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CHARACTERS: Fenris + You
WARNINGS: Shirtless sweaty elf?
SUMMARY: The house for Fenris, the house built especially by Fenris, Fenris' house. That house?
NOTES: Don't look at the clock. I know.

Having a tree house is probably nothing to brag about anymore. Everyone has a tree house, except the people still stuck on the wet ground in tents. Everyone built them themselves. There is nothing special about this particular tree house, with its passable-but-unimpressive workmanship and its simple, small design, except that Fenris looks at it like he actually sort of likes it. The context that only one onlooker might possibly have is that Fenris is slow to do that. Care. It took him years to decide that Kirkwall was home, just in time for it to burn (again) and him to have to run (again). He claimed a mansion, there, that could have been something impressive if he'd let it, and slept under a hole in the ceiling while fungi grew up out of the floor.

But this--a shack on a platform, more or less, high enough to discourage predators but no higher--he's careful with. And interested in. At the moment he's cutting a window and sanding the edges with a rough stone, unnecessarily, purely for the sake of having a window; occasionally he pauses to turn away from it and look at the view he's creating for himself, the hulking ruin of the Tranquility in the distance. He's shirtless, and sweaty but unbothered by it in the midday heat, if that's any incentive to talk to him. If it isn't, he also has a two bartered bottles of alien-jungle moonshine on the platform beside his feet. And if that isn't enough, at one point he knocks one of the bottles off the platform with a thoughtless backwards step, and maybe it hits someone, and maybe he looks more annoyed than sorry about it.

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