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CHARACTERS: Rey, Muscovy, and Firo
LOCATION: The Tranquility cliff
SUMMARY: The Prochainezo family considers their next move

Even living farther out, as they do, the death throes of the Tranquility were impossible to miss. If he weren’t staring at himself, Firo wouldn’t believe that such a massive thing could have budged from its spot on the cliff, but there it is: far, far below at the bottom of the canyon.

It’s not sad to see the thing go, at least not until he realizes with a jolt that this may mean that the only route home is gone. He knew that things would come to an end one day, but he supposes a little piece of him still hoped that he’d see Ennis or Maiza or Luck again. He rubs the back of his neck and forces a little laugh. “So that’s that.”

He surveys his little family. He’s one of the adults (as Muscovy would say) and the man (as Rey would probably give him a Look for saying), so he should have a plan, right? But he has no clue what to do next aside from make sure that they’re safe.

And, just maybe, make sure that they’re happy. Is it possible to happy here? The road is looking like a difficult one, but they do have each other.

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