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and you know that it's all in your head

LOCATION: Genetics Department
WARNINGS: Cray Cibo doin' cray science.
SUMMARY: After spending many many many hours within the newly discovered labs, Cibo's going kind of wonky.

Statistics. Facts. Figures. Constants. Variables. Processing. Compressing.

Cibo's mind had been working hard in attempt to process any data the computers within the labs would spit out for her. She'd long since began running tests on her own genetic samples, which she knew by memory, just to compare it against the machines inaccuracies. Because maybe if she could calibrate them properly then she would learn more about the creatures on board the ship... Maybe.

That might have also explained her abrupt distance from her friends as of late. Since sleeping with Scout nearly another week ago, she had been back in the labs to clear them of rats and run diagnostics on the computers. Also using whatever rats she killed or captured to begin running tests on them for durability, tolerances, genetic makeup and mutations; The Works.

And though she probably sent out a message to a few friends just to check up on them or possibly commented to something over the network; If anyone actually decided to come down to the labs, they'd be quick to notice her exhaustion. Definitely not in her right state-of-mind.

Definitely something a little different.
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Rey's last trip around these parts didn't end so well; it was a surprise that she was even there at all. But then, Cibo wasn't the only one dealing with the wrong side of her state-of-mind.

It was no wonder why Rey needed a cigarette to calm her nerves, though. Seemed that she needed to be doing a lot of that these days. But it helped and it got her mind off of the matters she'd rather not be dwelling on.

Which was to say that she'd rather not be thinking about how, not too long ago, she had found herself in this place before. Ambushed. Teeth gnawing into her like she was some kind of beef cuisine. She had patrols, though. She had places to check up on. Moreover, she would like nothing more than to make sure that every last one of those disgusting things didn't see the light of life again.

Rey was about to turn and head back out of the place as soon as she was there when she noticed some movement...

Well, Cibo wasn't doing a whole lot of that. But it caught Rey's attention nevertheless.

"Slept?" Rey didn't know why she would suspect that Cibo hadn't, or why she'd have even cared. Just another one of life's greatest mysteries, one would suppose.