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Experimental Flatcakes

WARNINGS: Unlikely
SUMMARY: Cooking experiments
NOTES: Before the source of the trouble with the animals is discovered

They've been eating a lot of meat. Hunting being their simplest source of food, at least until the garden comes into fruition. But Death is very old. She's met people from many, many cultures. And one thing she knows is that meat isn't generally the main part of any meal. Usually there's some staple that is bulky.

So she's experimenting with the plants instead. They know some of them are edible, but edible was just the beginning. She's working on tasty. Her current experiment involves mixing the tiny seedpods from one of the vines to add flavour to the flesh of the parasitic plants that grow on a lot of the tree trunks outside the walls. And then frying it up in a bit of gecko fat to make a sort of flatcake.

It's still in the early stages, but she's perfectly willing to share and crowdsource the ideal ratio of the two plants.