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CHARACTERS: Ensemble production!
LOCATION: The Corridors.
WARNINGS: Space crazy, violence, etc.
SUMMARY: You may have simply been taking the lift with passerbys, but now you're hopelessly lost.
NOTES: Notes on the corridors.

Those on their way to meet a friend at dinner, or heading to their department, may never reach their intended destination. Instead, characters will find themselves in an unfamiliar part of the ship, abruptly stranded. All attempts to access the elevator will prove fruitless, as the doors cannot be pried open and the lift will not respond when called. It looks like you have no where to go but forward. Hallways will connect only to other hallways, giving you the impression that you're always on your way somewhere- but can't quite manage to arrive.

Time spent in the hallways will seem endless, but with luck you may find a break in the monotony. It is possible for characters to find one another, which would be preferable, as it's probably safer traveling in groups. Those that spend an excessive amount of time in their own company will find themselves feeling increasingly hostile and paranoid, until even the walls seem to be watching. That may not be such an exaggeration, with those murals that continually appear...

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Rey | OTA

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Regrettably there was no friend or dinner, just the usual route Rey took when she ventured out on patrols. This required a lift... only instead of going up, the mechanism had taken upon itself to move downward.

And down.

And down.

There was no panic, no alarm, no exclamation of outrage or contempt. Not here, not with Rey, not with the clinging presence of familiarity all over again. Half of the time she didn't know how she truly felt about her situations.

Pretty sure this was confusion that had suddenly washed over her when the lift doors opened, revealing the stretched-out hallways that had been previously unknown to her. And Rey had begun to know this ship well.


Here we go again, she figured when the confusion ebbed and she stepped forward. Somehow, in the middle of the senseless, this somehow made sense in an insane sort of way.
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Corvo was not happy.

That wasn't an unusual situation in and of itself, but there was a distinct difference between not being happy and being Not Happy and this definitely fell into the latter. He'd been wandering and wondering both, and the complete lack of a sense of direction he'd experienced was no longer something he could explain away as an effect of the unfamiliarity with the area.

He was rounding a corner as he spotted Rey - the strange, curiously removed woman who'd been on Garrett's unsuccessful manticore hunt - and he called out in a voice that hadn't been used for shouting in quite some time.

"Hold the doors!"

Too used to the idea of concealing what he can do, he ran instead of blinking over - and of course, by then it was too late.

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Too late.

Before she even had the chance to whip around, Rey heard the doors snap shut behind her. Immediately afterwards, the lift was gone. Oops.

After realizing that there wasn't any call sign to bring the lift back, she glanced to Corvo out the corner of her eye. "Apologies."

Removed was definitely one way of describing her disposition here. She was almost jaded with... well, everything.
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“No harm done.” The statement was genuine, rather than placatory; something told him getting out of here was not going to be as simple as getting back into a lift. Well, if he was going to be lost, he could do worse than to be lost on the company of someone who appeared to be both calm and capable.

“I take it your planned destination wasn't 'strange corridor with no doors' either?”
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...Rey will never be able to actually get people sometimes. One man got offended just for her bumping into him, while this one had legitimate cause to be upset and yet he reacted with calm.

"Negative." She wasn't about to go looking too deeply into the parallels of people and their behaviors, either. She glanced to Corvo, and then the hallway. Strange corridor with no doors was a familiar description. "Been here before, I believe." She pauses. "Not here, but someplace like it. There is an end."

Perhaps not with skeletons this time, but there must be an ending.
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It's not such a mystery. For Corvo, calm had to be the default setting. Nobody would respect a bodyguard who was so uncertain of his ability to protect his charge that he snarled like an attack dog at the slightest threat. It hadn't been in his nature, but after more than twenty years of living it had become more than a pretense.

Tactics are in his nature. Tactics and planning, and he latches onto that there is an end immediately.

"And how did the end make itself known last time?"
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If nothing else, it's a refreshing setting. People are so quick to get emotional that they are also quick to toss out their sense of reason, and Rey doesn't always know what to do with emotional people.

Fortunately, tactics is a common nature which she shares with this man. Even better.

"There is a room, and a couple of bodies. They had been dead for some time. After awhile, things return to normal. I don't know how or why, but they do."

Without another word, Rey just walks past Corvo and into the hallway, as if it was supposed to be obvious where she was headed now. Because those cadavers aren't going to find themselves, now are they?
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Corvo gets emotional. He just does so after the fact. He has yet to encounter a situation where danger is thwarted by crying or yelling at it, so he gives a small motion of his shoulder that may be a roll and may be a shrug and follows after.

"Were the bodies of people who had been brought to the ship, like ourselves?"

It occurs to him after the fact that such a question may seem morbid. Rey, though, does not seem the type to mind.
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If that's what he assumed, Corvo would be right about that. Fortunately Rey doesn't easily offend.

"Negative. The incident occurred three months after our arrival. The bodies wouldn't decompose that fast. Not with the jumps."

No, the jumps added another confusing factor into the mix -- why weren't they a splattered mess, like all of the others? Why did the creatures that roamed the science department survive as well?

"Wonder if people truly die if they miss the jumps, or if it's something else that gets to them." You're probably not the first one to speculate this, Rey.
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"Something? Like the creatures that killed that little girl?"

Rey would have to forgive him; little girls in peril were a particular sore point for him, and as it was one of the first things he saw on the network after arriving Chase's demise had rather stuck with him.

"Wasn't there a man who managed to broadcast his death to the ship? Unless our something is invisible."

Yes, he watched the recording when people started passing it around as reason not to sit the jumps out. It wasn't pleasant.

"I suppose we'll find out, if we don't make it back in time."