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CHARACTERS: Flint Deckard and Rey (additional threads pending)
SUMMARY: Rey finds a probably definitely innocent man snared in one of her traps.
NOTES: Backdated roughly to coincide with the timing of Etrepa Seven’s network post.

He’s human again when he jolts awake, water in his nose, ice in his veins. The jungle isn’t as loud, and the rain just smells like rain.

He’s also hanging upside down, knuckles not-quite dragging in the leaf litter over his head.

Muddy runoff runs down (up) his bare middle and around his neck, dripping quick off the scruff of his scalp. His pants are streaked dark with blood around the knee of his caught leg. There’s blood on his chest, blood on his feet, blood in his beard. He’s filthy all around, hide streaked light where the rain’s had time to rinse the mud and blood and grit away.

The sound he makes when he tries to twist to reach the rope around his ankle is muffled cruddy in his throat -- anguish garbled behind his teeth. He lets off immediately, long arms loose, eyes dizzy with pain.

Hard to say how long he’s been here, but it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere fast.

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It may be a few hours, but eventually Rey is doing her rounds. With quite a few traps laid throughout the jungle, it takes some time before she finally finds that one of them is slung upside down in one of them.

Having also been partial to checking the network, she's also aware that there is a thief in the jungle that escaped after being shot in the leg. But said thief was also described to be female, and this is...

Well, definitely not a woman.

Even so, she doesn't recognize her quarry that found himself so rudely strung up.

Without a word, she grabs the rope slung over the tree and looks up at the man she's caught, but she doesn't make to let him down just yet.

"Who are you?" she asks, first and foremost.
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Well, at least her catch speaks English, which lets her know that he's from the camp. She hopes.

"All right, Flint. Going to let you down slowly." She has enough of a mind not to just drop him like they do in the movies. Don't want to snap his neck or anything.

Just before he can fully descend to the ground, she pauses when she notices that gunshot wound in his leg.

She squints, stopping to hold onto the rope. "Where did you get that injury?"
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It occurs to Rey then that he isn't entirely responding out of insolence. He's hurt and probably can't talk through the torture.

Against her better judgment, she eases him back to the ground. That way he's not dangling, but still caught in the snare. One cagey move and he can just as easily be flung back into the air thanks to Rey's bulldozer strength.

She sighs. "Better, now?"
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Lady with a metal face... Which doesn't sound like a description Rey recognizes in her immediate circle. Her eyes narrow at the man into slits. "What for?"

Metal face or not, she doubts that someone would go around shooting a guy without her reasons. It doesn't always have to be a good one, though. On the other hand, expecting him to tell the truth may be asking for a bit much. Oh well. She tries.

After a moment of thoughtful silence, Rey eventually responds: "Don't know. A few hours, perhaps. Just been doing rounds, checking on the traps."

She managed to catch something more than just a small animal this time. Unfortunately, it's not the game she's been looking for.
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Technically, Rey believes him.

She sighs, taking out a knife and cutting the rope that she's holding, freeing Flint from the trap.

"If she's still coming after you, and it'd seem that someone like that would be, you should keep moving."

Granted, with a shot leg he probably won't get very far, but Rey isn't making that her problem.