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CHARACTERS: Ensemble production!
LOCATION: The Cyllene.
WARNINGS: Disturbing content, injury, graphic imagery, death etc.
SUMMARY: Exploration and looting of a luxury-class death maze.
NOTES: Open to all! Network discovery is HERE. Have fun forward and back-dating, but don't forget to check the timelines!

The Cyllene welcomes you with bright lights and luxury interiors, kitchens stocked with every food you could desire, bedrooms outfitted with lush furnishings, closets full of the finest clothes. Take your fill - there's no one here to stop you, and it's easy to overlook the sense of emptiness, the plates of half-eaten food and media devices still playing like the viewer only just stepped out a moment ago. The unwelcoming feeling crawling up the back of your neck is just that, a feeling — so there's no sense in letting it dissuade you from enjoying everything the Cyllene has to offer, is there?

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Though Taylor had held out some hope on the first two days that the weirdness of the station would keep itself to a low level - malfunctions were understandable, in a way, especially considering the station's population seemed to be missing - she's still entirely unsurprised that things are getting steadily worse. It's almost like the bad feeling she'd had when she'd first come over was a warning, and as people had ignored it, the station was turning on them. But that was attributing malicious intent to an inanimate object, and as much as Taylor might refer to the Tranquility like it was sentient, she still hadn't crossed over into entirely believing that kind of thing. It was just phrasing.

Phrasing that she's getting close to falling back on, as well as a few other choice terms, after finally getting free from another kitchen that had decided to cut her off from one of her dogs for a couple of hours. It leaves her looking incredibly annoyed and very intent on direction as she walks through the corridors again - the direction being getting the hell out of here - when she catches sight of Rey. Her need to do her job, to keep people safe and look after her team always easily trumps her own needs or desires, and her frown picks up an edge of something more concerned as she approaches her, an upward tip of her chin in greeting.

"Shit's getting weird," she says, like it even needs saying. "Doing alright?"

She's always tempted to slip into more the speech the Academy had drilled into her around Rey - request a report or a status update - but she asks instead, wondering if Rey's been dealing with much the same as Taylor has.