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This certainly didn't stem from a plurk meme

CHARACTERS: Granny Weatherwax and Brigid TEnenbaum
WARNINGS: Unlikely
SUMMARY: Granny talks about her brand of medicine

Whatever else is going on, gardens don't tend themselves. While some people negotiate with the natives for the future of their encampment, Granny is seeing to it in her own way.

And right now, that means thinning the feverfew. "Ye ain't the only thing we need."

Talking to plants doesn't help, of course. But sometimes she just enjoys a good grumble. And feverfew will spread like gossip if you don't keep an eye on it.
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Tenenbaum meanwhile stays as far away from negotiations as possible. Which is why she's only now realized that Eleanor went and she's been trying to keep as busy as possible since then.

So finding nothing to do in medical she finds at least a familiar face in the new gardens.

"What sort of plant is that?"
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"I see."

She watches for a moment.

"If I may ask. Where did you learn such things?"
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She'd never payed attention to stories of magic and witchcraft. It wasn't real, it wasn't science so it wasn't interesting. But other worlds were, like it or not, now a fact of life and apparently there were magic and witches in some of them.

"What do you do as a witch?"
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"You do not use it often?"

That's odd. She only has plasmids to go off of, but they were powers and human nature tended to lead people to overusing powers.
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"That....sounds logical. Does this mean few people have magic then? I cannot see many people having this view."

After all, Rapture.