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CHARACTERS: Ensemble production!
LOCATION: The Cyllene.
WARNINGS: Disturbing content, injury, graphic imagery, death etc.
SUMMARY: Exploration and looting of a luxury-class death maze.
NOTES: Open to all! Network discovery is HERE. Have fun forward and back-dating, but don't forget to check the timelines!

The Cyllene welcomes you with bright lights and luxury interiors, kitchens stocked with every food you could desire, bedrooms outfitted with lush furnishings, closets full of the finest clothes. Take your fill - there's no one here to stop you, and it's easy to overlook the sense of emptiness, the plates of half-eaten food and media devices still playing like the viewer only just stepped out a moment ago. The unwelcoming feeling crawling up the back of your neck is just that, a feeling — so there's no sense in letting it dissuade you from enjoying everything the Cyllene has to offer, is there?

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(DAY TWO) OPEN → Lounge

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She had been probing for various media and culture when the doors snap shut.

At first it's no head-turning event. Rey doesn't pay much mind to it. So far she has been gathering an assortment of supplies in the duffle bag she carries, between clothes and music and some food that the Tranquility couldn't regularly provide. A few minutes later once she's done here, however, she starts to make her leave.

Only not.

The automatic door stays put. She pounds against it, her hard fists creating dents in the clean metal but to no avail. Nothing happens.

Dropping the duffle bag at her side, Rey looks for an out. There are no other doors leading out from here, leaving her cornered in this little room.

Rey does not have much of an imagination, though the thought of being stuck here long enough to be left behind does cross her mind. Especially after pacing and hitting the wall for what feels like a long enough time...

Then just like that, as quickly as it locked her in, the doors whipped open.

Turning around, something was already standing there at the doorway.

It's not the first time Rey has seen something like this. Black and fluid, shifting like something that doesn't exist but is tangible. She thought at the time that the illusion had just slipped through her drug-induced state of mind, but later found out that they were real and wearing some manner of cloaking device.

"Are you real?" Rey asks the black shape as it shifts down the hall, and out of sight.
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