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If we're lost, don't turn around.

CHARACTERS: Algidus ([personal profile] thecoldshoulder) and anyone.
LOCATION: The base camp outside the Tranquility.
WARNINGS: Description of injuries.
SUMMARY: Algidus makes one last-ditch effort to find AJ. Things go horribly as always.
NOTES: This is a backdated log; he was lost inside the ship from the 10th to the 25th of December.

    Post Ship Exploration - OPEN

You need to think before you run in there.

Well, Algidus was thinking as he waltzed brazenly up to the looming wreck of the Tranquility… but it wasn’t about all of the things that he probably should have been. He wasn’t trying to recruit the help of more experienced people, people that might have actually been familiar with the ship’s layout or systems, nor was he planning contingencies just in case something went wrong while he was inside. He wasn’t thinking of letting anyone know where he was going, nor did he even think to bring his mirror shard or network device in case he needed to attempt to call for help. He simply grabbed up some supplies and then headed on his way, determined to locate the other clone before he could lose any more time. For all that the dark icy creature could focus on was AJ, about how it had been too long since he’d seen her, about how she could be injured or lost inside…

… He wasn’t thinking about how easy it would be for those exact same things to happen to himself as made his way inside.

Truly, the inside of the Tranquility was labyrinthine. Even before the wreck, it would have taken Algidus a decent span of time to orient himself, to learn how to navigate it. Now that any navigation systems were offline and every other hallway seemed to end in wreckage, it was inevitable that he was going to get lost given that the only time he had spent inside were the few minutes he had spent in post-jump chaos scrambling to escape. He didn’t even realize it at first; he just kept pushing further and further into the wreckage, using his myriad of unique abilities to aid in his progress. His impressive strength allowed him to clear blockages, and any messes that proved immovable he could simply liquidize and melt through. The sheer dark inside was ominous and unsettling, but he his vision adapted quickly to the lack of light, allowing him to see. He felt sure that he’d finally figured it out, and he allowed himself the smallest glimmer of hope that it would not be long now before he found her…

He wasn’t sure how that little sliver of optimism slipped through, but as Algidus lost days to his exploration throughout the maze of the Tranquility's interior, it steadily wavered. As he entered his second week searching high and low inside, hunger and exhaustion began to settle in. The alien couldn’t believe it; he hadn’t wanted to leave this place without AJ, but even worse, he hadn’t even found a single sign of her. This whole place was a ghost town, which matched up very well what he was feeling inside his soul. What an utter failure of an expedition. Perhaps the universe really did mean for him to be alone.

It was this forlorn attitude, this sense of defeat, that lead to disaster. His reflexes and endurance were all shot thanks to the two weeks he’d spent wandering alone in the derelict ship. He was wandering around in a fog; the the tell-tale groaning of an imminent cave-in reached his ears but he didn’t react. The next thing he knew the ground was shifting beneath his feet and he was falling; there was a loud crack and a searing pain shot out from the right side of his chest, sharp and overwhelming enough to blank out all thought for a good couple of moments. When he came back around with an agonized gasp, the alien struggled to lift his head and realized that he’d fallen on a broken support beam and had been impaled clean through. Giving a gurgling hiss, he forced himself to liquidize into a puddle, dripping down off of the newest pile of jagged wreckage and reforming well clear of it.

His problems, however, were not over. As he laid on the floor bleeding and gasping, trying to draw breath, he felt pressure building in his chest with each inhale. He felt like he couldn’t fill the lung on the side where he’d been impaled. Algidus realized that air from the environment was getting trapped inside his pleural cavity with each inhale; his gills were primarily responsible for his respiration so he wasn’t struggling to breathe, but he knew there could be other complications if he didn’t see to this serious of an injury—potentially deadly ones if the pressure continued to build and prevented blood flow back into the atrium of one of his hearts. Acting quickly, he shifted one of his fingers into a long, hollow needle and stabbed himself right between his ribs at a perpendicular angle to decompress his chest. In the dead quiet of the ship he heard a hiss of air and felt the pressure ease up; the alien allowed the ice to reform over his chest to keep further air out, then simply resigned himself to lying on the ground, shaking and groaning out the worst of his pain for some time.

At some point he forced himself back to his feet to keep wandering, and at some point he managed to finally find his way back out, though at this point he was so exhausted and weak that he couldn’t remember the specifics. A flood of natural light blinded him as he emerged bleeding from the wreckage and the alien staggered as far as he could. Ultimately he collapsed in the middle of the base camp that had been established near the Tranquility; dehydrated, malnourished, and injured, lacking any hope of seeing his friend again, he was utterly at the mercy of anyone who might come across him.

    Tree House - CLOSED to its residents

Given everything that Algidus had endured, it probably was not surprising that he had passed into unconsciousness at some point after he’d collapsed in camp… but when he eventually came back around he still started awake, regardless. That was a mistake; he was still banged up and he still had that injury inside his chest… snarling, he doubled over and clasped a hand over his broad pectoral, trying not to break down into coughing. When the worst of the pain subsided he cracked one eye open, then the other, and peered around the unfamiliar room that he’d woken up in.

Where was he..? He didn’t recognize this place at all, and that was unsettling. Worse, he had no idea who it was that had taken him here or what their plans for him might be… but he got the feeling he would get answers soon, one way or another. He heard footsteps approaching—either someone had heard him wake up or had decided to come in and check in on him. The dark icy alien tried to force himself to remain upright so that he wouldn’t give away just how weak he was still feeling; his body was tense and he was going to be glaring full-force at whoever came through that door, in typical Algidus fashion. It had the downside of making it seem like his personality was still intact, even though these past two weeks had left him feeling more out of sorts that ever…
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Tree house!

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Firo's footsteps stopped just inside the room as he took a peek at the guy, though he quickly saw that his distance--he hadn't wanted to get too close and wake the guy up--was for nothing. He hadn't expected to see him awake, and he hadn't expected to see that friendly face either. But that was all a good sign, right?

He leaned against the wall, arms folded. The guy didn't look happy at all, no sir, but Firo was relatively confident that he wasn't going to jump up and try to punch him or something either. Not in that condition.

"Looks like Sleepin' Beauty's up, huh? How do you feel?"
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Of course, Algidus had to have been carried in here somehow. The explanation for that is coming up from the lower door of the tree house right now, swinging open the entrance and poking her head out from the hole in the ground.

"Oh, good. Perfect timing." Rey throws an arm up over the floor and climbs inside, closing the door behind her. She's carrying what appears to be a first aid kit, packed with some tools she'd snagged from the ship's easily accessible medbay area.

With the ice alien now awake and having caught snatches of his outburst at her housemate, Rey wants to make clear that now would be a terrible time for Algidus to start losing his shit.

"Try not to move or yell too much. You don't want an ulcer, or an even more broken lung."
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Rey comes in just in time; Firo doesn't appreciate being spoken to like that, but her presence reminds him to behave.

He settles for scoffing, "Remember who's helpin' you, jackass." Not that Firo personally is doing much helping right now.

A brief pause as he exhales, taking some of the tension out of his voice. "So. I'm guessin' your trip didn't go too well." It's more of a flat statement than gloating. For all their bickering, Firo doesn't hate this guy or want to see him injured like this.
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Rey huffs. "No, not really. Don't know about Firo, but personally just didn't want to see you walking around like that. You're seriously fucked up."

Not that she's judging him for it. Hell, if it had been Firo or Muscovy, she probably would've done the same thing. Which makes her grateful to think that it isn't one of them...

While she may act harshly about it, she feels for Algidus. Losing someone sucks.
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"You know, lecturin' you might be kinda fun. But not if I have to hear you yell and hurt yourself more."

It's just his way of saying that he kind of cares. Maybe this is the start of a beautiful friendship!

"Rey's the expert here, but I'm thinkin' you're gonna be down for the count for at least a couple days."
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A brow lifts at Algidus' remarks. No 'value', he says?


"Don't be an idiot. Not doing this because we expect anything in return."

Sure, there are parts of Rey who would've left the alien to die. But there were also parts of her that would save a wounded soldier from bleeding out, or a child from burning to death. None of those people held any value to her, either. Yet she saved them anyway.

"Honestly, never did need a reason to help someone." Perhaps it was an internal act of defiance against the type of person she was supposed to be -- a destroyer, not a savior.

But fuck that.

"So are you going to let us help you, or not?"
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Firo listens, rolling his eyes even as he's uncomfortably reminded of the similar thoughts he's had, especially when he was younger.

The look he casts at Rey is much different--slightly fond, at that--to hear her admit her past kindness. He files it away as evidence for the next time she tries to talk down on herself.

"And if you won't trust us unless we have a reason--" Firo has to admit, however grudgingly, that the logic does make sense on some level. "--just think about how annoying it'd be for us if we had to clean up your corpse."
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True enough, Firo has a point -- bodies don't just conveniently disappear around here.

But as Algidus surrenders to the inevitable (Rey probably would have knocked him out before he would have the chance to argue. In his state, it wouldn't have been so difficult), she doesn't waste time. Better sooner than wait for him to change his mind.

With the first aid kit in hand, she kneels down beside the ice alien and pries open the box. She even shrugs off his comment, never really expecting a thanks or much of anything if she could help it.

As she rummages for what she needs, she advises, "This is going to hurt like hell. You may want some anesthetic to help reduce the pain." Because trying to fix an important organ such as a lung isn't by any means a simple and easy task.
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At this point angry yelling can be heard briefly from another room, and then a thump of something hitting the ground, followed by a sound like the chiming of silver bells and the patter of feet approaching quickly - too light and quick for that of an adult.

A moment later, Muscovy appears in the door, smiling, and carrying a metallic box half his size. It used to read "potatoes", but the words are crossed out and it now reads "no food". It's the box that he keeps his medical supplies in. "Pityo and Sketto thought that they could build a house with it if they hid it well. I will tell them later that that is very silly because they wouldn't be able to breathe if someone shut the lid." And because he won't be able to find his supplies when they are needed.
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In Firo's opinion, a little pain may be just what the doctor ordered--maybe that will get this guy to be grateful that he's getting help. But then he feels guilty for that very thought, a feeling that's pretty damn uncomfortable to him. Muscovy's interruption is welcome for that.

Firo looks the impressive box over. "You gonna help too?"

He finally shifts himself from his perch to move in closer. If Algidus gets hostile, he wants to be ready to cover Muscovy and/or toss him out of the way of any danger.
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When it comes to Firo and Muscovy, Rey is willing to go full rabid in order to protect the ones she cares about. Luckily for everyone involved, Algidus doesn't decide to pitch a fit, and makes this as easy on himself as it is for the others.

Although Rey is no doctor, she's meticulous in her first aid skills. She knows enough to be able to patch up a wounded civvy or soldier, and to recognize the problems wrong with Algidus' current state and how to fix them. He really did mess himself up going into the ship on his own. She considers for a moment to cauterize the still bleeding wounds while he's momentarily unconscious, but reconsiders the effects on the ice alien, both physically and emotionally, and decides otherwise. Muscovy proves to be of some help as well, to which she is thankful.

Rather than lecturing the alien, Rey remains silent the whole time. More focused on trying to get the work done as soon as possible rather than bombarding him with a string of 'I told you so's. The only times she speaks are when she needs to give brief instructions, either for Algidus or the helping Muscovy.

Then her work is done. Rising to her feet, she reaches for a cloth to wipe the alien's blood from her hands and then goes to close the first aid kit. That's when Algidus regains consciousness.

"Yes, we're done here. Would suggest you don't move for a while, though. At least try and get a night's rest before you decide to go anywhere."

Thanks for being a good patient, bro.
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Muscovy has done what he could, held something there, fetched something here, prepared something after that to hand it to Rey - all motions that he used to go through regularly as an assistant at the medbay when the still was still in the skies. He falls into the motions easily, and uses the idle times to study the alien curiously. He might have seen him from the distance before (some people draw the eye more than others, and he has always liked watching people) but looking at the colour... he now wonders if this is the ice alien that was described to him. Sure, he's not white, but blue already looks pretty cold... he'll have to ask Newt about that later.

When Rey was done with the internal fixes, he continued with what he had learned and trained on and used the magic that he had been taught to set into motion and speed up the natural healing processes of those parts of Algidius body, along with stemming possible inflammation or infections. He returned to assist Rey after that, though a bit more slowly because magic is exhausting, and when she sits back with some wounds still bleeding, tilts his head at her.

When she obviously starts to pack up, and her conversation with Algidius confirms that she is not going to continue her treatment, he pushes himself off the ground where he was sitting and resting.

"He should not remain bleeding, yes?" At least it seems to be a bad idea to him, not only because of the continued blood loss (the bandaging will hopefully deal with that) but also because of the risk of inflammation.
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Firo removed himself from the medical action, knowing that all he'd really be able to do was get in the way. He's had little experience with that kind of thing save for being patched up by Sena when he was younger, and Algidus definitely needs more than that.

So he slips out to make himself useful. There's nothing too fancy the jungle can offer in the way of food, but he makes do. When he emerges at the tail end of the operation, he's carrying a few chunks of meat wrapped in one of the edible plants.

He imagines that he would think that Muscovy has a good point if Firo had any idea about medicine. He shrugs and holds out a sandwich to each attendee, including Algidus. "Just don't let anybody bleed on the food, okay?"

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"The bandages will stop the bleeding," she assures Muscovy. "He'll be fine."

But the magic has proven to be of some use. She had given the boy the time he needed to recover when he had to, leaving her alone to her handiwork. In the end, they did the best they could within their abilities. It's more than what Algidus asked for, at least.

When Firo comes around in the end, she manages a fleeting smile as she takes the sandwich he had made, before looking back to Algidus. Admittedly, she's a little surprised when she finds the sandwich suddenly vanish.

"...Was wondering how you managed to that." In regards to how Algidus eats food without a mouth, that is. She can tell that he's still famished, though, and hands her sandwich over for the alien. "Here, take this, too. Don't personally need to eat that much, anyway." She's mostly just become fond of her sense of taste, after several decades of being deprived of it.
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He'll accept the sandwich from Firo and start to wolf it down immediately. There are only two ways which he feels after healing: Hungry or too exhausted to even eat. Right now he's just in the hungry stage. So while he listens to Rey's reply and watches Algidius's... not really eating with some confusion and fascination, he doesn't say much.

If Rey says that the bleeding will stop that way, it is that way. She's the authority figure here, and the one who is responsible for Algidius not dropping dead on them. Or dropping dead, that happens.

"How do you do that?" He'll try to stay away from that hand if Algidius can eat things with it, no matter how much Newt tells him that he is a nice alien, because what if he accidentally eats what's in it? No, he'll never shake his hand now. But at the same time it's also simply fascinating.
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He eats through his hand. It looks somewhat different, but what're the odds that some guy from another planet would eat in a similar way to the immortals? Firo's uneasy already.

He rips his in half and offers one half to Rey. Come on, bro, he knows how much you love food.

He nods along with Muscovy's query; he's curious too. "Can you do it with either hand..?"
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i saw nothing

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Rather than focusing on peeving the alien further, Rey waits until Algidus accepts her offer before she sighs and takes the other half of Firo's sandwich. She does indeed love her food.

"Pardon us 'humans' for being curious." She takes apart the sandwich pops a piece into her mouth. "How are you feeling now, anyway?" Rey asks, talking with her mouth full.

Sorry, her manners are the bottom of the barrel of poor.
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"It matters if it means that you don't have to use the outhouse." That would make taking care of him a lot simpler. Sure, Rey can handle the guy, but it'd still better for the wounds because they might be aggravated if he stumbles around with support or otherwise moves just because he needs to use the loo. "Because we have a wooden floor." That would be pretty ruined if used for a loo. It's better to not drop anything at all on it. Not even tiny pieces of food waste. Like the ship, but harder to clean up.

" you need to eat?" It's a legit question. There's at least one person in the room who doesn't necessarily need to to survive (to his knowledge, he doesn't know that he can die in this universe), and he isn't sure about Rey.
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Firo brings his remaining sandwich to his face to cover up his amused grin at the situation. If Algidus can get offended, then he's probably feeling better, right?

He, at least, has the decency to swallow before speaking again. "If you don't, do you still get hungry?"

Ennis found out firsthand that such is the situation for immortals. Firo tells himself that it's only because of knowing how she suffered that he cares to ask it now. If Algidus hungered without telling them, Firo'd hate to do to him what Szilard did to his homunculi.
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The sandwich is already gone and devoured by the time Algidus has his little outburst. She just sighs, waving her now-empty hand dismissively. "Relax. No one's denying that you're a living, breathing thing here."

Firo and Muscovy were just curious for their own reasons, or so she figures. In Firo's case, she knows why, but keeps her mouth shut as she straightens herself onto her feet.

"Would suggest that you get some rest, or at least take it easy for a few days. None of that tearing shit up or going off into dangerous places by yourself anytime soon. Unless you want to get killed, that is." Algidus strikes her as someone who's currently in emotional turmoil, not suicidal.
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Muscovy nods very seriously at Algidius answer. "If you weren't living and breathing, you wouldn't be so soft inside." Well, cake is soft inside too, but that's something different.

He licks his hands clean and then just flops down, curling up where he is. He's pretty tired now, exhausted and with a full belly, so sleep sounds good. And his bed feels awfully far away right now.
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Firo's somewhat disappointed to hear the question taken like that, but this is one of the few subjects he sees as sensitive enough not to make a big deal out of the reaction. "Like they said, that's not why anyone's askin'." Of course he's alive. He talks, doesn't he? That's proof enough for Firo.

He smiles over at Muscovy and reaches to ruffle his hair. Seeing the little guy looking ready for a nap reminds him of something, and he turns to Algidus again. "You comfortable enough like this?"
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Rey huffs, both at Muscovy as well as Algidus' reaction. "Just shut up, all right. He didn't mean it like that."

Most people would probably think twice before telling a giant ice alien in your house to shut up, but Rey lives on the edge. And Algidus looks too fucked up to do much about it.

She scoops Muscovy up off the ground into her arms, not wanting him to be sleeping anywhere near this room right now, especially after that outburst.

"Come on, kid," she tells Muscovy as she's carrying him towards the bedroom, though more stockpiled with pillows and blankets than an actual bed.
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Muscovy almost jumps when Algidus hisses at him, sitting back up straight and looking at him with wide eyes. He doesn't know what caused this outbreak, and even after the last word has rung out cannot tell how stating that the alien is soft on the inside (which Muscovy can state as a fact now, having seen a bit of it) is connected to reprimanding him or passing judgement or anything like that. But then, sometimes people get angry for reasons that he cannot understand and will thus call silly, or even without a reason at all that he can figure out. Luckily, Algidus isn't strong enough for anything to follow from that right now, which Muscovy decides after a moment of staring at the alien with wide eyes and relaxes just a fraction.

Rey comes at a good time for him to cling to her, reassure himself that he has solid back-up if anything bad was to ever happen, and also to carry him away. He wraps his arms around her neck to support her carrying him a bit, but his eyes don't leave Algidus, just to make sure that he doesn't get up after all while he's still this angry.

He'll keep clinging when Rey tries to put him down.
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If Rey's taking defense and ferrying Muscovy away, Firo decides to go offense. After one look back at them to make sure they look under control, he rises to lean down right next to Algidus.

Unusually for Firo, his voice is flat and at a reasonable volume. It's hardly emotionless, though--he's not pleased. "Don't talk to him like that. If you wanna keep from gettin' thrown outta here, you'll apologize to him as soon as he's ready for it."

Sensitive? Maybe, but they can't take stuff lightly when it comes to their family, in Firo's opinion. If that means stepping on someone else's feelings, so be it.
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While Firo deals with Algidus, Rey carries Muscovy into the bedroom. She slides the door shut behind her for the moment so it's just her and the boy. When she goes to place him down over the pile of blankets and pillows, she finds that he still doesn't let go.

"It's okay," she assures him, kneeling towards the ground with Muscovy still in her arms. Her monotone is gone, her tones more soft-spoken than the front she usually puts up when around people. "You should probably stay in here for a while. Get some rest."
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"You need to sleep too." On the one hand he'd like her to stay close by, but on the other hand the kind of medical work that she did was probably exhausting mentally, and before that she lugged Algidus around. She should rest.
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In the Martillo Family (and pretty much anywhere people know him), Firo's always had a reputation as the guy who'll happily throw himself headlong into a scrap. But right now he'd rather be with his family than in this fight.

Well. No rest for the wicked. He leans right into Algidus's face, heedless of anything like personal space. "I don't know what anybody did to you before and I don't give a shit. It's in the past, so grow up and get over it."

Injustice doesn't tend to sit well with Firo, despite his criminal streak a mile wide. But he has no idea what's gone on with Algidus to condemn or condone it, and he figures it's none of his business anyway. He doesn't care to make it his business now, not after seeing Muscovy's face after Algidus yelled at him.

"Call it a threat if you want. It's a promise too. If you ever come after my family, I'll open you right back up. You think you deserve respect from him after that? He helped you, dumbass, and you turned around and did that to him. By all rights, he should get that medical shit back in here and turn you inside out."
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Even if it were an option, Rey wouldn't be able to rest knowing that Firo was on his own in the other room, dealing with an angry (despite injured) ice alien.

"Don't worry. Will be close by." She places a hand over Muscovy's head, glancing over to the door to hear the conversation beyond it. The walls here are thin, and don't block out sound so well. Which was sort of the point when she had built this place.

She's on high alert now. Too much so that she won't be able to sleep no matter how exhausted she is.

More than anything, she is ready to burst through the door in case Algidus tries to harm her friend.
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Good point. Even if Firo is strong (and Muscovy is sure of that) and Algidus is currently not in a good shape, it is always better to have more visual power assembled because in Muscovy's experience and/or opinion (well, in the way in which he interprets his experience) that is the best way to stifle tension in an encounter.

He'll let go and settle back. Looking as he does, he won't be able to help them with this, and he's really tired, yawning even as he lets go of her.

"It would be very silly to hurt him after we just healed him."
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Firo wants to believe that the guy he once mistook for an old friend wouldn't want to hurt the kid. But Firo didn't live this long--and he has lived pretty long by the standards of a lonely gutter child--by being optimistic or trusting. Quite the opposite.

When Algidus leans forward, Firo'll press his skull right back. "Oh, look at the tough guy." In that moment, he kind of does want to go and get this thing started. Why not? Well, there are a few reasons why, Firo realizes grudginly.

He doesn't budge, but his chuckle tapers off into a scowl. "You think I'm gonna ruin what Muscovy and Rey just finished if I don't have to?" There's actual disbelief and contempt in his voice, because that isn't just a joke or an excuse. He doesn't give a shit about this rather rude houseguest, but he already learned his lesson years ago about breaking something his friends worked hard to make. Maybe Isaac and Miria's dominoes were hardly as important, but it means the same to Firo. He's not going to become that guy who tears apart what his friends make.

"You're still spoilin' for a fight, come back and find me when you're healed. Just me."
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"Yes, well. Not everyone is graced with a sense of logic," she mutters as she stands up. If not for the fact that Firo's in the next room dealing with Algidus, she would be far more frazzled than she actually is and actually take up Muscovy on his advice.

Still listening in on the conversation, she moves towards the door and opens it a little. Just enough to poke her head out and see that their argument has somewhat, with relief, wound down.

It'd just suck having to fix everything after having to kick the alien out for being a rude house guest.
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Muscovy watches her as she does so, staying quiet to try and hear what they are saying. But since both Algidus and Firo are using inside voices, he can't quite understand - only hear that they are speaking, and that it might not sound friendly, but also not like they are about to kick each other in the head, which is good. He'd do what he can to fix Firo up no matter how tired he is, and he is sure that Rey would do the same, but still. He'd really rather not. And Algidus would just be very silly to get in a fight in the state that he is in.
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Firo scoffs. "I don't need you to point that out to me."

"Good. You're not gonna be alone with him, obviously." It's an assumption on Firo's part that Muscovy will allow him and/or Rey to be there, but he plans to insist on it no matter what. Just because Muscovy has more steel in him than many adults Firo's met doesn't mean that the kid should still be left to deal with this on his own.

Thus satisfied, he finally stands and goes to turn on his heel toward the door. He just wants to check on the others now. He blinks when he sees Rey peeking out--is he going to be in trouble?