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alone at sea [OPEN]

CHARACTERS: Rey and You.
LOCATION: The Tranquility + Treehouse.
WARNINGS: None yet.
SUMMARY: Rey has been feeling inclined to do a little ship exploring.
NOTES: This is also a catch-all log for March. If anyone wants to do anything for this month, just hit me up via PM, plurk, or AIM!

I. Tranquility

The pull was unmistakable. It didn't have a strong lure on her, but she was still plagued by the desire to go inside.

Sometimes she would wake up in the middle of the night, leave the comforts of her new home with her new family and walk the two miles to the ship. Other times it came as a passing notion throughout the day. Nothing to worry about.

There was no mistaken that something wanted her to go in. For what reason, she doesn't yet know, and hasn't yet sought out the answer. All she does know is that the pull wasn't strong. It was subtle, enough for her to wave it off as niggling paranoia. After all, she had been compelled before -- surely she would recognize when she was under something's influence, right?


Today is just like any other day, in which Rey has sought to climb into the ship. Whether you followed her here or found her climbing through the medical bay, here she is.

II. Treehouse Slumber Party

It's daytime, and she's exhausted. Between salvaging the colony supplies from the Tranquility and the water purification process, Rey has surprisingly had little free time on her hands.

For once, she has sought some brief moment of respite at home, in her completed tree dome. The door is unlocked for Firo and Muscovy to come in. But for those curious enough to enter or even her own housemates to stumble upon and find her this way, they might find her curled up over a pile of blankets and pillows. She sleeps sitting upright, her back pressed to the wall, and her hand rested over a gun.

She won't have the itchiest trigger finger towards anyone who enters through that door or happens to wake her up. It's not like she's in that deep a sleep anyway.

Damned if she isn't tired as hell, though.
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[A head will poke up and over a piece of debris somewhere behind her, and Muscovy watches her thoughtfully.

He's been following her, quietly and without making himself known, in the way that always makes people jump (he's not sure why, but they tend to make funny faces when they finally look directly at him and thus notice him, or otherwise become aware of him, and that is fun to look at). Not that he means to make her jump, he's just curious what she's about to do. And worried that something or someone might have made her come here alone and will injure her if she's not alone so... The ship is weird, after all, and for all he knows she has some special, dangerous connection to it.]
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[He gives her a smile and climbs over the debris to get over to her.]

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You entered the ship alone and when Algidus did that, he got his lung pierced. So it would have been very silly if you entered the ship alone, yes?

Why are you here?
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For what?

I can help you look.

[Not looking around just yet but watching her instead, though.]
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For what?

[Watching her even more closely now. That was a very... confused answer.]
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What kind of something?

[Is she sick? Is something in her brain making her go where she shouldn't? Or is she - but Rey wouldn't lie to him, yes?]
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Then we should search for a gun that I won't have to make before using it!

[And the bullets of which won't vanish when they get too far away from him.]
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[The very best!]

You know where we can find one, yes?
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But the elevators aren't working anymore, yes?

[Why are they headed for something that doesn't work? Even if while the ship was still intact that would totally have been the place to reach the old crew quarters from.]
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I can. But I will not be as fast as you, yes?

[After all he is much smaller.]
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[He watches her for a moment and then leans oer the treshold of the elevator a bit to look down.]

How far do we have to go?
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[He'll just nod and follow her. If they have to go far, they better get started.]
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[ The Iezabel who steps out of the dappling of afternoon sun and into the true shade of the dome is, if not transformed, then certainly refigured. Gone is the voluminous robe, its darkness the only thing that was hiding its growing dirtiness. In its place she wears a dark green wrap, simple yet elegant, which leaves one freckled and startlingly pale shoulder bare. Her hair, usually an unkempt thicket of red, shows signs of a recent and thorough brushing, the ruddy cascade contained by a simple braid that coils over one shoulder. Even her posture is different, more poised than her usual bustle and loom, if slightly stiff, the result of self-conscious practice rather than habitual inclination.

In short she's cleaned up, and rather nicely all things considered. If there is a touch of the absurd to the sudden drastic change in her appearance, a element of costuming that undercuts the elegance she may be aiming for, then it is at least counterbalanced by her fine features and figure, and the self-assurance that accompanies aristocratic breeding. It's admittedly still something of a silly sight as she scales the trunk of the tree and pushes open the unlocked door to the domed domus. Yet the serpentine way she slips into the hushed dimness of the treehouse restores that carefully fostered impression of grace.

The quiet in the dome is heavy and soft, in that perceptible yet indescribable way which always surrounds a sleeper. Cognizant of this drowsy penumbra, Ieza treads carefully on linen-wrapped feet. When she spots Rey, resting with back to wall and gun in hand, she does not immediately announce herself. Instead she paces over and takes a kneel, smoothing the wrinkles in her wrap as she settles into a lean.

Pale eyes peer at the woman in repose for a few long seconds.


When she breaks the silence, she does so delicately.

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[ A hazy reflection of the dream worries the surface of Rey's aura, but Ieza is not privy to the details. Were she, she might be moved to pathos- her waking of Rey might have more to do with rescuing her from the memory of that pain. As it is, she gazes with a curiosity that has little to do with empathy.

It's possible that Ieza doesn't understand what the gun is. It's also possible that, being what she is, she doesn't find it particularly threatening. Or perhaps she cannot imagine that Rey would actually do her any harm. In any and all cases, Ieza seems unfazed by the weapon pointed at her. her gaze flickering only momentarily to the little lethal mouth of her sidearm, before returning to look into Rey's vivid green eyes.

I'm sorry, [ she says, with a weight that might imply she means for more than just waking Rey. Certainly she isn't sorry enough not to have done it. ]
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Carlisle, too, has felt a lingering pull to the ship, one he cannot explain.

It isn't that he wants to be there -- he hasn't the thirst for exploration his uncles did, nor does he enjoy exposing himself to danger. While yes, there are supplies he could use lying in the wreckage, he'd much rather leave the salvaging to more capable hands. He's the one someone should come to after trouble has been found, not the one who wants to find said trouble in the first place.

Not that trouble doesn't find him often enough, and if it doesn't, he has no problem making it for himself. That's why he's here: he has amends to make... and he feels he should be here even if he didn't.

That thought makes him distinctly uncomfortable, but he continues to follow Rey into the wreckage anyway. Opening his fist, he conjures a ball of light in his palm to help them see.

"Where are we headed, exactly?"
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