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CHARACTERS: Ensemble production!
WARNINGS: Injury, sickness, body horror, etc.
SUMMARY: Treatments, related events.
NOTES: Open to all!

After a weeks lost in the ship and a climactic end, it's no wonder sick bay is bustling with activity. Lets hope there are enough doctors to go around.

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AM is sick :[ - OTA

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Those damned rats. Was this rabies that he had? Perhaps. But the symptoms were too quick. It could be worse. Space rabies. If such a thing existed.

He had tried to fight through the sickness, but it hurt too much. He was too weak, too pathetic, all because of a damned rodent. The wound on his leg had been bandaged to some degree, but it didn't stop how horrid he felt. Any fear that AM might have had from dying of whatever afflicted him was there, but he could hardly focus on it. All he wanted was the pain to go away. The vomiting to stop. The migraine to subside.

And he hoped. He hoped with all of his being, whatever part wasn't fearing his death from this disease, that his enemies wouldn't find him like this. More specifically, those like Ted and Wheatley. They both wanted him dead, of course, and could easily take advantage of this state and do him in.

All he could do was rest. Pray that the sleep would ease some of the pain, but that it wouldn't be a permanent sleep. And because of that, he probably got much less sleep than he should have. He was too afraid that if he closed his eyes, they would never open again.
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Filthy things.

All of them were -- simply a swarm of filth as they had lunged at her in groups when she had found herself there. Fortunately she gave them quite a fight, scorched a couple with her skin but nothing more. Not at the risk of setting herself on fire as well.

Rey was afraid of letting anyone touch her afterwards. She had not made use of the Brísingamen, or the energy that lived inside of her. She had control for now... didn't quite overdo it as she had worried.

Soon Rey was in the medbay, trying to stay awake. Uncomfortable, but that could almost be considered normal for her.

Not far from her bed was a familiar face, at least.

"Lost?" As in, AM looked just about as sick as she did. Similar symptoms, so perhaps he had found himself in that same place.
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How many people had been bitten by those annoying creatures? AM hadn't bothered to count how many occupied beds there were because he didn't care. He just wanted these migraines to stop.

At least when Rey had spoken to him, his head was feeling slightly better, so he was able to wearily look in her direction and speak to her.

"You could say that, yes." It was clear to him that she was sick as well.

"I take it the rats got to you."
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"Yes." There's a slight hint that differs from her usual tone, one that almost necessitates a duh tacked on at the end. Because Rey despises the medbay. Hates being stuck here for the few times that she has been. Sick. Hurt.

May as well have just turned blue and withered away when she had the chance.

"There were plenty more there when I left."

Something to keep in mind if she ever plans a little extermination run, futile as it may be.
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AM was more indifferent to the med bay itself. He took items from it here and there for his own needs and curiosity, but actually being a patient here was something he quite disliked. Not that he experienced it too often, fortunately.

But it's easy to see that Rey didn't enjoy her stay here either. Who did? Who could possibly enjoy such a sickness? Maybe there was a small pang of delight in AM's core at seeing Rey, who seemed to impervious to damage, suffering in the medical bay, but it was overruled by how awful his body felt.

"Put some poison down for those bastards or something. I'm not going through this again." If he survived this, that is. Because truthfully he didn't know if he was going to, having little frame of reference for this kind of sickness and pain.
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It was through some combination of extraordinary luck and Corvo's help that Soysauce had managed to emerge from that laboratory without any bites -- though he hadn't escaped completely unscathed. A few deep scratches from the manticores claws have left gouges down his leg, and there's still a half-healed bite from a manticore on his shoulder, quite sore every time he moves. But ah -- he's not sick, at least. So he can't complain.

Soysauce had emerged from the maze fairly early, gotten his injuries patched up and out of the way -- and he was back in the med bay to have his injuries checked on and get his bandanges changed. Just so the medical bay staff could make sure there weren't going to be any infections.

It was quite busy at the medbay though, and Soysauce peered around the area as he waited for things to quiet down a bit -- eyes widening when he recognized one of the people stuck resting in the numerous cots and beds.

"Mister AM!" A soft, surprised call before Soysauce trotted over -- his movements slightly ginger as he tried to keep from jostling his injuries too much -- and stood beside AM's bed, his expression appropriately tinged with concern. "You're ill? Will you be alright?"
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It had been a couple days at least. AM didn't actually know how long, as he was mostly in a haze of migraines, trying to sleep whenever he could. (Whenever Wheatley wasn't making a complete ruckus, thus making sleep impossible.)

It was one of those times when AM was in some state between wake and sleep, when he heard his name from a familiar voice. Turning his head (which felt like lead), he did recognize Soysauce. Ah, of course. Part of him felt relief that Soysauce had shown concern for him (because, after all, he needed Soysauce to trust him), but the other part hated him being here because he just wanted sleep.

"Soy..." It was soft when AM spoke his name, his voice hoarse and his lips dry and cracked. "What a terrible way to die... Bitten by a damned rat."

As far as AM knew, he was going to die here. And he didn't have the energy to fight it. He didn't have the energy to be absolutely livid about it (perhaps part of him wanted it, the deeper recesses of his mind). The human body, for all the pleasure it could feel, could feel just as much, if not more pain. And it was times like now that he absolutely loathed this body, the spaceship, everything about this situation.
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There's something incredibly unnerving about seeing AM -- someone usually so strong, so confident, seemingly so impenetrable -- looking so sick and vulnerable. Soysauce can't help looking concerned as he scoots a little closer to AM's bedside, trying to hear those muttered words over the hum of machinery and the beep of various medical devices.

"... bitten by a rat." A pause as the words sink in, and Soysauce leans against the bedframe to ease some of the aching tension in his still-healing shoulder. "Ah, in the laboratory. I'm so sorry to hear that -- it certainly was hectic in there."

A nervous fidget as he looks over the rest of the medical bay. AM doesn't seem to be the only one suffering from this strange illness, but that's not much consolation. Although -- the fact that the atmosphere in the med bay is simply busy, rather than panicking, is probably good?

"Um -- to think that this would be lethal, though, is a little drastic, isn't it?" He tries to give a reassuring smile, fidgeting with the bandages patching over the various cuts and scraps over his arms. "It looks like the people here know what's going on, how to help. Surely they'll be able to make things better, yes?"
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It was a disease he couldn't identify directly, and the symptoms were drastic enough where AM feared he would die. His ultimate goal was to protect his life, ensure his own survival, so such a threat made him assume the worst. Soysauce saying such a reaction was "drastic" should have been a relief, but instead it just made him feel worse. Soysauce was horribly unintelligent, he didn't know what he was talking about.

Closing his eyes and scowling, all he muttered in response was "I feel like death." The stasis sickness didn't compare, at least not until its later stages. So, he hardly had a frame of reference.

On the bed, AM shifted a bit, lifting an arm to move some of his long hair out of the way, for his back was crushing it, tugging on his scalp when he had turned his head. (He should have kept it braided for this little stint in the med bay, really, but it was too late now.)

He didn't notice Soysauce's injury through the searing pain of his migraine, nor would he have particularly cared. Had he been at all up to it, he could have used it for manipulative leverage of some sort, but it was so hard to think now. He never had this problem in his old body, never had searing pain that hurt his systems and hindered his ability to think. So far removed from the life he had known for centuries.
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"Ah -- if there's anything I could do to help ..." Gosh, this certainly looked bleak. Brows furrowing in worry, Soysauce quietly watched the way AM shifted in discomfort -- chewing on his lip for a moment as he tried to think of something appropriate to say. AM hadn't seemed too comforted by his suggestion that this illness wasn't actually fatal, and he couldn't really think of anything to say that would have actually held persuasive clout that he'd get better soon.

Well, perhaps he could try and lessen AM's discomfort a bit? It was the least he could do for a friend, right? His own injuries were mercifully easy to deal with, so it was only natural that he should try and ease the difficulties for others.

There was the soft creak of the bed as Soysauce perched at the very edge of it -- reaching forward to gingerly brush some stray strands of hair out of AM's face. He could see how it was tugging uncomfortably against AM's head, pinned down against the mattress; he didn't often see AM with his hair unbraided, and he didn't realize before just how long it was.

"Would you like me to braid your hair for you, sir? It might help keep it a bit out of the way, at least?" He tried to give a comforting smile as he leaned against the mattress, moving gingerly to avoid straining the bandaged injuries on his arm too much.
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ghdfhghasdhrse yes all of the hair logs

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It was times like this when AM wasn't sure why he had kept his hair so long. He shaved meticulously each day (though now with a couple days here in the medical bay he was developing a bit of stubble) but never bothered to trim his hair. Usually it was braided while he slept so it didn't get in the way, but now it seemed to annoy him at every turn. Yet another thing he hated about this sickness, about being confined to this bed in the medical bay.

Even so, it was still a slight surprise to hear that gentle offer from Soysauce. He really tried so hard to please, didn't he?

It would be nice, AM supposed. Bracing one hand on the mattress and another on the post, he dragged himself up to a sitting position, though the room seemed to swim when he did so, almost like he was inebriated. But it was a horribly painful inebriation, and the migraine just increased tenfold. He emitted a gasp of pain as a result and grasped his forehead, feeling it pulse within his fingers.

God, he was so vulnerable right now. If he didn't die from this, then surely someone would kill him. There were people on the ship who hated him, could easily take this opportunity to end his life. It was so hard to think now, that all he really could think about was how he was going to die. And with how weak he was, he slumped forward a little bit, head still resting within his hand.
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"Ah, please don't push yourself!" Soysauce couldn't help giving a small start when AM sat up laboriously, looking to be in so much pain. That illness certainly hadn't taken things easy with him, had it? That gasp of pain practically made his own head hurt, and Soysauce hovered worried beside AM's desk -- he very much wanted to rub at AM's shoulder, try and at least make it clear that he was here as support. But something told him that AM wouldn't react particularly well to that sort of physical contact when it hadn't been called for.

So the best he could do was linger by AM's bedside until it looked like the worst of the pain had subsided. Speaking softly to keep from exacerbating the headache that was no doubt pounding through AM's skull, "Please let me know if there's anything I could do, or anything I could get you to help?"

And he kept his movements slow, steady to keep from aggravating AM as he perched at the edge of the bed behind where AM sat.

Reaching up to gingerly draw back that of hair, pulling back the stray strands that had slipped over AM's shoulders or against his temples. There was a practiced sort of ease in the way he slowly combed his fingers to ease out the tangles, parting it into three strands. Movements pausing once in a while as he looked up at AM's broad back, at his profile from behind to make sure he didn't look too violently ill.
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Maybe it was a good idea for him to sit up. Maybe not. AM had medical knowledge, but knew nothing about what afflicted him, so all of his actions were purely for palliative reasons. While sitting up felt less than ideal, perhaps it would feel better in the long run if all of that hair was out of the way.

Truthfully, he couldn't think of anything Soysauce could do to help other than what he was doing at the moment. While he didn't think of it, a backrub probably would have been welcomed, though he would have violently flexed away from such contact if it had surprised him. "No... You're doing enough."

As the fingers softly raked through his hair, they stumbled upon a tight tangle, causing a horrible tug on his scalp. He winced from the pain, facial muscles clenching even more, hands gripping tightly at his sheets. Part of him wanted to shove Soysauce away, but truthfully it was all just a large myriad of pain that he couldn't even focus on who was causing it.
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Soysauce went about the task as gently as he possibly could, his movements slow and delicate to keep from jostling anything, but it was inevitable that his fingers would still meet a few stubborn tangles. Frowning as he gently worked out the kinks and knots, Soysauce focused only on the task at hand until he had the hair parted into three neat strands.

"... a good friend of mine back home, she always has her hair braided." He kept his voice soft and soothing, quiet to keep from exacerbating AM's headache, and his fingers skillfully braided AM's hair back. "It was horrible, the first time she asked me to do it for her. Had no idea what to do, and almost tore some of her hair out by accident. She was so angry at me!"

A soft chuckle as he gingerly tugged the braid tight, making sure it wouldn't come loose too easily. "Got the hang of it quickly enough, though. I think I do an alright job of it, now." It certainly should have felt like he was doing a good enough job, his knuckles brushing lightly against AM's back as he continued braiding.
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If AM had been anyone else, he might have found Soysauce's little story to be sweet, affectionate, cute. But at the moment, especially with his headache, he cared nothing for it. Even though the words were soft, almost soothing in sound, AM would have preferred silence. But he said nothing to it, as he only barely listened.

At least Soysauce knew what he was doing; it took AM quite a while for him to figure out how to do his own hair, having fumbled many times along the way, but he didn't care about how it looked right now. As long as it didn't hurt. He had nothing to say to Soysauce, though. Couldn't even manage to voice a "thank you" at the moment. Though he did manage to grunt an "Mm" in acknowledgement that he was being spoken to.

He felt a slight shiver run up his spine, though, as Soysauce's knuckles glazed across his back. Only a flimsy hospital gown and some underwear were what he wore, but it was still almost a surprise to feel the cold, hard knuckles against the opening in his back. He twitched in response, arching his back slightly backwards until he slumped forward again, shoulders rising and falling with each breath.