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no cover charge, come as you are...

LOCATION: Space Babylon
WARNINGS: Drunken Shenanigans
SUMMARY: No special occasion here, just an open post for anybody that frequents the space bar. mix and mingle, friends. put up open threads for your characters, or talk to Wichita Jo, or. whatever. anything goes!

[ when she'd texted Wichita about asking for her job back, the last thing she'd expected was to be told to take it over for a little while. But this was Wichita, and Jo trusted her privacy enough not to ask questions. the bar will be here when you get back and that was that. So for those who frequent the bar looking for Wichita, you won't find her. Instead, you'll find this blonde here who you've probably seen walking around - she's the only other bartender at this joint, after all.

And now she's running it. Which isn't as difficult as some might thing - sure, she's used to running this place with at least one other person (even back home, at least she had her mom), but Jo's had a lot on her mind and keeping busy helps her keep her head clear. She's bustling around the room, most likely, humming along to whatever vaguely eighties mix she's been able to put together. It's either that or she's behind the bar, mixing drinks and chatting it up like all good bartenders do. Or try to do. ]

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[ Benny's most basic needs are met oh-so-discretely by the angel on his shoulder, but all that does is get him through the day. It keeps him from starving, sure... but never quite sates his bestial nature as a vampire. For that, he would need to feel lifeblood pumping out over his lips and jagged teeth, salty sweet and hot with life he can never have again. His fangs were meant for tearing apart the frail living and practically anything else if those 50 years of fighting -- daily -- for his life in Purgatory had anything to say about how truly well skilled he was in the art of killing.

But at least as far as killing people is concerned, Benny doesn't do that no more. He's enlightened, for a bloodsucker.

For the days that he finds himself prowling the vast ship in the middle of an even more vast nothingness, when the walls seem to close in even on this enormous vessel, he goes in search for coffee. The stronger the better, taken black... no sugar. The kind that you had to wince your way through and enjoy a pep in your step for the long hours one spent awake when you didn't have to worry about sunlight dictating your curfew. Not that Benny minded being out in the sun, as long as he had a heavy jacket, hat and the thickest, darkest shades he could find.

Only problem was, he couldn't find a single place that sold it. He straightens up in his seat at the bar, brows furrowing at the blonde woman he recognized from his first transmission aboard this ship. ]

...Say again? [ Back up to that part about not serving coffee one more time. ]
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[ Could be he just hails from places so backwater that diners turn into watering holes after the kitchen closes, and all they do is just dim the lights and break out tumblers for beer and hard liquor. Wine glasses are rare and only for those with a date in a small town that lacks anything classier. Just the kind of place where one can remain anonymous for a time, no questions asked.

Benny leans forward in his seat, a smile dawning over his face as he recalls the woman behind the bar from her attitude alone. He always remembers to treat ladies like ladies, and a sweet spot for those with a little fire. No wilting flowers where he's from... they make them headstrong where he comes from.

Of course, could be they're the only ones he notices. Who cares... lively company it a nice distraction from the gnawing urge to hunt. ]

I stand corrected. What would you recommend?
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[ If he had even an inkling of knowledge that there were others outside of the angel and Dean who knew his vampiric nature, he would have withdrawn more into the shadows. But the light of humanity always draws him in, makes him feel that deep appreciation he has for life steel his nerves and recognize just how worthwhile a pursuit it was to fight what came naturally to his kind.

He needs humanity, and it ain't just for their blood. Living company is what keeps him human, even if it's only the memory of it in those long years in Purgatory. ]

You wanna tell me what it is?

[ He twists off the jar's cap, sniffs experimentally and wrinkles his nose as the scent almost burns off the fine dusting of hair on the inside of his sniffer. His eyes almost water at the smell. ]


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[ Coming back with his new memories and lal he has been through since he last was on the Tranquility really made him crave something. Something with a little kick to it. He vaguely remembers his friend Wichita working here at the bar, and vaguely does he remember the taste of alcohol.

Jake asserts himself into the bar, taking in the sights and expecting to see his friend here, who, if he asks nicely, might give him a drink since he's underage (though he did not think so. Being sixteen was a huge deal.)

He is wearing his jumpsuit which is something unusual considering he had some shorts and tee shirts in his locker, but he still keeps his thigh holsters strapped to his legs, carrying his twin guns with him.
In any case, he is rather surprised when he sees somebody else working here. Did he meet this girl before and he does not remember? There were a lot of things Jake had issues remembering. It was a constant problem, but the fact his memory of this place is foggy makes it even worse.

His nostrils flare as he takes a long, steady breath through his nose and puts his chin high in the air before striding to the bar and taking him a seat.
Like a big man, he talks, his usual accent wavering a little. ]

I'm gonna have a drink, m'am!

[ Yeah. He is. ]
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[ Jake kicks his feet a little, seeming a bit off guard when she asks him that question. Well, hm. He didn't think about this.
Shifting, he replies: ]

Well, gosh. I don't know.
Whatever is easiest for you to make, missus!
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[ Mixed or straight? What the hell?
Okay, all he could think of was James Bond. So in the smoothest voice possible, he leans forward on the counter with his elbow propped. ]

Shaken, not stirred.

[ Nice to know a kid with a sense of humor. He chuckles and rakes a hand through his hair. ]

Ummm. Actually, I don't know or care! Whatever you think best!
I'm actually just sort of here to talk to somebody.

[ It's your lucky day. ]
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[Alex is certainly not a regular of the establishment, but now is as good a time as any to start doing just that. After the very initial and very loud outburst broadcast to every single person on the Tranquility, it was time to draw back.

She is quiet, for once, with nary a hint of the bubbling words just underneath the surface. Not even the drink has loosened her tongue so far, even seated at the bar with good and quick access to it, but the night is young.]

Stupid wanker. [She eventually says to no one in particular.]
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Just men being men, you know? [Alex manages a smile, something that's not quite sardonic while not exactly bitter.] And this ship is filled with the worst sort; the stubborn, argumentative pigheaded ones.
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You think they have the technology to launch a giant tube into space. [The drinking comes with more ease, now, when her glass has sat there collecting congested beads of moisture before.] But nothing really effective to fix that manly attitude. Look at me, big hunk of a bloke. [Alex's voice goes deeper in a comic imitation of a certain someone. She may be trying to work some sort of a posh accent into it, too.] I don't anyone's help! Not loner wolf me.

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[Tyler's become a bit of a regular. It's not uncommon to find him in here, usually by himself, drinking more than a regular person probably should. It never effects him too much and he usually leaves and goes about his other business.

He's not sure how this became his routine -- it's a little sad actually. But so is just about everything else. It beats trying to deal with a lot of the things going on in his mind.

Which is why he's sitting at the bar, nursing his third space beer of the evening. At least he's not going for anything particularly hard tonight.
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Not particularly. [No harder than usual anyways. Just another day of pretending like he didn't get an overload of new memories that really suck and that he's totally okay thanks for asking.]
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[He laughs a little at that, nodding.]

That has to be it.

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s-sob so late but I was away when this went up!

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[Mordecai has heard by now, courtesy of the network, that Wichita is missing. Still, it's strange to walk into the bar and see someone else pouring drinks and know that it wasn't because she was just taking the night off, but that she was apparently missing. For someone he didn't know personally very well, he had certainly talked to her often enough. She knew his favorites by now, too - not that that had taken long, though, since he was in here a good portion of every day.

His bird spreads his wings for balance as Mordecai takes a seat at the bar, and nods to the woman working here today.]

Hey. Seen you here a couple times, but I never caught your name. I'm Mordecai.
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[Mordecai takes her hand and gives a firm shake and an easy smile.] Nice to meet you. An' it's good to see someone here keepin' glasses full.

[He stops himself before he can follow that with "while Wichita's gone," or something else like it, because that sounds like she'll be coming back. And he's been here long enough to know that not many people are that lucky, so pretending otherwise is pointless. Better to be pleasantly surprised if she returns than to assume she will and be disappointed.]
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Beer for now. Somethin' dark. [Harder stuff could wait, for now. There was still plenty of time left in the day, after all.]

Oh, an' a glass with ice for the bird.

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