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[closed] Clarity and Light

CHARACTERS: One Etrepa Seven and Carlisle Longinmouth
LOCATION: Atop the shouting rock.
WARNINGS: Theological hair-splitting.
SUMMARY: An interfaith discussion, as promised.
NOTES:After the fires.

For a while, there's not a whole lot of time for social engagements. In the wake of the fires and the assault from the wilds, there's a great deal of work to do: repairing structures, treating injuries, cleaning up the mutated carcasses. One Etrepa enjoys this time, the certainty of benefit that comes from rebuilding. It's so much less complicated than justice and all its justifications.

But she has other interests, quirks particular to her decade, and eventually, inevitably, un:longinface receives a private message. Concise and cordial, it follows up on Etrepa's earlier inquiry regarding Carlisle's faith, her suggestion of a meeting and a more in-depth discussion. No reference is made to the larger context, the deeply contentious discussion of fundamental rights. Instead, there is a promise of tea, and of reasonable strength and temperature, should she arrive in a timely fashion.

Once again, Etrepa has brought her set atop the shouting rock. With a gloved hand she lifts the lid of the flask, releasing a waft of steam for just long enough to examine its color before covering it up once more. Her uniform is two full shades lighter than it once was, thanks to the sun and the rain, but it is clean and as crisp as a heated river stone can make it. The cloud cover is thick enough to provide some relief, but not so thick as to threaten rain. The omens looked favorable today. She has faith she'll come.

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