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o18. closed.

CHARACTERS: Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr
LOCATION: Treehaus
WARNINGS: Extreme mutant, proceed with caution.
SUMMARY: The sleepless hours and the conversation that fills them.

Waking up in pain is not the cheeriest way to begin a moment, but it's a familiar one.

He isn't someone who often gets nightmares, anyway. Perhaps Charles Xavier is not wired that way, but sleep is often a black retreat save for when space demon-gods dictate otherwise, or more ordinary folkcreature dreamwalkers seeded in the forms of sassy Chinese men. Otherwise, dreams are unremembered fragments, memories made glossier and blurrier, and when he wakes up now, he doesn't wake up afraid.

But he does shudder, an immediate ache coming up like a wave from his still healing hand and the tingle of absent parts. He keeps it bandaged, still, the healing process arduous but faster than it would be otherwise if not for nano-technology. Chances are, he may keep it wrapped when it's done. This time, it's not so bad as to turn his stomach, but it has sunk a knife in the ability to fall back asleep.

Awake, he reaches, finding his comms device. Checks for messages, the dim blue-white temporarily lighting up the boarded wooden walls of what he is beginning to grudgingly think of as home.

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