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If we're lost, don't turn around.

CHARACTERS: Algidus ([personal profile] thecoldshoulder) and anyone.
LOCATION: The base camp outside the Tranquility.
WARNINGS: Description of injuries.
SUMMARY: Algidus makes one last-ditch effort to find AJ. Things go horribly as always.
NOTES: This is a backdated log; he was lost inside the ship from the 10th to the 25th of December.

    Post Ship Exploration - OPEN

You need to think before you run in there.

Well, Algidus was thinking as he waltzed brazenly up to the looming wreck of the Tranquility… but it wasn’t about all of the things that he probably should have been. He wasn’t trying to recruit the help of more experienced people, people that might have actually been familiar with the ship’s layout or systems, nor was he planning contingencies just in case something went wrong while he was inside. He wasn’t thinking of letting anyone know where he was going, nor did he even think to bring his mirror shard or network device in case he needed to attempt to call for help. He simply grabbed up some supplies and then headed on his way, determined to locate the other clone before he could lose any more time. For all that the dark icy creature could focus on was AJ, about how it had been too long since he’d seen her, about how she could be injured or lost inside…

… He wasn’t thinking about how easy it would be for those exact same things to happen to himself as made his way inside.

Truly, the inside of the Tranquility was labyrinthine. Even before the wreck, it would have taken Algidus a decent span of time to orient himself, to learn how to navigate it. Now that any navigation systems were offline and every other hallway seemed to end in wreckage, it was inevitable that he was going to get lost given that the only time he had spent inside were the few minutes he had spent in post-jump chaos scrambling to escape. He didn’t even realize it at first; he just kept pushing further and further into the wreckage, using his myriad of unique abilities to aid in his progress. His impressive strength allowed him to clear blockages, and any messes that proved immovable he could simply liquidize and melt through. The sheer dark inside was ominous and unsettling, but he his vision adapted quickly to the lack of light, allowing him to see. He felt sure that he’d finally figured it out, and he allowed himself the smallest glimmer of hope that it would not be long now before he found her…

He wasn’t sure how that little sliver of optimism slipped through, but as Algidus lost days to his exploration throughout the maze of the Tranquility's interior, it steadily wavered. As he entered his second week searching high and low inside, hunger and exhaustion began to settle in. The alien couldn’t believe it; he hadn’t wanted to leave this place without AJ, but even worse, he hadn’t even found a single sign of her. This whole place was a ghost town, which matched up very well what he was feeling inside his soul. What an utter failure of an expedition. Perhaps the universe really did mean for him to be alone.

It was this forlorn attitude, this sense of defeat, that lead to disaster. His reflexes and endurance were all shot thanks to the two weeks he’d spent wandering alone in the derelict ship. He was wandering around in a fog; the the tell-tale groaning of an imminent cave-in reached his ears but he didn’t react. The next thing he knew the ground was shifting beneath his feet and he was falling; there was a loud crack and a searing pain shot out from the right side of his chest, sharp and overwhelming enough to blank out all thought for a good couple of moments. When he came back around with an agonized gasp, the alien struggled to lift his head and realized that he’d fallen on a broken support beam and had been impaled clean through. Giving a gurgling hiss, he forced himself to liquidize into a puddle, dripping down off of the newest pile of jagged wreckage and reforming well clear of it.

His problems, however, were not over. As he laid on the floor bleeding and gasping, trying to draw breath, he felt pressure building in his chest with each inhale. He felt like he couldn’t fill the lung on the side where he’d been impaled. Algidus realized that air from the environment was getting trapped inside his pleural cavity with each inhale; his gills were primarily responsible for his respiration so he wasn’t struggling to breathe, but he knew there could be other complications if he didn’t see to this serious of an injury—potentially deadly ones if the pressure continued to build and prevented blood flow back into the atrium of one of his hearts. Acting quickly, he shifted one of his fingers into a long, hollow needle and stabbed himself right between his ribs at a perpendicular angle to decompress his chest. In the dead quiet of the ship he heard a hiss of air and felt the pressure ease up; the alien allowed the ice to reform over his chest to keep further air out, then simply resigned himself to lying on the ground, shaking and groaning out the worst of his pain for some time.

At some point he forced himself back to his feet to keep wandering, and at some point he managed to finally find his way back out, though at this point he was so exhausted and weak that he couldn’t remember the specifics. A flood of natural light blinded him as he emerged bleeding from the wreckage and the alien staggered as far as he could. Ultimately he collapsed in the middle of the base camp that had been established near the Tranquility; dehydrated, malnourished, and injured, lacking any hope of seeing his friend again, he was utterly at the mercy of anyone who might come across him.

    Tree House - CLOSED to its residents

Given everything that Algidus had endured, it probably was not surprising that he had passed into unconsciousness at some point after he’d collapsed in camp… but when he eventually came back around he still started awake, regardless. That was a mistake; he was still banged up and he still had that injury inside his chest… snarling, he doubled over and clasped a hand over his broad pectoral, trying not to break down into coughing. When the worst of the pain subsided he cracked one eye open, then the other, and peered around the unfamiliar room that he’d woken up in.

Where was he..? He didn’t recognize this place at all, and that was unsettling. Worse, he had no idea who it was that had taken him here or what their plans for him might be… but he got the feeling he would get answers soon, one way or another. He heard footsteps approaching—either someone had heard him wake up or had decided to come in and check in on him. The dark icy alien tried to force himself to remain upright so that he wouldn’t give away just how weak he was still feeling; his body was tense and he was going to be glaring full-force at whoever came through that door, in typical Algidus fashion. It had the downside of making it seem like his personality was still intact, even though these past two weeks had left him feeling more out of sorts that ever…

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