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thirteenth wave;

CHARACTERS: any and all
LOCATION: Gravity Couches and beyond
WARNINGS: maybe some swearing, or even some violence, and more than likely some implied (and possibly explicit) nakedness.
SUMMARY: Another month, another jump, another round of new faces.
NOTES: Keeping up with the tradition and copy pasted like always from the last one

You wake up in darkness.

There's a breathing tube jammed down your trachea, and you're suspended in a tube of clear blue fluid. Upon registering your level of consciousness, the gravity couch drains the fluid surrounding you and retracts the breathing apparatus; the doors in front of you open, and you're deposited on the floor of a stark, sterile medical bay.

You are not alone.

There are others who have come before you, others who are awakening beside you. Some may be familiar to you, perhaps even friends. Others have much less amiable plans. Some are merely alien and inexplicable, but there are always those who might mean you harm.

After you catch your breath and your vision returns, you notice a number on the inside of your forearm. Maybe it's a familiar number. Maybe it means something. Maybe it's just a number. But the number—completely unique to you—is a tattoo, and it does not come off.

If you enter the room adjacent to the medbay, you will find a small locker with your number on it, surrounded by rows upon rows of identical lockers. Inside, you will find a few of your personal items, a communications device, and a ship's uniform in your exact size. The comms device is fully powered and connects directly to the ship's network; it's your only means of communication beyond physical conversation. Upon turning the device on, a neutral, automated voice will say, "Please take the blue lift to the passenger quarters." Any other attempts at communicating with the rest of the network are met only with static.

This is your welcome party.

[Note: The December event, including the stasis comas and network malfunction, is underway! Please see the mod post for details if you haven't already!]
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For the time being, Rey has had no reason to suspect that anything is up. Not yet, and not when her brain is still scrambled and her mind is still in its zone. Yesterday, she thinks, she was with her father. Here, she is told that she has been in this place for some time. Her memory isn't what it used to be, though. She is not erased, she is restored. Her father had made sure of that.

So then why is this place such a blur? The faces on people are only so vaguely familiar, but the details are all wrong. They're all like scrambled bits of a puzzle that are too unrecognizable to make any sense out of, and perhaps they aren't supposed to. It's not her place to make sense, or question or doubt. The only thing she had ever been any good for was execution, and it's the one thing she does well.

That's not right, her father told her, in his efforts to justify her purpose -- that she has more to do now than to kill violently, mindlessly.

If this is supposed to be a sign, she symbols are old and unclear.

She certainly feels much older herself now, having more trouble trying to maneuver this body under these conditions as she goes to leave after collecting her clothes and dogtags from her locker. It's the strands of gray hair and her wavering pace that might give that away to any of those keen enough to recognize her.
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AM, of course, had recognized Rey as she walked by, but there was something completely off about her. He had never seen her struggle to move like this. Had never seen those grey hairs abundant on her head, much like AM's own hair.

He had spoken to another man before, one he hardly knew, but one that he could tell had aged several years over the course of this one jump, and AM had found out that he had been gone for those several years. The way this ship curved spacetime was so strange; he couldn't even figure it out himself. It was something to make note of in his research, though, if he was ever to reclaim his powers.

Still, Rey was such a mysterious individual. An AI with amnesia of some sort. One who was impervious to cold. AM had always wanted to knwo more about her, though most of the time his conversations with her had led to very little.

"Rey." He stated her name simply, flatly, no hint of a question. Just a greeting. "How long have you been gone?"
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Rey froze at the sound of her name. It was not a gradual stop, but a full-on halt with her feet planted to the ground.

It's strange to hear. Up until this point, no one had called her by her name. She began to suspect that they might not have really known. Justified. Rey is not the type to hand out her name to just anyone. Rey Schuyler is the identity, and Rey Schuyler died several times in a fight, one after another. Bullet to the head. Body ripped to shreds. Knife goes in, guts come out.

She does not move. Her eyes shift, catching the unfamiliar sight at our her peripheral vision.

"...Did not realize that I was gone." Rather, she has no idea how to answer that question.
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AM had of course caught her reaction, freezing up at the sound of being called by her name, but he had no idea what it meant. After all, he knew almost nothing about her.

"Oh? You weren't gone then?" He paced forward, closing the distance between them slightly. Folding his arms, he evaluated her further, taking note of her aging, her altogether different look.

"You look like you've been through quite a bit since before this jump."
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She knows and doesn't know that meaning... Rey would attempt to sift through her memory countless of times, but it doesn't quite work the way that it used to. It doesn't take out old things and slides them in with fabricated new ones. She remembers all, both the fake and the real.

So then why is this getting to her so badly?

"I wouldn't know." Her eyes narrow, assessing how much information would be safe to give at the moment.
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I wouldn't know.

What does that mean? Was Rey refusing to tell AM anything about herself, including whether or not she left during the last jump? Or perhaps it was possible she didn't remember. Either way, she looked uncomfortable, upset, distressed, something.

"Your memory. Something happened to you."

It was an observation, an accusation. Rey was infuriating him by refusing to speak; it was a long time coming. After so long of knowing so little about her, he was growing so frustrated with putting up with her.
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That accusation could mean a number of things. It doesn't take much for Rey to interpret which one that has this man so tied up.

What she can't seem to understand is why he seems so upset. At least, she assumes he is. The tones he carries with those words, his body language... all seem to indicate that he is not looking to address her in casual conversation.

It sort of feels like an interrogation.

"Many things happened." She pauses, chewing on the inside of her lip in thought. A nasty habit she's picked up over the course of what has been years to her. "I wasn't certain that this place was real. It feels like a dream compared to everything else..."
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AM wasn't upset at Rey, just confused. Maybe slightly infuriated that he still knew almost nothing about her despite attempting to befriend her. It's hard to read Rey, but it seems now that her amnesia had gotten worse. She couldn't even remember this ship it seemed.

Even so, AM calmed himself slightly, even forming a slight smirk on his features. Taking a step back to give her some space, his arms dropped to his sides.

"Oh? What kinds of things?"
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Rey had no reason to trust this man. Though, to be fair, she had no reason to distrust him, either. There was just something about it that she couldn't put her finger on...

"Why do you want to know?" Because goodness, between this guy and the other one nearly passed out in the medbay, Rey was starting to feel like space-people were pretty damn nosy. Nosy, nosy space-people.
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A hand moved to his forehead, brushing away a stray lock of greying hair, still wet from the showers. This was going to be a futile conversation, wasn't it?

AM was ready to simply leave and abandon Rey here, since she clearly couldn't remember him, wouldn't answer his questions. He'd try again, but he knew when something wasn't going to work. And this would probably be one of those times.

"I'm curious."

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It's as futile for as much as Rey trusts some guy that, for all she knows, she just met. She's been manipulated before, used as someone's loaded gun. She has died repeatedly for nearly seven decades for the sake of crazed amusement.

Well, there were other factors involved, but Tremond certainly got some sick satisfaction out of it when he pulled the trigger to her head one time. Bet he loved putting those scattered bits back together again.

"Curiosity has been known to kill people, if they're not careful." Is this a threat?

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It was a threat that AM took seriously in fact. He knew that Rey was not shaped like an ordinary human, even if she looked like one. She was impervious to cold and other damage, it seemed, and she just seemed so emotionless. While AM wasn't aware that she was much heavier than she looked, he still knew that she was indeed a threat.

"Hm... It's unfortunate you don't remember me as your old friend. I'm hurt."

Of course he wasn't hurt, just annoyed. And it was a bit sarcastic the way he spoke, because he really had no reason to feign emotion with a woman who seemed to barely feel anything.
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He was lying.

He was lying and she knew this because--

"I don't have friends."

And even if she did, none of them would have been caught dead within ten yards of someone like Rey. And, in most cases, they were already dead, or maimed in one way or the other.

So that settled it. She knew. He was a goddamn liar, just like the rest of those sneering, conniving conspirators who ever said come away with me, we're close. You love me, right?

No, shut up.
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He watched her as she reacted, practically accusing him of lying. Of course, AM considered no one truly a "friend," but he could consider Rey something close to that, if he was even capable of having friends.

"I see. You truly don't remember me," he spoke. His eyes narrowed slightly in annoyance, frustrated that he had wasted his time with this woman who couldn't even remember him, could even kill him if she desired.

And with that, he backed away to leave Rey to her own devices. What a shame. Perhaps she'd remember him in time, perhaps not. He'd have to find this out later.