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we lived in another world

LOCATION: Passengers' Quarters, one of the common rooms.
WARNINGS: Possible language? (Anything else will be added later.
SUMMARY: Meet-and-greet for all of the new passengers so they can figure out names and what to do.

The passengers' quarters had been home for the past two days, something nicer than a small bed on an airship but not enough for someone who might have spent their lives in luxury. It was almost militarized and everything looked the same. Nothing stood out or brought some added life to the scenery around them. But the ship around the room seemed alive, breathing, a massive entity that no one quite knew what to do with. It was a labyrinth waiting to be uncovered.

But first things are first, after all. Wandering around is dangerous without a little help. That's why the meeting was called in the first place. Even in an unknown atmosphere, an unknown time, things can still change and get better with some cooperation.

There are couches and a table in the center. There are a few added chairs as well for people to sit. There's a kitchen nearby (but it won't be used unless anyone's found food) and a few doors stand open where there are empty passenger bedrooms.

This is home. For now.

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After being directed over here by a guy who called himself Heatwave, she found herself listening to the voice of the first person she had met in this place.

"So you're the one talking about a security force?" Said his name was Kanoe Zouichi. She'd have to remember that. "I think you might have my interest piqued."

She didn't quite have a resume in mind -- not like the one Zouichi had, in any case. But she knew some things. Felt some things. Enough to realize that sitting on her ass, doing nothing was not her thing.
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Zouichi glanced at her, curious. "That would be me. Like I said before, we had something similar where I came from, and it helped dispel a few problems. When people come from worlds as different from each other as they are here, there tend to be... misunderstandings. Especially under high-stress situations, where everyone's a little more high-strung than usual."

He smiled slightly. "So, are you a fellow officer? Or just someone who wants to help?"
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"Can't say I blame them." She hadn't exactly been overjoyed since she awakened here. Only it had less to do with separation anxiety and more to do with the fact that her head spun like a damn carousel.

Not to mention the oftentimes lingering stench of dead bodies that haunted her senses.

"Just someone who wants to help." She didn't know if she could, but she sometimes felt like she could. Those instincts were all she had to go off of, for now.
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He nodded. "I don't know if there'll be a lot of interest at first, but I'll be happy to share what I know with any other volunteers. Do you have any experience with firearms, close-combat training, that sort of thing?"

Come to think of it, perhaps Zouichi should acquire some slightly less lethal weapons. He supposed if push came to shove, he could hit someone with the butt of his gun, but maybe the ship's armory (if one existed) would contain some energy weapons capable of stunning an unruly stranger instead.
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"Something like that." She didn't have any kind of resume lined up like he did, but it was better than nothing at all. "Firearms. Long-ranged weapons. I can handle those."

She didn't care what she had to do at this point; a screaming part of her, like instinct, needed to do something. Make use of herself. It almost came to her like a dysfunctional craving.
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Well, that made his job easier. "In that case, I spotted some Sen-- some holodecks in the Passengers' Quarters. I believe we should be able to make use of those for exercises. We can meet there tomorrow, if you like."

Zouichi wasn't an expert in human interaction, but her terse way of conversing suggested someone who was businesslike and in a hurry. "Your name?"
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Her eyes narrowed briefly; her brows kitted when she nodded. "Sure. I don't have any pressing plans for tomorrow."

She felt her throat hitch at the question; one which begged for an answer. For the most part, she had done what she can to keep a down low on her identity -- or lack of one. But this was not a network, open to just anyone. With the exception of potential eavesdroppers, she was safe here.

Sort of.

"I don't really know."
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He blinked. "Well, I believe we all experienced some memory loss when we came here. Is it possible that the effects of yours are simply lingering a little while longer? Or is this a pre-existing condition?"

On the old TV shows he had watched with Howard, people would lose and regain their memories within the span of thirty minutes. Of course, that wasn't how memory worked in reality. Someone could live for twenty years believing they were still eighteen, for instance, or lose only a single day, with seemingly no additional ill effects.
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She shrugged casually. "I don't know." Way to sound like a broken record. "If it was, I'd probably remember. But that'd defeat the point of not remembering anything, wouldn't it?"

It kind of put her in for a loop, right there.
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"Maybe. Well, if there's a name you can think of that you like, I can call you that until you remember your real one."

Always assuming, of course, that she'd eventually remember her real one.
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She scoffed despite herself, her arms folded. A guarded gesture. "Like make one up, you mean?"

Even that would be a little much to ask for.
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"Something like that. I guess the alternative is to call you 'you', but I think that would get confusing in combat situations."

Or he could make up a name!
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"I can see the disadvantages of that. You got any ideas?"

Because "Jane Doe" doesn't sound very legit, and it was all she had.
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There was a pause.

"...Deunan?" Yeah, don't let Zouichi name things.
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She shrugged. "Sure, we'll go with that."

Maybe she's still a little too loopy in the head to be able to recognize silliness when it's glaring at her in the face. It wasn't like she had much room to pick and choose.
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"All right, then. I'm Zouichi. Pleased to meet you." He held out a hand; she did handshakes, right? She looked like someone who might do handshakes. "Hopefully we'll all get back home before we know it. But if not, at least we can keep ourselves busy for a little while."
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There was an initial moment of confusion as she stared at his hand, like What am I supposed to do with this?

It took another moment of processing basic human communication and gestures to realize what a handshake was.



That was something just then, wasn't it?

"You, too." Handshake. Getting that right. Even if it was a bit of a firm grip. "Sounds good. It's better than sitting on my thumbs, anyway."
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If she had too firm a grip, he didn't notice. "Sorry, what? 'Sitting on your thumbs'?"

If the multiverse had somehow conspired to set two nonhumans trying to act human in the same room, then it had a pretty elaborate sense of humor.
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That stare again.

"...I'm not sure. I might've heard someone say it somewhere." She gave it some thought. "I'm pretty sure it means sitting around, doing nothing. Or something like that."
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"Ah. I wonder what thumbs have to do with it. Though I suppose if you did sit on your thumbs, you wouldn't be able to move your hands."

Now it was making sense! Well, as much as idioms ever did.
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She rested a hand on her hip, considering... "That must be what the general idea is about."

Woman still had just about as much to catch up on, herself.
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Zouichi smiled. "Must be. Okay, I think I've seen enough here; I think I'm going to head back and explore some more of the ship. Nice meeting you."