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[closed] underneath the skin

CHARACTERS: Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, "Svenja Brandt," others TBD
LOCATION: Tony's treehouse, camp, various
WARNINGS: N/A, will update if needed
SUMMARY: A catch-all for some pre-planned threads.
NOTES: pre-modplot

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[ his eyes briefly widen, almost dropping the stupid mirror thing he'd been communicating with the other man through. it only takes him a second of scrambling however before bucky is being handed a canister. ] Here. But you should let me... [ take a look. his expression goes from wide surprise to wide concern just as quick, processing the noise as indeed something more serious than a lubrication problem. ]
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[ tony tries to keep his own movements as smooth and even as possible, telegraphing them so bucky won't have cause to think of him as a threat. ] Of course. Come here... Let's. Sit. [ he gestures to the corner where there are a few makeshift stools waiting to be crafted into something a bit more chair like. they'll hold weight, however. ]

I'll just fix it. We can talk mods later. [ he offers a gentle smile, gesturing for bucky to sit first. ]
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[ he smiles, though it's wan. tony nods though as bucky removes his shirt he's wishing instantly he could take it back. this is like a horror show. he can't actually expect him to fix this the way it is, can he? he hasn't exactly taken a hippocratic oath by any means, but his own person morals do prevent him from harm, despite recent oversights in his history. ]

Let's just, take a look here. [ he swallows, hands reaching out for the arm. it truly is amazing, at least the way it's connected. everything else seems painful and unnecessary to tony, and he knows a thing or two about prosthetics. his fingers skate along the metal surface, one hand holding the joint steady while the other feels for the socket. he meets bucky's eyes carefully, knowing he has to give him some sort of preamble. ] This might take a little while. [ and more materials than oil, though thankfully he thinks he has enough scrap in the treehouse to suffice. ]
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...Yeah. [ he didn't think bucky was going to say anything else, and now he's distracted. the metal has been peeled back so he can peer into the joint and he's meticulously shifting things until they click (or don't.) it's gratifying to get things done the old-fashioned way, even if he misses his workshop. ] They're more... efficient than this, no offense. Do you know what this material is?
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( this motherfucker.

he's saved her the time of having to follow him about, at least; plausible deniability on her lingering suspicion about the level of conviction with which he'd been so sure he recognised. she has demonstrated no visible interest in him since then; conscious to remain a little skittish, early on, for how he'd startled her after that first jump. to relax, over the course of weeks. it is not much more than coincidence - it could be coincidence, she doesn't know him to be sure that it isn't - and her reactions could be natural.

but it isn't.

and they aren't. )

Yes, ( she says, after a slight pause, glancing up from what she's doing. methodically cleaning her usual outfit of sports bra and leggings; there is blood. ) Emergency medicine - surgery.
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( in the context of washing blood from her clothes and routinely carrying a crossbow, benevenuta weighs how much she can and cannot argue with that assessment. she doesn't think he's seen her do any such damn thing, but she's upright, so she can clearly handle herself to some degree.

it's all a balancing act. always. )

I have good aim, ( she settles on, modest, reserved. ) It is not so unusual, I think. My father teach me.

( her mother. actually. )