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CHARACTERS: Ensemble production!
LOCATION: Genetics department.
WARNINGS: Body horror, encounters, graphic imagery, violence, ROUSes.
SUMMARY: Being killed and/or killing, getting into trouble. Notes on the genetics lab.
NOTES: Open to all!

Just as you thought the corridors would go on forever, they open up to a new area. A place you're sure you shouldn't have missed, it looks so different from anything else you've known— at least until you pass the doors and go inside.

Better watch out, there are things in here that are hungry. Maybe it'd be better if you took the lift back up to the main area...

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stilinski - OTA - action or prose!

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This, really is not what he was expecting. In the slightest. Hell, Stilinski had only briefly stepped into the science department but at least that seemed kind of familiar. He'd seen laboratories before, seen what a CSI team could do.

But this was...

He lifts a hand to his face, presses the wrist of his coat to his nose. It's smells like death in here, he's smelled it enough times, and the copper tang of blood is so heavy on the air that for one wild moment he thinks he might vomit. He's not sure if that's because he hasn't eaten in what could have been a week by now.

Sense tells him to turn around.

Curiousity takes him deeper into the genetics department.
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Rey is used to the smell.

...Rey has also woken up in a morgue before, surrounded by her own corpses. She has seen her bodies undergo several stages of decay in rows of body bags laid out before her. So of course the smell of this place doesn't bother her.

Not like some people -- or this man she sees when she looks over her shoulder, half-expecting claws and teeth and rotting skin. No, his face is just about green with his own sick. She may not feel the same, but she can certainty sympathize.

She had been wandering for some time, and somewhere along the way she had gotten lost again. This time, there was blood on her hands.

Which sort of puts her into something of a situation when it comes to meeting complete strangers in times like these.

"There are things that don't want you here."

Because things that attack you generally share that sentiment.
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Stilinski feels his nerves go into overdrive, because to him, when he sees someone covered in blood his first reaction is what, where, stabilize. His gaze goes to the blood, then rises to her face (cataloguing hair color, height, weight, significant markings-).

"What happened to you?" He asks, and his voice isn't low because he doesn't know any better.

Not yet.
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She runs her hand down her face -- an attempt to wipe the blood, only to wind up smearing it across her cheek.

At first glance it's difficult to say, but the blood is both a mixture of her own and a recent kill or two. She hasn't checked to see where it has even begun to hurt.


As if such a precise retort is meant to be so elucidating.
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That could mean any number of things, but generally, pests for someone like Stilinski would be a termite infestation or a couple of kids engaging in some hapless property damage. It didn't come with that much blood, or that kind of look on a person's face.

"Are you hurt?" He asks, stepping toward her, his gaze flicking away from her and around the room before returning.
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He moves closer -- her immediate response would have been to step back, but she's frozen where she stands.

Rey instinctively slips her left arm behind her back. The sleeve of her jumpsuit has been ripped off with teeth marks and blood dripping down.

"Feels fine. Saw more of them deeper in, however. Many of them. Filthy things."

Her teeth clenched down as she realized that the feeling in her arm was starting to sting a lot more than it should.
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He isn't convinced, if not only because she hides the injury from him, but he glances back into her face. It's hard to tell if she's talking about whatever attacked her, or the other passengers.

"Let me take a look at you," He asks, holding out his hand for her hidden arm.
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Her eyes narrow. She isn't completely oblivious to social cues, and knows skepticism when she hears it in that tone of his, sees it in his body language. It's amazing what she learns about people when she can't forget things, while understanding so little about them at the same time.

After a pause, she drops her bloodied arm at her side, revealing the sleeve that's been torn all the way up to her elbow. It's been marred by some nasty-looking teeth marks. "It isn't fatal." But that's not the point, is it? The point is-- "More will probably come, though. This place is infested."

She doesn't need superhuman senses like her brother to be able to tell that. Just a soldier's intuition.
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That's a nasty wound, but it looks like something tried to take a bite out of her. He stares for a moment and tries to comprehend why animal attacks seem to be following him before he remembers what he's seen in the halls. What he's heard. His gaze goes back to her face.

"Infest with what?"
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It sure is. But Rey has suffered worse. Try walking away from a headshot or being hit by a speeding car doing 60MPH and see just how badly a few little bites hurt.

Well, they aren't so little -- or few. But to Rey a little bit of blood and pain is nothing more than a minor flesh wound. No big deal.

"Rats, I believe." She speaks firmly when she looks at him. Very serious business.