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CHARACTERS: Clarke Griffin, Eleanor Lamb, Bail Organa, Fenris, Rey
LOCATION: Basecamp.
SUMMARY: A group of volunteers accept an offer to meet.
NOTES: Second event log for the January modplot!

J A N U A R Y   1 8
It's dark by the time the intrepid group of would-be diplomats reach the camp hidden out in the jungle, which makes it only more easily seen through the thick tree trunks. Cooking fires, fire pits, fire on torches staked into the ground all work to illuminate the clearing the strangers have claimed for themselves, splashing firelight up the sides of the three tent structures that have been erected.

Two large figures loom in the southernmost perimeter of their campsite, standing at an easy eight-foot tall and clad in armor that covers them head to toe, with exception to long tails that lash back and forth. Decoration in the form of paint makes cruder designs on streamlined, if battered, aged technology. One of them, with what looks to be a yellow, six-fingered hand-print on their armored chest, takes the lead in approach, quiet, bearing a long spear of simple, efficient design. There is no real way to tell with they're looking directly at anyone, save for the subtle shifts of head movement, but in a few moments, they gesture towards their partner, with a sharp, insectile clicking sound slightly muffled behind their visor.

Five necklaces for five representatives, all accounted for.
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Bail enters the camp, noting his surroundings. Trying to guess what any of what he sees means about their culture. So far, there's clearly a mixture of technology levels. That implies quite a bit of history, or possibly outside trading.

But this is what he does. Not generally first contact, but finding peaceful solutions among different cultures. He is, to his core, a diplomat. And that makes the first question obvious. "Can you understand us?"

Hopefully there's a plan in place on that front. Or this will be... a considerable challenge.
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Rey has been silent the whole trek through the jungle, more attentive towards their surroundings than any effort at conversation. If this turns out to be a trap or an ambush (or both), she would rather be ready for it.

So far there have been no attempts made on their lives, and what few people have disappeared since their coming here have returned relatively unharmed. However, for all they know these people could have the others who are missing, thus Rey remains guarded before making any judgments on their integrity.

The gifts within the shelter are almost enough to banish any notion of an attack. Unless they plan on using poison or disease to infect them, but the logic doesn't exactly add up, all things considered.

"Have a feeling that we're going to have a bit of a language barrier on our hands," Rey finally says, noting the sounds that their hosts were making under their helmets.
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Eleanor could guess why she'd been picked for this outing. Even finding the nicest clothing she she (a pretty blouse and a long skirt) she was still short of her age, and far too thin, and basically entirely non-threatening. Which was completely wrong, if it came down to actually having to fight their way out.

That, and she was genuinely interested in meeting these people.

But she hung to the back of the little group, her dark eyes studying everything they passed, and only spoke up after the others did. "They wouldn't have asked us here if they didn't have some way of talking to us, though. Or perhaps not talking. ...Communicating?"
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Clarke had immediately volunteered and not just because of Octavia's encouragement but it was because she felt a bit more familiar to her. Being placed in diplomatic situation like this was something that happened all too often back home with how the Grounders saw her as the leader of the Sky people.

She was one of the few people who had been taken to the other camp as well so with that bit of knowledge, she felt her presence was vital and she really did want to know more about these people, if they knew what happened to the others who were missing and more importantly if there was any sort of alliance they could form much like she had to do back home. Clarke didn't know the others who volunteered as well but she waited for a moment before joining the conversation. "I feel like it was more telepathically? At least that's how we learned about the gifts they wanted to bring with us and their intentions for taking us the few of us who disappeared"
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Fenris has been here long enough that telepathic isn't gibberish, but it might be better if it was. He looks sharply at Clarke--sharp in the speed and snappiness of his head swivel, not in expression. His face stays calm.

But he doesn't want anyone in his head. Not something he feels strongly enough about that he'll start a fight, when he knows they're here to avoid that, but it makes his shoulders stiffen and his bare feet jab into the ground a little more viciously while he walks.

"You feel or you know?" he says, voice deep and flat but as quiet as he can make it, and raises his watchful gaze to the figures in the trees above them.
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"I guess that's the answer to that," he says to Clarke.

It's almost like something he'd heard the Jedi describe. How they perceive things through the Force. Images and feelings, rather than words. A strange sort of communication, but certainly better than resorting to pantomime. And at least what they were saying is coming across, even if the responses required some interpretation. Their species is unfamiliar, but no stranger looking than anything he's seen before.

He spreads his hands. Hopefully mirroring the gesture is appropriate. At the very least, it indicates that he's unarmed. That was important to make clear. The nebula is a harder to interpret, if that's what it is. Something with stars, at least. "Are you asking about where we came from?"
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There's a brief reaction when Rey senses the telepathic connection between them, but it slowly dwindled when she finds that these creatures mean no harm. Or, at least, they don't right now.

Warily, she places her hands out, mimicking their posture along with Bail as a show of respect. It seems that there isn't as much of a language barrier as she would've thought.

After Bail receives his answer, Rey will have her own questions.
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Eleanor took a half-step back in surprise at that...idea? Thought? She wasn't even sure what to call it as it flared into her head. She didn't feel threatened, exactly...but she wasn't fond the idea (heh) of someone being able to just...push into her mind like that.

Still. No one else seemed to be reacting that way, and Bail had already begun speaking, so the teen forced herself not to say anything, just looking around at the other people gathered near them.
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Clarke wasn't really sure how else to refer to this other than telepathy really but when the creatures start communicating, it's familiar if only because that's how they communicated their message across last time. She isn't as caught off guard by it this time around though it's still a strange feeling to have someone enter her thoughts like that. She can understand bits and pieces but the only thing she can piece together is that they know about the Tranquility through the echo of the vision. It's clear enough they are aware of the fact they came from there but Clarke doesn't say anything just yet until she's able to puzzle out the rest of it more clearly.
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"That's its name," Fenris offers—a statement, but a quiet one, not quite certain. He's speaking to the other Tranquility passengers, and he's watching warily after the red-streaked creature as it stalks away, but after a moment he looks back at the speaker and inclines his head to one side, curious. "Or title."
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