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01 | open

CHARACTERS: Leo Elster and anyone who sees him.
LOCATION: Basecamp, then medical bay inside the ship.
WARNINGS: Mentions of blood and open wounds.
SUMMARY: Leo heads back to the ship to charge.
NOTES: Feel free to run into him either on his way to the ship or once he's already there!

[Everything that had been happening in the camp had left Leo with a good distraction to go and take care of the biggest issue he had in this strange world. He didn’t care so much about the people that came back, and while the contact with the new strangers would’ve usually caught his attention more, his biggest worry was making sure that his brain didn’t stop working because of the lack of power. The electricity grid he was working on with Tony was coming along nicely, yes, but it still had some ways to go. So the only thing Leo had left was what he had been using since he’d arrived, despite it being far from the best of safest method.

When it’s late enough for almost everyone to be asleep (or at least so thinks Leo) he leaves the small tent he had claimed for himself with his backpack over his shoulder. He’s careful as he leaves towards what’s left of the ship and into the medical bay and straight to one of the emergency lights. He takes a cable out of his bag, along with a shirt he uses to take off the light bulb. After he connects one end of the cable to the wall, he lifts the left side of his shirt and moves away the blood covered bandages. Keeping it open had been another challenge, a quite painful one since the nanite tattoo kept trying to heal the wound with whatever power it had in it. His fingers dig over the wound a little until he pulls out a couple of wires from it and, after letting a sigh out, Leo connects the other end of the cable to it.

It’s hard not to groan a little when the feeling of electricity running under his skin starts again, despite it being far from something new to him. He lowers himself to the floor, closing his eyes and sitting down while he waits to get some energy in him.]

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