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the secret to survivin' is knowin' what to throw away and knowing what to keep

LOCATION: Jesus, everywhere, the bastard won't stop.
WARNINGS: Possible brazen smugness, friendly trolling, and idk vampire disconnect.
SUMMARY: Mostly card-related kitchen stuff, but Garrett is actually having a pretty peachy time on board the ship. Let him go ahead and continue that trend by wandering around to find mild entertainment! He may be a lone warrior vampire, but hell, he needs company sometimes (not that he'll say that shhh). BASICALLY: this post is a catch-all.
NOTES: Anything ever. Just. Whatever CR happens happens. You can PM me if you have anything you're considering but won't be sure if I'm down for. :|b

Garrett is at the kitchen counter today with paper and a singular, sad pen—and some really great come-apart shears that are totally not made to be scissors for construction. Essentially, while he's easily distracted by anyone coming in? He's making himself a deck of playing cards. Homemade.

Don't be surprised if he stops, considers something very carefully, and then looks at you with a pen held out to you (well no, Ned can be surprised, because Garrett is intentionally bugging him).

"You think you could do a card in the deck for me? My imagination is failing me right now."

Not really, no, he just likes the idea of uniqueness.

Look though, one has a Pikachu on it. And King Kong on the other (only seemed right, since it's a red king).


He's been busy, clearly.

When he's not wandering the kitchen, he just... roams. He's so used to walking, he can't help it. There's no set destination, no plans when he gets there. No people he's going for, or objects to find. He knows that, with time, he'll go a little stir-crazy... but eh. We'll get there when we get there.

He does stop by the bars though. Sure, he can't drink, but he likes to see what's going on there. In his life, he's found the most interesting dialogues to be from the mouths of drunk old guys who suddenly have all the world to talk about.

(Both a good thing and a bad thing.

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Too bad Rey lacks a similar realm of imagination. Only unlike Garret, hers is actually genuine.

"So is mine." The way she looks at him then, Garret may as well have been speaking in Greek. All she wanted was to grab something to eat, but now Rey shifts her eyes between the card deck and Garret before she takes the more straightforward response: "What are you doing?"

At least Rey knows what playing cards are. The soldiers used to play them to pass the time on some nights. Though she'd never been asked to participate before, which serves another reason for why she graces Garret with A Look.

Vampires are weird. You're weird, Garret.
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Unfortunately, the only game Rey has much experience with is solitaire. Sorry Garrett.

Rey had been on a very important sandwich-making mission when she decidedly makes a detour towards the cards Garrett has laid out.

"I'm fairly certain I can't draw. Though admittedly I have never tried." So.
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He has a good point. Other than fretting each other with who will survive and what will be left, there seriously isn't much else to do.

The past four years (months, as far as the Tranquility is concerned. How does Rey shot time) had shed some light on things. Finding means to define herself with idle pastimes is one of them. Her life isn't defined by the trigger of a gun anymore. It has a different meaning.

She approaches the cards, and holds a hand out to Garrett. "The pen." Give it to her.
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Indeed he does have a cheeky grin, but Rey's seen cheekier. Or smug, and more punchable. Fortunately, Garrett is lacking in that certain punchable quality.

What she draws on the ace of clubs over the course of the next few minutes is a very crude version of a particular amphibian. Even if its likeness doesn't entirely look as such. Once she's finished with the finer details, she silently hands it over to him.

There. Are you happy?
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If Garrett was talking to anyone else, she may have been surprised by the immediate recognition of her attempt. But he's talking to Rey, and she's not really the surprised type.

"Yes." She hands him back his pen. "I heard about it plenty of times, only it isn't quite the same mythical Salamander. More like a soldier's ghost story that bore a likeness."

The ghost stories, in truth, were actually referring to Rey herself and the different versions of her. She had just never realized it at the time.
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"It is something I remember being passed around the battlefield for several decades -- a fire-crazed maniac who will leave camps in ashes. It can walk through fire, so they name it the Salamander. I hear them say 'If you smell the distant stench of rotten meat and charred flesh, you'll be dead soon, anyway. The Salamander is coming for you.'" She hesitates, before adding: "It's rather childish."

Even if there's truth in the stories she used to listen in on with a distant sense of fondness.
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"It's childish because soldiers should have better things to do than sit around and share silly stories all the time."

Better things. You know. Like killing. Killing is totally a more productive way to spend one's time instead.

Except that this sentiment may also be remnants of old feelings dredged up from it all.
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"The Revolutionary War." Rey echoes, tilting her head as she thinks back a bit. Among the many other things that her father made sure that she never forgot, it was history. History and knowledge. Something about it seemed important to him, no matter how superfluous it was at the time. "That was three-hundred-seventy years ago, correct?"

No, Rey. One thing you did forget is that it wasn't the middle of the twenty-second century for everyone on the ship.
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Rey does the math in her head. It's not that hard: "2013, then? Early twenty-first century, at least."

Even now it's interesting to think of the difference between her fellow passengers. Where she came from, there was only one person she knew who could ever speak about that era Garrett talked about from firsthand experience...

"So my father used to say, though he lived in Ireland during those times."
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Oh, cool, history. Rey loves history.

...Actually, she finds it quite tedious, but Lucas used to make a point to beat her over the head with plenty of it.

"When I arrived, it had been 2147. Though until a couple of jumps ago, it was currently the year 2153."


"Time is rather confusing these days."

To say the least. Even without the wibbly wobbly factor involved, Rey's mind has a penchant for wandering to whichever lifetime it damn well wants to if she doesn't keep her focus.
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"Only one way you'll ever find out." And that's by surviving. It's what she's done, whether she wants it that way or not.

Lately she can't say for certain what it is she wants.

Rey shrugs. "More or less the same, I suppose. People are still fighting people, only with new toys. Things weren't going so well for our side the last time I checked."
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For awhile, that's all it was. People blowing up people, or threatening to do so until one decides to play the chicken. Ever since all of Rey's juxtaposed memories have been placed together, she understands this much better now.

"Uncertain. I have fought for many sides, though I've died plenty in those times." Her eyebrows knit. No need to get into those anecdotes, not without slipping into one of those memories and losing herself into it. "Lately I fight for people, I believe."

That's it. People.
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"You have?" You'll have to forgive her, Garrett. The concept of vampirism is alien to Rey. Furthermore, there aren't that many that she feel she can relate to on that level. Experiencing death, that is. "I fight for those I feel are worth it."

There's that word, feel.

As if Rey can feel anything.

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