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alone at sea [OPEN]

CHARACTERS: Rey and You.
LOCATION: The Tranquility + Treehouse.
WARNINGS: None yet.
SUMMARY: Rey has been feeling inclined to do a little ship exploring.
NOTES: This is also a catch-all log for March. If anyone wants to do anything for this month, just hit me up via PM, plurk, or AIM!

I. Tranquility

The pull was unmistakable. It didn't have a strong lure on her, but she was still plagued by the desire to go inside.

Sometimes she would wake up in the middle of the night, leave the comforts of her new home with her new family and walk the two miles to the ship. Other times it came as a passing notion throughout the day. Nothing to worry about.

There was no mistaken that something wanted her to go in. For what reason, she doesn't yet know, and hasn't yet sought out the answer. All she does know is that the pull wasn't strong. It was subtle, enough for her to wave it off as niggling paranoia. After all, she had been compelled before -- surely she would recognize when she was under something's influence, right?


Today is just like any other day, in which Rey has sought to climb into the ship. Whether you followed her here or found her climbing through the medical bay, here she is.

II. Treehouse Slumber Party

It's daytime, and she's exhausted. Between salvaging the colony supplies from the Tranquility and the water purification process, Rey has surprisingly had little free time on her hands.

For once, she has sought some brief moment of respite at home, in her completed tree dome. The door is unlocked for Firo and Muscovy to come in. But for those curious enough to enter or even her own housemates to stumble upon and find her this way, they might find her curled up over a pile of blankets and pillows. She sleeps sitting upright, her back pressed to the wall, and her hand rested over a gun.

She won't have the itchiest trigger finger towards anyone who enters through that door or happens to wake her up. It's not like she's in that deep a sleep anyway.

Damned if she isn't tired as hell, though.

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