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dated to shortly before the exploration mission

CHARACTERS: Muscovy & Rey
LOCATION: Some distance out of the camp, in the tree that Rey, Firo and Muscovy's treehouse is in
SUMMARY: While building a house for the fairies

While Muscovy didn't mind the jingling of the fairies' voices - he'd gotten used to that by now - he was absolutely on board with making them move out, as long as they got a separate place to stay that was close by so that they wouldn't actually leave, or that he would leave them. He'd promised them that they would never leave one another, after all, and he's very keen on keeping that promise.

But when the fairies stole his medical box and attempted to build a house in it, he had to admit that it would be better for them to have a place of their own. Because they could have killed themselves if someone put a lid on the box. He's been told that those boxes are like space if someone is inside them too long, which is why he shouldn't climb into the larger ones (back while they were still on the ship) so he'd rather not have the fairies go in there because he's also been told that people die in space.

Right now, it is him and Rey sitting in the branches of the tree a bit away from the main house, the fairies only sometimes coming over to check out what they're doing there, working on a much smaller house with only one room for them.

"We should put something soft inside so they can build a nest."

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