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[closed] Of ontological intersection

CHARACTERS: Ieza and Rey.
LOCATION: The jungle, Rey's abode.
WARNINGS: Philosobabble, wild conjecture.
SUMMARY: In which recent events and concurrent implications are discussed.
NOTES: None as of yet.

The momentous and disastrous alway have a way of shaking Ieza loose from her hovel, sending her tumbling through the jungle to consult with Rey, who bears the dubious distinction of being dubbed Docent. Generally these calamities have been rather personal, evidence of Ieza's somewhat impromptu but otherwise well-founded trust. This time, however, the issue is shared by all of them- just one in a growing number. And while former passengers on the Tranquility may be numbed to some greater or lesser degree, for a recent arrival like Ieza this little conniption is a long time coming.

Her nearly-nocturnal schedule means that the most polite time Ieza could call is probably dusk, when she tends to awake. But of course it is only at the crack of dawn, after a long time spent scowling with frustration at the stars, that Ieza arrives at Rey's figurative doorstep. She's in less of a state than the last time she made a twilit visit, not nervous or febrile, though she appears agitated, one hand worrying a flat stone between her fingers, the other holding a shuttered lantern.

"Friend?" She calls up into the tree-top abode. And again- "friend?" There's a touch of impatience and expectation to how she says it, a not entirely flattering tone, despite the warmth of the word itself.

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This time, Ieza does not find Rey hanging out in the dome as usual. Silence follows her initial calls.

Luckily, Rey doesn't sleep much, neither has she strayed far from her jungle home. A few moments will catch the woman emerging from the trees and darkness, with smears across her face, hands, and tanktop.

"You need something?" Rey asks. In her bloodied hands is a string of stripped and gutted meat, revealing the remains of at least twelve geckos. There is no hint of annoyance or emotion in her tones, as she approaches the other woman with the utmost calm despite the morbidity of her bearing.
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A lesser person would've taken offense to Ieza's revelation. Rey, on the other hand, greets with a deadpan disposition that remains more neutral than offended.

"You came all the way here to say that?" Rey asks, her brows raised. She's still gripping the string of dead things, more casual about it than anyone stumbling upon a woman stained in blood probably should be.
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Rey watches Ieza through her narrowed eyes, as the frustrated woman displays the stone. Her accusations and presumptions are not entirely welcome.

"And what makes you think that it's mine?"

There's something different about Rey's tone just then. Emotion slips through her monotone, as she both speaks and carries herself like a being that's actually rather annoyed rather than somewhere in between.

It doesn't help when she huffs. "Not all of the answers you're looking are with me. You want figure out a purpose -- or a praxis -- in this place, you need to figure it out for yourself. And if you think caring for my family is seeping myself in this world's materiality, you're wrong.

"It's not like I asked to be here any more than you."
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It becomes more and more obvious that Ieza is being ludicrous. And the more she talks and reveals the misconceptions she has made about who and what Rey is, the tighter her bloody grip on the string of dead things become.

"Have you actually tried finding the answer for yourself? Sometimes you have to look for your own reasons. Not all answers you're searching for can be found in someone else."

Let alone with Rey of all people, who spent most of her entire existence living and dying at someone else's volition. Because she is a vessel, born to die. But now?

Everything is different for her now. She can live, and choose how she lives. And right now she wants nothing more than to make sure that the people she cares about are safe. That's the purpose she has made for herself.

Her jaw tightens when she thinks about the ones she's accepted as kin. "I have family here, just as I have family back home. And it would seem that you have made enough assumptions about what I am, whatever it is."
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"Because it was the right thing to do."

It isn't often that Rey finds herself faced with some moral quandary, but she can't help but sympathize with the new arrivals. And if anyone should be more suited to help explain this place, it may as well be the last person standing who's seen things since the beginning.

"If you want some divine reason as to why you're really here, then sorry to disappoint, but there is none. There's no rhyme or reason or fate that brought you here, just shit luck. Some assholes decided to mess around with wormholes and now we're stuck here until some fluke sends us home or we die. That's it."

Bitter, much? Yes, she's quite bitter with many things during her tenure in this universe. She's angry that she's seen so many people come and go, and yet she's still here, and at the notion that, more than once, she has been used as someone's puppet to do things against her will. If at any point she were to be given the opportunity to snatch her own agency, to make her own choices, then so help her she will take it.

Her eyes narrow at Ieza's accusatory finger. She huffs. It's a good thing that the ones she deems as family aren't here to listen to this. "Of course they're not blood, but that doesn't make them any less like-family."

As someone who had spent most of her life with only a horrid concept of familial attachments, Rey is willing to hold onto the one good thing she has going right now.
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"You have and you're still mistaken. I'm not 'Perigrant' or 'Azad' or anything that's from your world."

She exhales through her nose, moving around Ieza towards a container at the bottom of the tree dome to dispense the meat in.

Afterwards, she returns her gaze to the other woman, not caring about the blood on her clothes, on her hands, or on her face. "I am a vessel." Born to die, that was her original purpose. But not anymore. "Was created by a combination of organic and synthetic materials. I am, as you say, 'many lived' because I had other bodies like this one so that, when one died, I could be transferred into another. I have lived this way for over a hundred years."

How much of this would register with Ieza's otherworldly notion that she's had of Rey all this time, she doesn't know. But it seems like it's high time to tell the truth.

"I'm not saying that at all. I helped you because... I don't know." She throws her bloodied hands up in the air. The complete opposite of indifferent. "It isn't that I don't care. It's just that you looked lost, like you needed help, and I enjoyed your company and I thought you were pre--"

Rey stops herself before she can finish that sentence.

Foot, meet mouth.

Instead, she focuses on Ieza's current health, which is... not looking so good at the moment. "Are you okay?"
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Even with Ieza's current understanding, she's still a little off the mark. Still, it's much closer than whatever impression she had of Rey before.

"Sort of. More like gengineered using both cloned and artificial components. It's what makes it possible to do this." She holds up a hand. For a few seconds, the skin around her fingers pale; red veins coat over them. There's a spark of flame, but nothing much beyond the heatwaves rising from her palms. And just like that, the spark and waves are gone.

Ieza has seen it before, though. Briefly, when Rey had been disposing the body of the crazed crew member.

Closing her fingers into a fist, her eyes steer back towards Ieza. "Was born to kill, to be a weapon. But something went wrong and this is who I am."

Whatever that may be.
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"I used to be a weapon. I was never meant to have a life outside of war," Rey says again. "That's all you need to understand."

The past tense in her words being an important thing of note here. As in, she isn't anymore, neither does she see herself as a mere tool to be used for violence, or as one man's crazed revenge. Right now, she doesn't know what she is, exactly, and that is just something she is still trying to learn for herself.

Whatever it is that Ieza thinks of her now, Rey doesn't care anymore. But there is some respite that comes with the truth. Some form of freedom that comes along with it. Suppose her brother had the right idea when it came to relieving the lies and misconceptions one has of you -- it is, in a way, a release.
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"Look, there are some things in life that have no purpose. When you've been here for years and seen not just a few, but hundreds of people come and go, you learn to just accept things as they are -- pointless."

She's seen things that have gone nowhere, from the lists on the network to the players in this game that have come and gone.

And yet, for some reason, somehow, Rey is still here. She has been, and in some ways feels as though she always will be.

"If you really are looking for some greater reason in all of this, you're going to find yourself sorely disappointed."

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"Then find what you want, and find it on your own terms. No one can tell you what you wish to make out of all of this but you."

It took Rey years to figure out what she really wanted. And even when faced with that same question that Ieza is throwing at her right now, her answer is definite.

"Yes, it does. I spent most of my whole lives not wanting anything to do with family, and even if it's a fleeting chance of happiness, isn't that worth taking?" She drops her arms to her sides. Throughout her time here, Rey has experienced her fair share of short-term bliss, from friends to relationships she has no name to put to. But this is different. And this is something she wishes to cling to.

She huffs. "What is it that you want?"
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"It does, regardless of what auras say and you believe."

Is Rey satisfied with the fact that, at any given moment, her happiness could easily be taken away? No. But she isn't going to spend every waking moment wallowing in this fact.

While she's uncomfortable with the subject of her place in this jungle society, Rey is more eager to turn this around.

"Insight and experience could mean a lot of things. On what, exactly, are you wanting insight and experience with?"
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"Trying to understand the multiverse isn't preposterous," Rey says flatly, rubbing her forehead. "All things considered, that's probably what the original crew was trying to do before they found out that the jumps took people in and out of their own worlds. If you want to know more about it, you may as well try and ask one of them."

Key word here is try, though. They don't seem to be particularly sociable types. Not to mention there is also the factor that they may know nothing at all. But seeing that they messed around with wormholes and the like, it's a fair assumption to make that they would have some answers to the questions Ieza is looking for.