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CHARACTERS: Everyone/whoever's going to chill in the gardens
LOCATION: Oxygen gardens
WARNINGS: None far as I know!
SUMMARY: Camping in the oxygen gardens to get through the worst of the cold + safety!
NOTES: Catch-all mingle type log? Forward dating this a bit to after word's gotten around to head to the gardens

The oxygen gardens take up a good portion of space on the Tranquility, as they help keep the ship's air and water supply pure, recycled, and filtered. The entire complex is bigger than four football stadiums stacked on top of one another, and the first level is actually much larger than the other three, extending for a good half mile in any direction. Each level is lit with fluorescent growlights, built into the ceiling high above floors themselves. Extending past these lights, on the ceilings (and in the walls) are extensive sprinkler systems. Floors two to four receive timed "rainfall" once a week, and are spritzed lightly otherwise. Level one is provided with a complicated mesh of sprinklers for seed plots, and the hydroponic systems provide the plants with irrigation.
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Rey | OTA

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Rey was always cold. The way her body adjusted to the drop of climes, though, it almost felt like home.

Home was a distant, alien terminology. She thought of the snowy fields, the smell of winter and smoke. The screams of the dead and dying.

Then it all went away, vanishing into the mist.

She woke up.

Rey was in the gardens. For how long, she couldn't tell. It felt like she had never even left her room at all. As if they were always in this place. Waiting. There she waited for it, sitting among the jungle foliage, legs crossed; almost in a meditative stance, the way her hands splayed over her knees.

Like something's coming, or it's already here...
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Haymitch came to the O2 gardens for no reason other than to keep an eye on people, although he doubted he'd stay long. Too crowded and he was restless and cold didn't bother him much. Winters in twelve could be brutal, especially the last winter they'd suffered through. This was nothing.

Walking by Rey, he had to pause, tilting his head at her. "Expecting something?"
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Rey shifted her head when she heard the sound of someone's voice, summoning her. She stared a moment, mentally sifting through the memories that lay riddled in her head.

Yes, she knew this man.

Sort of.

Or, rather, they talked before.

She blinked. "Are you?"
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"I'd be stupid not to be at this point," he responded, flippantly. There was always something. Here. Panem. Being on his guard was just natural after surviving the Games- if anything, the ship's trip down memory lane had just exacerbated all of his old instincts he tried to dull with drink.

"And so soon after the last ordeal, too." Except it had actually been a reasonable amount of time. Time was so relative here, he could barely keep it straight. All he knew is the nightmares were worse and now everything was dark.

Like he needed more reason to never sleep.

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Amazingly enough, Rey managed to make an expressive face when Haymitch mentioned the time matters.

"I have been here awhile -- there will always be something." Ever since Rey first showed up here almost a year ago (two years ago), it was always one thing after another. "Sometimes, it feels as if it's been much longer."

By that, even Rey wasn't certain what she meant. Time and memories were jumbled up fragments inside her head, impossible to keep in a straight line.
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"It's getting there." Haymitch rubbed his arm where he knew his tattoo was, hidden behind the jumpsuit he wore. The fact that she actually seemed to find that a reason to emote surprised him.

"I don't know when I stopped thinking of this place as anything more than a nuisance." When he started thinking of it as a home, not that he'd admit that much. "Used to be, if the ship started getting mixed up in one thing or another, I'd sleep through it. Now I'm just waiting for the next thing, like I might actually make myself useful."
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"For some, but not all." Rey had seen people, and they introduced themselves as often as they had a tendency to disappear. She couldn't say whether this was a good thing or not. Sometimes, she felt like going back to sleep didn't sound like such a bad idea. At least then she would know where she was going.

It was part of Rey's job to help. That should have been her appointed task for the duration that she had been here. The reality was that she was more of a liability where team efforts were applied.

She was better off right here.

"Useful. Have you found a purpose?" That word meant something, in some way. Purpose. She just didn't know what, yet.
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Isn't that the truth? He had just explained that concept to one of the newer kids- the people stuck here who seem to be getting by with good thoughts and little else, because they believed they'd be sent home soon.

He chortled a bit. Being useful and actually having a purpose weren't mutually exclusive concepts. "Ask anyone around here and I'm sure they'd say my purpose is to know where the liquor is and offer it up when people need it. Not a bad one, I suppose. Drinking's about the only thing I'm good at these days."

Well, drinking and scheming, but he kept the latter close to his chest. Just like before the rebellion when he'd maintain appearances as an ornery drunk when he was really... an ornery drunk with a plan.
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He laughed. She blinked. Not many people here had a reason to express such signs of mirth, yet somehow, a few did.

She was afraid that, for such reasons, she would never understand them.

"What are you good for now, then?" He spoke in past tense. So he must have found something.
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"Improvising," he shrugged, sticking his tongue in his cheek a bit when he flashed her a cheeky grin. "It'll come to me eventually. All anyone can say is 'at least he's not holed up in his room drinking.'"

He crossed his arms over his chest and glanced down at her. "And what's your something? Might be presumptuous of me to assume, but I don't think waiting suits you."
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"At least you're not holed up in your room drinking." The edge of Rey's lip managed a slight twitch.

Yeah, she was humoring him. Imagine that.

She tilted her head, processing Haymitch's question. It wasn't one that she was asked often because people weren't always concerned with having a purpose here, only living to survive. "I don't yet know. My intended purpose was to fight. Circumstances are different now and there is no war, so I suppose I have 'nothing'."

Except that wasn't true, was it?
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Haymitch snorts again. If people could communicate in purely snorts, grunts, and short, terse sentences, Haymitch would have it made, but as that is still not the norm, he has to remember that it is, in fact, polite to continue speaking.

"Nothing." He turned that word over in his head. "You don't think this is a war?"

Maybe not an obvious one, but not every war is fought with guns and knives and words. Some wars are quieter. Some wars you never realized you were fighting until you start realizing you're losing.
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To some, they did communicate with sharp sounds and little words. Rey didn't mind. She would have chosen that over the snide remarks or the haughty attitudes that she was met with on several occasions in the past.

Rey took pause for a moment, studying Haymitch in her silence and thought. Then, there was something else: "'If this life be not a real fight, in which something is eternally gained for the universe by success, it is no better than a game of private theatricals from which one may withdraw at will. But it feels like a real fight.'"

She blinked. Her head was a strange place. She could hear the voice of someone speaking to her while she spoke, but she couldn't place a face or name to that voice but her own. If she tried, her eyes burned, her head hurt, and her skin paled.

"I must have read that somewhere." She looked away, finding her attention on the foliage, and something else. "I was mistaken, then."
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Haymitch tilted his head to the side. He didn't read that often and there weren't a lot of books from before the Dark Days, so naturally he missed a lot of references people made around here, so he automatically assumed she was reciting from something, but even with her confirming that, something felt off about it.

But he shrugged it off. Not his place. "Decent enough sentiment, though." It sounded like the Games, almost. The pointlessness of it all, except for district glory and wealth, which meant little when the Capitol controlled you. "Not that we get much choice in whether or not we can withdraw."
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There was a period in which Rey had read a lot. She saw a lot, and she heard a lot. She was "catatonic" then. Sometimes it would seem like she was just watching scenes move on the wallscreen, or words on a page. But it was more than that to her in retrospect.

"Everyone may withdraw whenever they want. Only they may not like the solution." She'd seen it before. Souls that went mad with guilt, or cornered by the futility of what was coming for them over the horizon. For them, death was a more permanent solution, but not much of one.

Rey wasn't so sure, herself. She had memories or nightmares of bullets and fire and dying. She had begun to think that perhaps she could withdraw at any time she'd like -- it would only be a matter of time before she was hurled back into the fight.

How disappointing.
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Haymitch knew exactly what she meant, even if that's not how it worked in the Games. They kept tributes from throwing themselves off buildings so they wouldn't have to enter the arena and once there, suicide was no option. You could lay down at the cornucopia if you wanted to, but once the gong sounds, suddenly you remember you want to live.

"Well, if you want to be a coward, it's an easy solution," he nodded. "Sometimes they don't even let you have that."

Haymitch had never considered suicide, because he was too damn stubborn, but drinking himself to death was just a slow burn, methodical way of killing himself, so saying as much was all but a lie. The Capitol wouldn't let him die though. They needed a mentor in Twelve when the last one died and Haymitch as popular with the audiences.

They also kept him alive to torture him- he wasn't stupid enough to believe that wasn't a majority of the reason they made sure to keep his health up every time he returned to the Capitol.
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"Some people want to be cowards. They can't help themselves." Rey remembered the gash on David's wrist when she had first met him at the hospital in Angeles. She didn't make much of it back then because she had just woken up. Much crazier things were falling down all around her at the time.

On some level, she knew what Haymitch meant, that some don't even have the choice. Maybe it was like David, who tried, maybe even wanted it, but the system wouldn't allow him to for some reason. For how much she watched them beat and drag him away, she couldn't blame him for wanting to die. To the world, he was lower than dirt.

And Rey wasn't even really alive... So where was her place and purpose?
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"When the options aren't good, being brave's not worth it," he replied, simply. Sure, you might be the one person who can stand up to someone, but what then? If you're not dead, anyway, you lose everything.

"In the end, someone always dies. The only difference is other people get killed when you think you can play the hero."

And sometimes people believe the sacrifice is worth it, but not Haymitch. He'd do anything for the rebellion, even lie to the only two people he loves, but even if it all worked out, if he lost Peeta and Katniss, the world he built wouldn't be worth living in either. It'd just be the same miserable place covered in blood.
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"Heroes and cowards and bravery..." Rey just echoed the words like they're supposed to have some kind of hidden meaning to them. Like there's a power to them that's there, and she just hadn't figured it out yet.

So far, no good.

"The end is always the same -- everyone dies. Sometimes I wonder if a few perishable lives is supposed to be worth it."

Much like these people on the ship. Rey was meant to be security, but what was she really trying to protect? Some rules and regulations, some people who will either die or disappear?

What kind of purpose was that, anyway?

"Not worth it..." Rey repeated distantly.