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Parental Consent for Baby Learning How To Shoot Stuff

CHARACTERS: Firo, Muscovy, maybe Rey later on
LOCATION: Somewhere near the treehouse
WARNINGS: Sparring with knives, talk of shooting things
SUMMARY: Sometimes you just need a "yes he's allowed to go on the field trip" type paper slips, only that this time it is about Mystique teaching you how to shoot a rifle and she wants to see the signature in person. So Muscovy brings one of his adults. This is why it is good to have personal adults.
Note: Backdated to shortly after this

They've been working on techniques that take the surroundings into account lately, specifically using the jungle ground and trees and all those things to one's advantage when doing the close range fighting that fighting with daggers is (well, as long as you don't throw them, but so far they haven't dabbled with that and Muscovy doesn't think that he has enough daggers to really risk losing ones unless it is absolutely necessary. And, more importantly, not enough of a chance to get replacement ones.

Either way, they have been rolling around and falling from low branches of trees and similar things for a while now, and when they take a break, Muscovy is rather muddy all over. For a moment, he only flops down after they stop, lying on his back and catching his breath, rather happy with the whole situation - it's an activity with his big bro, and togetherness is still one of his major factors for happiness, even if his body hurts a bit now (the endorphins from all the physical activity surely don't hurt, not that he knows of them).

But there is something that he needed to ask, and so he sits back up and looks around to locate Firo.

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