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CHARACTERS: Algidus ([personal profile] thecoldshoulder) and Carlisle ([personal profile] tongueamok).
LOCATION: In the jungle that lines the camp.
SUMMARY: Shrine-building adventures turn into self-esteem building exercises at the expense of local wildlife.
NOTES: Backdated to the beginning of February.

It has been some time since the mysterious Crickets had decided to make themselves known to the survivors living in the shadow of the Tranquility's wreck. Algidus had been among the group of people working the wall that had first spotted the returning crowd; out of everyone that had been taken, Carlisle had been one of the only one he'd recognized. He also recognized the fact that the man was probably going to be the easiest to get to cough up information... and even though there wasn't much available at the time, he'd agreed to let Algidus know if he learned anything else about them in the future.

So today the ice alien was going to take him up on it. He'd been out in the jungle hunting quite a bit, and those excursions had brought him into direct contact with the maddened, infected wildlife. He'd gotten used to those brief and furious bursts of conflict; he even reveled in it. What was considerably more surprising was when a group of the Crickets themselves showed up during one of the scuffles; at first Algidus had been defensive, wondering if they had come to attempt and take him prisoner as they had done with the others. Apparently they had other plans, working with quick efficiency to help him put down the pack of creatures that he'd been fighting with. After that they vanished into the jungle as quickly as they had come, seeming just as wary of the ice alien as he was of them.

What had started out as a chance occurrence quickly became repeated impromptu hunting sessions. They Crickets appeared to have a vested interest in controlling the population of the infected animals, and Algidus had provided himself adept at hunting them. Through these semi-frequent encounters, he was even able to develop a rapport with specific Crickets that recognized him... and had learned to interpret their odd bursts of telepathically projected images and colors as sorts of "names". For all intents and purposes, the other aliens seemed helpful enough, but Algidus was not ready to let his guard down just yet. He needed more information; he needed to know if anyone else had made contact with the Crickets in a similar manner. Carlisle had promised to let him know if he had learned anything else, so the man was a the natural starting point. Lucky him.

The ice alien didn't know exactly where the man had settled, so he spent some time picking through the camp, poking his head under awnings and looking in tents to try and find the timid human. It was probably one of the least efficient ways of searching, and it forced Algidus to make a mental note to keep better track of the people that were agreeing to be his informants. Luck was on his side today, however, as he eventually caught sight of the man heading towards a particular dwelling... it looked a little run-down, which must have happened while Carlisle had been in the custody of the crickets. He didn't seem like the sort to let his living space go to ruins. Algidus was quick to swoop up on the man, but the moment he poked his head inside he saw an odd furnishing, comprised of rocks and bark and other miscellany, and his questions about alien life and their potential schemes were waylaid for the moment.

"What are you... what is that?" The alien asked, frowning, forgetting in his curiosity that he had basically barged in on the man and hadn't even properly greeted him. It was definitely not the best way to go about striking up conversation with Carlisle, especially given how easily frightened the man could be, but Algidus had a lot of questions on his mind and they were taking up his full attention. Sometimes it was hard to stay his inquisitive streak.

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