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we lived in another world

LOCATION: Passengers' Quarters, one of the common rooms.
WARNINGS: Possible language? (Anything else will be added later.
SUMMARY: Meet-and-greet for all of the new passengers so they can figure out names and what to do.

The passengers' quarters had been home for the past two days, something nicer than a small bed on an airship but not enough for someone who might have spent their lives in luxury. It was almost militarized and everything looked the same. Nothing stood out or brought some added life to the scenery around them. But the ship around the room seemed alive, breathing, a massive entity that no one quite knew what to do with. It was a labyrinth waiting to be uncovered.

But first things are first, after all. Wandering around is dangerous without a little help. That's why the meeting was called in the first place. Even in an unknown atmosphere, an unknown time, things can still change and get better with some cooperation.

There are couches and a table in the center. There are a few added chairs as well for people to sit. There's a kitchen nearby (but it won't be used unless anyone's found food) and a few doors stand open where there are empty passenger bedrooms.

This is home. For now.

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She had taken to wandering the past few days. It was a discovery of inexplicable energy that she had found once she weaned herself off of the abrupt disorientation from the crude awakening.

She wasn't asleep anymore. This much she was certain, which wasn't saying a whole lot. And while no semblance to a damn name had come to mind yet, a certain, foreign dream was seriously starting to stick to her head. It tagged at the roots and struggled with her inner memory.

This was not another dream.

Not so inclined to quickly join the group and mingle, she was one of those who was prone to lingering on the outside boundaries. At the very least, now was a good time to get her bearings on who to remotely trust, and who to stay away from. It was difficult to pass judgment at this time, either way.

The woman with the scars on her face just pressed her back to the wall, hands in the pockets of her shirt; her posture seemingly uncomfortable even though it was impossible for her to ever relax, anyway.

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Not inclined to join in the mingling, you say? Don't worry then, the mingling would come to you (whether you like it or not).

In the form of an ex-robot alien who zeroed in on the woman's uncomfortable posture like targeting programs on a seeker's aft. Heatwave wandered over with am amiable grin and movements that kept his hands in sight but low. The polite way to approach a Cybertronian you didn't know was friendly, when they didn't know if you had weapons in your hands or not.

"Hello. I am Heatwave. You're here for the meeting, aren't you?"
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Not quite up to speed with the social habits of others, she didn't think much that her presence might also call for someone's attention. Of course, drifting away from the group was more so counterproductive.

She regarded the stranger with a brief glance up and down. He seemed normal enough. That name, however, did not. Could be another alias -- or codename. Seemed a few around here had those. If not that, then there was always the alternative. She had seen the responses over the network; people who had changed in body.

Is that what happened to her?

Dammit, he was talking.

"I am." Despite the introduction, she had no name to give in return.

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Heatwave took the scrutiny easily. She had to have a reason for staying away from everyone, and the lack of an offered name just convinced him she was the cautious sort. It just motivated him to try harder to be friendly.

They all needed to know they could work together, if not trust each other. It was like the early days of the war all over again, except without Megatron there to pull them together.

"Did you want to get an idea about who you'd be working with? I think that's why most of 'em are here. It's less about organizing our skills and more about feeling each other out. I hope Ra-l Mayer doesn't mind."
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She considered the question for a moment, eyes narrowing in thought. She had already taken note of the people around her; she knew just as much about these people as she knew about herself.

Frustrating as hell as it was, it seemed prudent to get her bearings.

"I think so, too. People keep saying how we should 'work together', but all seem vague as to how."

For the most part, they wanted to get out, get "back".

Must be nice.

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"There's no directive. Once there's a goal, something to work toward that isn't a general get home, we'll start functioning better. We just need that push."

It would probably help if the captain would take charge. Orders went a long way at this stage, and if he wasn't careful someone might start doing it for him. The idea of that sort of dissent made Heatwave uneasy. He didn't want to fight another war here.

Still, Heatwave was and sounded confident that things would work out. There were smart people here, good people. It would work. "What is it you can do? Your skills, I mean. Do you know?"
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A directive.

That was exactly what she needed. Something to point her in the right direction, that didn't involve aimless wandering through corridors and questions with limited/impossible answers.


"I can see your point."

She hadn't really stopped to consider her skill sets. Everyone had something, didn't they? They wouldn't have any use for useless people.

A scene flickered in her head. A brief flash, yes, but a glimpse was all she needed as the words rise up, like instinct: "...I can fight."

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Heatwave's grin twisted a little bitterly, and his eyes hooded, but he kept smiling, nodded, and it wasn't faked. "That usually becomes useful at some point. Do you specialize? I think I heard someone talking about starting a security force. You could talk to them."

He couldn't give her a direction himself, but he could at least try and give her a place that might help. It was important to have a function.
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Her eyes closed momentarily, her hands upturned for a moment as if she was holding something. But all she could think about was how that something was missing.

I'm naked had been the first thought when she came to in this place. And she hadn't been talking about clothes.

"Rifles." She reopened her eyes. "Long-ranged firearms, mostly. For military."


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"I don't know the name of the guy who was discussing it, but he had black hair longer than mine and he was white." Pale, Heatwave meant, but that word didn't connect to skin tones yet. He'd only ever used it for the color of optics.

"Do you want me to point him out so you can talk to him on your own time? Or would you rather wait and settle in?"

Heatwave tilted his head expectantly. It didn't even cross his mind that he might come across as pushy, or that maybe this woman wasn't ready to go job-hunting yet. He wanted to help.
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Considering all of the people here, that was a pretty vague description. She shared a quiet, guarded look briefly before crossing her arms back over her chest.

"I think sooner would be better." She found herself to be impatient -- not to mention a little irritable. But she imagined that quite a few of them were.

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"I'll take you to him, then. I think he's still around here."

Heatwave wasn't bothered by the irritation. He'd lead to to where the man had been talking, and let her go from there.

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She hesitated, before letting two very alien words come out: "Thank you."

It didn't feel like the kind of thing she would normally say, but it seemed appropriate as they parted ways.

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