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[OPEN] don't you say it.

LOCATION: In camp and surrounding area within radius.
WARNINGS: Nohomo sads
SUMMARY: Tony (and Digby) venture out in search of (1) missing Bucky Barnes.
NOTES: Catch him in camp or after he's already out

[ tony searches the treehouse he had made with bucky first, naturally, though he doesn't expect to find him. next is the campground and the med tent, though those also come up empty. he's trying not to panic, it isn't exactly unheart of for the man to go m.i.a. or to go long stretches without checking in. but tony thinks he earned at least a brief text or something in notification. especially after he'd fixed his arm; he thought they were really getting somewhere. so of course this place would deam now to be the time to take the soldier back.

another thing that disturbs him: if bucky really did go back 'home,' did he have anywhere to go? anyone to care what happened to him? tony seems even more listless than usual as he heads away from their settlement and out into the wilderness. he's carrying a handmade lantern and his gun is carefully tucked into his jacket in case he encounters more of those terrible creatures. but he wouldn't be opposed to company either. ]

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