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CHARACTERS: Ensemble production!
LOCATION: The southernmost undiscovered location.
WARNINGS: Disturbing imagery relating to fire and mutation.
SUMMARY: In the wake of the fires earlier this cycle, and the recently expanded tether limits, characters set out to locate the source of the affliction before it consumes what's left of their food source.
NOTES: Discovery is set February 20 and is reserved for those who sign up, and the setting is open in general from here on out.

Since the fires, the jungle has been a slightly quieter place, instigating exploration. The flames have made wide scars through various patches of jungle south of basecamp, with areas that have been completely blasted and blackened central to these locations, the thick underbrush crumbled to ashy soot that lifts finely into the air when disturbed. Thick tree trunks are still standing, but in the burned areas, canopies are withered away, letting in more sunlight through ashy branches.

The bodies of animals look roasted to the bone, and most were simply caught in the fire. Others appear stacked, and burned in pyres.

It takes almost a full day's hiking, and any Tranquility passengers who have set out south are accompanied by a collection of Tranquility crew, four in total, two men and two women, who seem only as stand-offish as any passengers might equally be to them. There isn't a clear trail to follow, although they pass the site of the inexplicably crashed WWII plane discovered some cycles ago, before pushing on towards the old tether limits. Past the old tether limits.

The terrain becomes steadily wetter, small streams running through muddy land, none of which bites acidic at skin, although none of the Tranquility crewmembers seem at all tempted to try to drink from it, a strangely metallic smell lingering in the air, and all the while, the jungle only gets thicker and more disorienting to navigate. Whether those involved wish to turn back lest they get trapped in boggy jungle when night falls, or wish to press on for a source of water, a reason to stay is discovered very suddenly, breaking through the treeline and into a clearing. A clearing that was never a clearing at all, until something massive broke the gigantic trees.

In the middle of an immense stretch of mud and shallow lake, trees crushed beneath it, a gigantic piece of the Tranquility rises up before them.

It's open to the elements, making a cave of metal, loose cables and exposed steel. It's disorienting to behold, less cohesive in form than the gigantic ship that shadows their basecamp, but it's clearly a piece of its inside structure broken off and cast here in the thick jungle. Entering in from the ground, the fact it's all been turned upside down makes itself more and more apparent. The floor is now the ceiling and the ceiling is now the floor, with bolted down work stations still fixed in place, and there's a slight incline that those exploring the dark insides of the ship soon find themselves out of the water. It's dangerous going, full of broken glass where cabinets and interior windows have long since shattered, and strewn about are various pieces of broken equipment and wrecked machinery.

The science department has seen much better days.

Level three leads, above, to level two, and then level one above that. Everything is in chaos and disarray, and utterly dark towards the central locations of each level. Sunlight and light rain angles in where corridors are exposed, making points of entry higher up for those who wish to climb (or otherwise). Travelling between levels within necessitate use of elevator shafts, empty of elevators.

Unsettling, surrounding the wreck, jungle creatures lay half-submerged in the shallow, muddy water. They've undergone drastic mutations, warping bone into jagged edges and twisting limbs with overdeveloped musculature to the point of being unable to move. It's unclear whether they drowned where they lay, or died of their afflictions, but the smell of rot occasionally drifts up off the water. There are giant fallen tree trunks and the occasional cresting of rock that make for some travel out of the water, for the determined.

A single, potentially recognisable smooth metal canister is open, floating in the thick water. There may be more where that came from.
  • This log covers the initial discovery of the science department by anyone who has registered their interest (along with four Tranquility crewmembers). This is an open sign up, so feel free to add your name and join in.
  • The location will then be open to anyone else who wishes to return to it or visit it after February 20.
  • Decisions regarding what to do with this site are entirely up to players. The dissemination and discussion of this information on the network is encouraged.
  • Please do ask questions to help facilitate exploration, or clarify anything that isn't clear.

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