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A Meeting

CHARACTERS: Eric Owens & Rey
LOCATION: the oxygen gardens
WARNINGS: god only knows
SUMMARY: He gets antsy sometimes and goes wandering. She just happens to be the most interesting thing he's seen today.
NOTES: ribbons are hard to sew onto leather purses, fyi

Despite the fact that the chicken thief was long gone, and the crime scene cold as the balls of an Antarctic researcher, Eric still worked the gardens into his daily routine. Or was the culprit a chicken murderer? He wasn't sure anymore, and it was an argument of semantics, anyway. The patrol was getting longer and longer lately, and he was wandering further from his room every time, finding ways to work a little more of the common areas of the ship into his little "walks." That was what he called them, should anyone get curious. So far, no one had. Suited him just fine.

Of course, there was no reason not to enjoy himself, either. And being one to follow his whims, Eric found himself on this particular afternoon up one of the trees in the oxygen gardens. His excuse would have been that it was a good vantage point, had any of his own team been on board to witness his climb. Sadly, they weren't...and he had begun in the last couple of months to miss them sincerely.

It wasn't a terribly large tree, but it held his weight easily, and if he were on a planet with an atmosphere and a sun, the leaves would have provided a lovely respite from the warmth, and the breeze would have wafted charmingly through the branches. Sadly, he wasn't on a planet, and there was no breeze there in the temperature controlled room. If there had been, he could have taken a nap. Which would have defeated the purpose of a patrol, but who was there to say that it couldn't be put on hold, anyway?
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Rey had walks of her own -- or "patrols", as it were. More like biding her time until whatever happens, happens. An occurrence that seemed to happen from time to time around here.

Was she surprised that today was not one of them? Not really. It didn't affect her ability to use the lift, or wander the halls. It didn't daunt her paranoia or hinder in her everyday routine. She was just out.


At the end of the day (or night, or whatever. Like that kind of thing even matters anymore), Rey did not have a room to return to. She did not have a warm bed or a space to call her own. Instead, she returned to someplace out in the open. It was calmer here, with the sounds of running waters and the smells of something more wild to set her mind at ease.

Whether it be recent events inspiring paranoia or just the fact that it was the Rey thing to do, there was that sense that she wasn't alone here once she had made it to her little "camp" (if you could call it that. Rey's bed was the ground. There was no fire, no sleeping bag, or anything to tip one off that a person had been living here). But then, she didn't have to be extremely observant to notice that there was something up there in the jungle trees.

Her hand reached for her gun purely on instinct, but not without reason behind it. She didn't make to pull it out or fire.

People are so strange. But then, Rey already suspected that.

"What are you doing?"