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CHARACTERS: Clarke Griffin, Eleanor Lamb, Bail Organa, Fenris, Rey
LOCATION: Basecamp.
SUMMARY: A group of volunteers accept an offer to meet.
NOTES: Second event log for the January modplot!

J A N U A R Y   1 8
It's dark by the time the intrepid group of would-be diplomats reach the camp hidden out in the jungle, which makes it only more easily seen through the thick tree trunks. Cooking fires, fire pits, fire on torches staked into the ground all work to illuminate the clearing the strangers have claimed for themselves, splashing firelight up the sides of the three tent structures that have been erected.

Two large figures loom in the southernmost perimeter of their campsite, standing at an easy eight-foot tall and clad in armor that covers them head to toe, with exception to long tails that lash back and forth. Decoration in the form of paint makes cruder designs on streamlined, if battered, aged technology. One of them, with what looks to be a yellow, six-fingered hand-print on their armored chest, takes the lead in approach, quiet, bearing a long spear of simple, efficient design. There is no real way to tell with they're looking directly at anyone, save for the subtle shifts of head movement, but in a few moments, they gesture towards their partner, with a sharp, insectile clicking sound slightly muffled behind their visor.

Five necklaces for five representatives, all accounted for.

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