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when we walk in the club

CHARACTERS: Jo Harvelle, Wichita, & YOU! guest starring any of the other bartenders/helpers that are usually working the bar with them.
LOCATION: Space Babylon!
WARNINGS: drinking, loud music, language. bar things.
SUMMARY: open log for the bar! because this month is going to be awful and everybody knows that if you can't sleep, you drink instead. ..everybody knows that right that's a thing.
NOTES: please specify in the subject line like, 'for jo' or 'for wichita' or 'ota'. also if you're threading interactions that don't include any of the bartenders, label it as 'locked' or ..not locked, basically just let us know if you're up for having wichita or jo interrupt your thread. yep.

[ so here we are again, at the ship's bar ( vaguely, not really anymore ) known as Space Babylon, which has gone through a few changes since it was first discovered. fewer strobe lights, different tunes playing through the speakers ( a little quieter, too, but not by much ), in addition to the 90s dance mixes that Sunshine left behind. and now! new and improved stocks of booze. they're still serving the crappy stuff for free, but in a few crates behind the bar holds the new stock of surprisingly tasty alcohol they found on the hell-ship they made port on last month. well protected, by the way! anybody that even looks at those crates for too long gets a look from Jo and/or Wichita, so let's not be making any moves because they both own rifles and they both know how to use them. still, the tone in the bar is a little bit lighter than usual, and it might be ass-backwards since that port ended up being a nightmare ( just like everything else on this ship ), but it's a small wonder how better food and nicer clothes can make Wichita feel 500% better than she did before she got her hands on that stuff. even Wall-E is rolling around a little quicker than usual, maybe just because he's excited that he has more things to move around and clean. Wall-E's weird like that.

Jo and Wichita are both behind the bar serving drinks, or wandering around making small talk, same as usual. if you want to try some of the tasty, expensive stuff they got their hands on last month, just grab their attention and make an offer, that easy. ... well, it has to be an awesome offer, but maybe you can get a shot for free if you're cool. maybe.
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[ It's been a while since York settled in at a table, snagging a few bottles and a couple glasses for himself and D and anyone who might like to join them here. No point in having to get up all the time for more alcohol, after all. He's not three sheets to the wind, not yet, but he's feeling jovial and maybe a little delirious. He knows it's this sleeplessness that he's been suffering from, and he's caught himself seeing things that he knows aren't there. If only he could achieve that pleasant buzz where sleep just comes easily, where he could tumble into bed after an evening of entertainment and just sleep the whole night off. That's what he was looking forward to, but he might as well share the process with a few of his friends. ]
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[Delta follows closely on York's heels, looking rather haggard and yawning a few times. Despite his recent month-long sleep, the lack of it isn't treating him well.

Still, he could hardly turn down York's offer of an evening at the bar, and he had to admit that there was a chance that self-medication might be exactly what they both needed. He blinked a few times and made an effort to pay attention to what was going on.]
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Here we go. [ He's spent a few moments lining the glasses up, kind of haphazardly, choosing two for D and himself. After that he opens one of the bottles, taking a quick whiff of whatever's inside before letting the mouth of the bottle hover over D's glass. ] You want one of these?
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I feel it is worth the attempt.

[After all, perhaps a drink could help relax him enough to sleep. Though he probably shouldn't have too much; someone had to make sure York could make it safely back to the room.]
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I can make you a cocktail, if you want.

[ Instead of waiting for an answer he pours the stuff out of the bottle straight, filling the glass halfway, then pours another for himself. ]
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[He sips it experimentally first - good thing, because it's fairly strong and his alcohol tolerance still isn't all that great.]

Would soda water and citrus make an acceptable cocktail?
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With this? Yeah, it'd be great.

[ He stands and takes D's glass, sauntering over to the bar to mix something up before returning. ]

Here, might be a little stronger than you were thinking, I dunno. I made it to my taste.
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[Delta eyes the cocktail warily and then takes a quick drink. Yes, that is perhaps stronger than his usual fare but it's certainly a step up from unmixed alcohol, so he sits back with it gratefully and smiles.]

Thank you, York.

[There is an elephant in the room, though, and Delta takes a few more drinks of his cocktail before deciding to address it.]

Do you believe this may help>
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[ York sits back down to sip at his own glass, to savor what's inside, or at least try to, considering how it tastes. ]

That's the plan. Don't have a plan B though, so, you know.

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The lack of sleep is the least of Rey's concerns. She's used to it. Has been. Where most would require rest and sustenances, Rey makes up for with endurance and willpower.

Unfortunately, she's also graced with the gift of fortitude. Which would put her miles behind York from the moment he sent her that drunk message not too long ago.

Even so, she shows up pretty quick, catching up to York from behind and plops down in the seat next to him. She grabs one of the harder liquors on the selection, and commences what will probably be a long road to inebriation.

As if she hasn't already enough to contend with. Her fingers clench around the neck of the bottle. And by that, it's just a thumb, forefinger, and the little nubs of what remains of the other three on her right hand. Just about the only thing that's different about Rey since her last actual encounter with York. The flesh around the tips of her amputated fingers reveal some burn scar tissue that reach to her knuckles.

"Need to talk, or just lonely?" Rey asks casually, as if it's no big thing be it losing some fingers, insomnia, or the goddamn apocalypse.
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It's been a little while since he's seen her, and catching up was definitely something he'd been intending. He hadn't been informed of her injury and he glances at it with only the barest hint of concern. Obviously, whatever had caused it, she'd survived and been none the worse for wear, at least outwardly. He sits up a little straighter in his chair, giving a slight subtle stretch to his back muscles, and yawns.

"Little a' both. Haven't heard from you in a while, sunshine. Seems like you've got some stories to tell."
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With so many people come and gone, Rey doesn't think to catch up with anyone anymore. Having been here for this long, she's seen a lot.

Being the classy bitch that she is, Rey takes straight swigs from the bottle of rum itself. Because she's Rey, and between Cyllene and people and insomnia and that ever-lingering feeling that she's being followed and watched twenty-four/seven, she's out of fucks to give.

"Stories? What makes you say that?" She sets the bottle down, tapping her finger over the brim of it.
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"Hey, we've all got our war wounds." Sometimes that's what being here seemed like, a war. He reaches out and takes her hand, turns it over to look at the scarring, before letting go. "Seems like your battle was hard won."
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"Not necessarily." Rey takes her hand back as soon as York's released it, turning her palm up. When her thumb and forefinger flex, the three other stubs try and move along with it. Almost as if they're still there, or trying to be.

Suppose this feeling is what they call phantom limbs.

She frowns distastefully at the palm of her hand. "Doors closed on me at the Cyllene."
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He doesn't know that losing an eye compares to losing a third of one's fingers, but he feels that at least he can sympathize in some measure. He lowers his gaze slightly, tips his glass a bit, then knocks back a drink. "That place was bad news from the get-go. It shouldn't have taken things like that for us to realize it." He grasps his glass a little tighter and sets it down firmly. "In any case, I'm sorry it happened."
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Anyone else might have lamented the loss of those fingers. Sulu even reacted in a way that was considered odd to Rey. As long as she could use a gun, long as she wasn't rendered useless - she wasn't at the end of her rope.

"Agreed. Not a complete loss, though. Salvaged some materials from the station."

If one considered said "materials" to include some food, new clothes, and a fancy dress. But hey, Rey has her priorities.
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"I didn't stick around long myself," he muttered, rubbing his fingers across his glass. It seemed the coward's way out in retrospect, but he didn't like being away from Delta for long, with Delta stuck in that gravity couch, languishing in a coma. He had gotten into the habit of checking on D a couple times a day and that meant not hanging around the Cyllene. "Hope what you got was useful to you, anyway."

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tagging here (though up for delta jumping in) b/c idk what your plans are for the d/york thread. c:

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[ It's been a while (though compared to how long she's been here, it's hardly been any time at all) since October's resorted to alcohol to try to help her sleep, but the pills she got from medical don't seem to be working, so she figures she'll give it a shot. If nothing else, at least she'll kill some time with a friend.

It isn't too long after their conversation over the comms that October shows up at the bar, tired eyes scanning the small crowd for him. When she spots him, she crosses her arms over her chest and heads in his direction, nails digging slightly into her arms to try to keep her alert. ]

Hey, [ she says when she gets close enough, nodding to an empty chair. ] This seat taken?
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[Delta, still managing to look somewhat clean-cut but only in comparison to everyone else, eyes the new arrival with trepidation. But York doesn't seem to react negatively to her, so he cautiously nods. Maybe this is someone he knows.]

It is not taken. Good evening.

[Not that it's really evening. Not that anyone can keep their circadian rhythms straight right now. But it seems like the right thing to say.]
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[ He turns with a smile and nudges the chair out with his foot, tipping his own back on its back legs briefly. ]

October, hey.

[ He gestures at his companion—because that's who Delta really is, when all is said and done. No wonder he'd been so upset when Delta had been missing from his daily life. ]

This is D; ah, Delta. Delta, October.
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Hey, [ she says to York, then turns to offer Delta a smile as she sits down, though it's a little tight lipped because of how wiped out she feels. Being friendly takes a lot out of her, too, but she figures he'll excuse her for not being a ball of sunshine (though who expects it from someone who looks and dresses like she does?) right now. ]

Hi. [ Still, she can manage to extend a hand. ] Nice to meet you.
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[He visibly relaxes a little to know this one is someone York is familiar with. Not enough, though - he can never relax enough. If he could, he imagines, he might be able to sleep without going into a near-hallucinatory state first. But then, he also realizes that's a fallacy, since everyone else seems to be having the same issue.

He reaches out to shake her hand as firmly as he can manage.]

It is a pleasure to meet you as well, October.

[He glances over at York; he should be able to interpret this as "offer her a drink please".]
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[ He'd promised to explain his relationship with D, but right now there was a more pressing matter. He grabbed one of the clean glasses he'd set on the table and plunked it down in front of her. ]

So, you want something straight or you want me to mix you up something?
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[ Wrapping her arms loosely around her middle, more for somewhere to keep her hands than anything else, October glances towards the glass. ] Straight, please. The sooner it gets in my system, the better. [ Or so she's hoping.

Giving York a quick, appreciative quirk of the corner of her mouth, October glances towards Delta again. ]
So how long have you two known each other?
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[Delta sips on his cocktail thoughtfully. The question is a little complicated.]

Most of my life, but that has only been a few years. I was formerly an AI program assigned to York in a military project. However, I was turned human upon my arrival here.

[And he's been adjusting more or less ever since. Not that the Tranquility is exactly an ideal place to settle into anything, much less a physical body when you're not used to having one.]

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