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[closed] Of ontological intersection

CHARACTERS: Ieza and Rey.
LOCATION: The jungle, Rey's abode.
WARNINGS: Philosobabble, wild conjecture.
SUMMARY: In which recent events and concurrent implications are discussed.
NOTES: None as of yet.

The momentous and disastrous alway have a way of shaking Ieza loose from her hovel, sending her tumbling through the jungle to consult with Rey, who bears the dubious distinction of being dubbed Docent. Generally these calamities have been rather personal, evidence of Ieza's somewhat impromptu but otherwise well-founded trust. This time, however, the issue is shared by all of them- just one in a growing number. And while former passengers on the Tranquility may be numbed to some greater or lesser degree, for a recent arrival like Ieza this little conniption is a long time coming.

Her nearly-nocturnal schedule means that the most polite time Ieza could call is probably dusk, when she tends to awake. But of course it is only at the crack of dawn, after a long time spent scowling with frustration at the stars, that Ieza arrives at Rey's figurative doorstep. She's in less of a state than the last time she made a twilit visit, not nervous or febrile, though she appears agitated, one hand worrying a flat stone between her fingers, the other holding a shuttered lantern.

"Friend?" She calls up into the tree-top abode. And again- "friend?" There's a touch of impatience and expectation to how she says it, a not entirely flattering tone, despite the warmth of the word itself.

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