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CHARACTERS: Ensemble production!
LOCATION: The Cyllene.
WARNINGS: Disturbing content, injury, graphic imagery, death etc.
SUMMARY: Exploration and looting of a luxury-class death maze.
NOTES: Open to all! Network discovery is HERE. Have fun forward and back-dating, but don't forget to check the timelines!

The Cyllene welcomes you with bright lights and luxury interiors, kitchens stocked with every food you could desire, bedrooms outfitted with lush furnishings, closets full of the finest clothes. Take your fill - there's no one here to stop you, and it's easy to overlook the sense of emptiness, the plates of half-eaten food and media devices still playing like the viewer only just stepped out a moment ago. The unwelcoming feeling crawling up the back of your neck is just that, a feeling — so there's no sense in letting it dissuade you from enjoying everything the Cyllene has to offer, is there?

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(DAY THREE) OPEN → Hallways

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Get out.

It's a warning, one that a smarter person would heed. Whether the black shadows are threatening or something else, Rey hasn't figured out yet. Not that she intends to.

Even if she did try to get out, the doors snapping shut left her wandering a maze-like area. Sometimes she would find herself cornered for twenty minutes to an hour. Other times she would be blocked off, forced to change course and find another route somewhere else.

Go to one room, the door shuts behind her. Attempt to move on, the next door closes in front of her.

This is starting to become maddening. After awhile she starts to take the doors by the hand, gripping the sides and forcing them ajar just long enough for her to slip through before they would lock up again.

Get out, it had said.

I'm trying!
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So Sulu lost his commanding officers.

This is technically called a crisis situation, but Sulu's dealing with it surprisingly well. He lost his commanding officers and his hands are aching and this whole trip is going belly side up. In a weird way, he's sort of relieved about it. It'd seemed too good to be true, and it was. The malfunction was the other shoe Sulu had been waiting to see drop. Once it hit, he could start going from there.

He's running, trying to get back to where he last saw Scotty and Spock, when he nearly slams into Rey headfirst. He's moving faster than he should, keyed up and anxious at the--

Well, he didn't know what he'd seen. But they'd been screaming, and they'd set him right on edge.

"Hey, have you seen...anyone? A Vulcan, or a tall man, red hair, might have been yelling?"

Stellar descriptions, a plus Sulu.
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Rey stumbles at the unexpected force, but her mass keeps her grounded to her feet. Sulu's no speeding Cavalier, that's for sure.

She takes a moment to process his words, staring at him. "Negative. You are the first real person I've seen since yesterday."

Yesterday? That doesn't sound right.

Rey takes out her communicator to check the time. No connection between here and the Tranquility, but the clock application seems to be working just fine.

Okay, so it is right. She puts it away and looks back at him. "I've been seeing things and I don't think they're in my head."

Very not-crazy way to put it, Rey.
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"What did you see?"

This is what his life has come to. If you'd told Sulu anytime before he arrived here that he'd be taking statements like that seriously, he'd have said that was ridiculous. But now weird shit has happened and seeing things is just business as usual.

Or close to it. The space station itself is new territory, and it's making Sulu's skin crawl.

"I thought I saw...something."

Yeah, Sulu doesn't have a word for it, but he saw it. He knows he did.
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Welcome to the life of Rey and those who associate with her.

"People. But I don't believe they're here. Not really. They've been misplaced." Whether they're here in some other layer where people like Rey and Sulu don't currently exist, she doesn't know.

They're not wanted here, though. That much she can tell beyond any shadow of doubt.

Putting her mostly-useless communicator away, Rey looks down the hall. "See things, too. Can't tell if we're being locked in or forced out."