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CHARACTERS: Ensemble production!
LOCATION: Basecamp.
WARNINGS: Discussion of abduction.
SUMMARY: In the early morning hours, the passengers and crew of the Tranquility regain some of the souls lost to them.
NOTES: First event log for the January modplot!

J A N U A R Y   1 8
The first sign of activity are the bright, white lights that banish the very, very early morning gloom towards the eastern-most side of the camp. A huddle of ten silhouettes have emerged from the treeline, human-shaped and ordinary. Some are empty handed, and others are laden with bundles.

(To the perception of those returning, camp has changed. There are walls in the process of being built. A new aura of unfriendliness. It's hard to see past the lights shining into their eyes, exposing them to scrutiny. The gifts of fur pelts, fruit, and primitive weaponry are distributed among them, with the idea of gift printed firmly in their minds.)

There is little in the way of delay in permitting them entry. They are shown within the boundaries of basecamp, and as sunrise only just begins to tinge the sky, a buzz of activity is already humming through camp. Although details of their ordeal will take time to circulate, the returning passengers and crewmembers will have with them a message, and that is, the outlying camp would like to invite five of them, corresponding with a set of necklaces amongst the gifts, to a meeting at sundown at a nearby camp, north of basecamp. There is much to talk about.
  • More information can be found in the January modplot post. Any questions and queries can also be directed there.
  • The second event post, First Contact: Diplomacy, will be up tomorrow and available to volunteers still to be selected. Until then, please feel free to OOC plot and ICly discuss approach.

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