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[closed] oh my god, look at that face --

CHARACTERS: Jack Benjamin & Johnny Storm
LOCATION: Base Camp.
SUMMARY: First meetings.
NOTES: n/a

[ Johnny's been testing the perimeters of his flight for as long as he'd arrived, pushing boundaries and enduring punishing physical consequences to figure out hard limits the difficult way (which is the only way Storms generally learn; his sister being the exception sometimes). It's been frustrating and arduous, but he's come to a few conclusions of his own, in between helping out the people at the camp and exploring on his own.

He's getting steadily used to flying solo, to not being able to depend on the others to back him up if trouble happened -- which is, as it turns out -- pretty often. But even so, this place affords an odd kind of freedom that he embraces; the fact that he doesn't need to fight to be taken seriously, that this is a brand new slate, so to speak.

The girls here, too, are pretty hot and there's plenty of eye candy to go around, so what's not to like, brand new weird world aside? He's taking a break from the grueling, backbreaking work (after awhile it just gets tedious, guys), and he'd taken to the skies for a breather. Even if he can't go far, it helps to be alone with his thoughts, surveying the landscape for anything that could be seen as a threat.

Right now, however, he's seeing the farthest thing from a threat, spotting a lone man with a bottle of something he's sorely missed since his sober days here. Johnny Storm likes a good party and brew like any other redblooded American playboy, and he swoops down just as swiftly, landing lightly on his feet before he recognizes that face. Handsome in an objective sort of way, stand-offish, snappy, with a sense of humor he sort of liked. Sort of. More importantly, he recognizes the label on the bottle. ]

Well, hey. [ He grins, stepping towards him as if men like him dropped from the sky every day (well, in his case, they do). ] You know what they say about great scotch -- always best not to drink it alone.

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