. But now that she isn't the only person living under the roof she's made out in the jungle, she figures it's worth going scavenging for extra supplies. At least in the places she can immediately access...

The Tranquility creaks and groans before her, sunk into the earth and teetering over the ledge of the cliff. She assesses the damage first before she begins climbing into the opening, leading into the medbay.

II. It's A Trap! (Jungle, Anytime)
Max may have given a public service announcement about his similar endeavor, but Rey hadn't been quite so thoughtful as to give warnings about her traps just yet. Mostly because she's still working on them. Hoping that she could catch game or, even better, whoever or whatever is out there that they haven't been introduced to yet.

Plus, she's convinced that whoever murdered that crew member the previous month was not one of their own. This much she was positive when she found the spears in the stampede not too long ago. With the masks and the storm, though, you can never be too certain.

Red X marks have been placed near her little pet projects. You can either find Rey digging a hole somewhere with a makeshift shovel she's put together, or setting up a wire trap or a tree spring noose made from things she's collected from the jungle and the ship.

Either that, or you may find yourself taking a seven foot plunge down one of those many holes she has made.

III. Oh, To Be An Animal... (Anywhere, After the 17th)
It isn't the first time Rey has encountered subjects of horrific diseases. Hell, at a few points during her tenure aboard the Tranquility, she had been a victim of some of those illnesses.

Suppose it was a matter of time before something like this would happen. After all, they're aliens to this world, introducing new bacteria and such to the wildlife. It's just a surprise that the natives have fallen prey to these mutations first.

One can either be passing by when they happen upon a tree-dome made of wood and metal overhead. There's a noise of frenzied, animalistic screeching coming from the inside. A window opens, and the corpse of one of the sickened creatures come flying out.

After a while, she has come to observe the mannerisms of these afflicted animals, watching their behaviors from a distance. You can also find her lurking among trees -- above or below -- watching one of them ripping into their own faces.

Whether one of them is attacking you, or you stumble upon her putting one of them down... Well, the timing is pretty unfortunate, either way.

The worst part is, it isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened.

She's seen something akin to this before.

And that never bodes well. For anyone.

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