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CHARACTERS: Severus Snape and OPEN.
LOCATION: The Oxygen Garden
WARNINGS: None as yet.
SUMMARY: Someone is just indulging his botanical interests! Nothing to see here!
NOTES: Action or Prose is fine.

As if slime, disorientation and nausea weren't bad enough, flashbacks and nightmares definitely made it far worse. His subconscious had apparently formed a connection between the horror of his almost-death and these jumps; a development that was definitely going to be nipped in the bud if at all possible, which is why Severus Snape, former Hogwarts Potions master was currently in the Oxygen Garden, looking over the varieties of plants and insects. He could have simply gone to the Medbay and asked for sleeping pills, but Snape was never a person to condescend to use muggle medicine when he could be painstakingly brewing a complicated magical potion, even under these less than optimal conditions.

Prior to this excursion, he had procured or conjured bags, envelopes and boxes of various sizes in which to place his ingredients (provided of course, that he found them), stowing them in the pockets of his jumpsuit (and also places where there weren't pockets), giving him a somewhat lumpy appearance. He missed his concealing voluminous robes, not for the first or last time. This was the first time he'd sought the Oxygen Garden out and he had to admit he was a little bit daunted by the sheer size of the place, wondering if it would prove necessary to make use of Summoning Charms. (Accio wormwood!). An emergency option, perhaps, as he would prefer to continue to conceal his magical abilities (oneupmanship of pushy pirates notwithstanding). For the time being, he was just hunting for what he needed.

He may be in there for a while.
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While Rey was no longer what one would define as homeless, she still frequented the Gardens. Regardless of her efforts to talk to people, the actual mingling part just wasn't her thing. But the plants and foliage was about the closest thing that brought Rey a sense of familiarity, so she stuck to them. Studied them. Maybe tried to remember sometimes, until it hurt her head and burned her eyes.

Then, she slept.

Which did not last long.

When she woke up, she started to hear the presence of someone else in the Gardens. Not sure who they were or feeling inclined to announce herself, Rey stuck to the plants, but idly began to approach the sounds of the other like the creep she is.